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F*&% the Prom Official Trailer (2017) Teen Comedy, F THE PROM Movie HD

Ready? As I’ll ever be You really think high school is gonna be all that different from middle school? I don’t want people to think I’m a loser. Worst case you always have me What’s up bro? Yo, tighty! Keeping it clean tighty? Oh no, Maddy Datner Everyone is on her feed. Did you guys see Maddy’s eyebrows from last weekend? On fleek! What about this one? Go with the football pick, it’s more iconic, like a Taylor Swift song. Oh you are so right Prom is just around the corner Guessing you still don’t have a date for the prom? Prom, is about sex Come on Maddy, g2g Maddy it’s not what it looks like. So it’s not my boyfriend and best friend making out for some optical illusion of that Well if you’ll believe that then yes. Oh my god Why are you doing this now? I know that much being crowned queen means to you, which only makes me want it more Now just reflect, and listen to my urine hit the water I reflected. My whole life has been a lie Maddy what’s wrong? I hate high school I never thought that popular kids in school had anything to get this upset about. Maybe she’s not that popular You okay? Why did all of this have to happen right before prom? That’s it! What’s it? Prom What if we ruined it? Who would want to help us? Every kid you and your ex friends ever made fun of. The sweat stain on your back looks like the United States of America I’m posting this This is for all the A-holes who destroyed high school for us We’re in. We’ll make it a night that they never forget. You’re gonna take a selfie Hold on. We have to take at least 40 or 50 to make sure we all look good Part of me just wishes I could go to prom Destroy that prom. Let me take off those tighty whities. Are you high? A little, but that doesn’t mean I don’t mean what I say You guys ready to make this a prom they will never forget? Hell yes! I am so turned on right now How do you do this? 39 more here we go

100 thoughts on “F*&% the Prom Official Trailer (2017) Teen Comedy, F THE PROM Movie HD

  1. The fact that she knew the words "optical illusion" shows that she was just playing queen bee and was in fact a very smart kid

  2. Idk y im saying this BUT MY HIGHSCHOOL IS AMAZING i get prom, formal, valentines day dance and yeah actually that not alot but like OMG FUN!

  3. Am I the only one that's going to say something about chereal blossem from river dale like she is in this trailer

  4. Maddy its not what it looks like
    So its not my boyfriend and Best friend making out for some optical illusion
    Well if ya belive it then yeah

  5. Good boys had a more funny and accurate representation of younger generataions and its not even high school its middle school trying to be like highschool

  6. Love how this did a horrible job representing the millenials and internet culture and this is coming from the Fine Brothers and some of the actors are yourubers themselves. I can get more relatable, accurate and original content out of just a cartoon like Gumball than these “content creators”

  7. Fine Brothers? Oh for fucks sake, what in their grand minds thought this to be a good idea? When I was in secondary school, I had to worry about not getting murdered by the assholes in the next class over, and not gettin' shanked on the way from school. More so not to mention ten thousand exams and assignments, lest we not forget labs and that lot. This is bullox this. Hell, I didn't even have a girl for grads, I just drank with a couple of my mates on the balcony away from the teachers.

  8. Madeleine is always cast as a character completely different personality from her real personality

  9. Saw Lilly Singh at 00:21 and like, "say no more, i'm definitely watching this one (don't have to watch the rest of the trailer)"

  10. All the comments of "Ugh, Highschools not really like that"
    Yeah, and archaeology isn't really like Indiana Jones.
    Being in the secret service isn't really like James Bond.
    Being a detective isn't like any of the detective shows.
    Dating isn't really like RomComs.
    If movies and tv were like real life we wouldn't bother having them. Why watch what you could be living instead? It's like saying would you like eating this real food, or would you rather look at a picture of the exact same food.

  11. High school and all kinds of school su¢ks. Haha. I still have nightmares that I have to go school again and attend boring classes. Good thing I used to complete every chapters before teachers start them in class. I hate those times. But friends were awesome. They made it bearable

  12. The weirdest thing is there are so many people in this movie who are from other shows that everyone knows about like the kissing booth Riverdale and a YouTuber

  13. are we supposed to have sympathy for maddy? the hot popular girl who abandoned her friend when he started getting picked on?

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