Laughter is the Best Medicine

Facilitation Tips for New Laughter Yoga Leaders

participants should begin and end laughter exercises at the same time begin exercises with a loud clear and concise command ensure that you give a clear command to begin the exercise without a clear indication to begin the exercise participants will not start the laughter exercise at the same time some may begin immediately while others watch and wonder when or if they should join in please review the lesson on giving commands and practice giving commands using the 3d technique ending exercises at the same time is just as important use one of the transitionary chance to end the laughter exercise as a best practice diversify the use of your transitionary chance you may end some exercises with the ho ho hahaha chant and other exercises with the very good very good yay Chan if you'd like to learn how to facilitate laughter yoga sessions or you're already a certified laughter yoga leader and you'd like to come to Atlanta for a refresher we invite you to join us for one of our certified laughter yoga leader trainings just click on the I in the top right hand side of your screen for more information or visit us online at laughter yoga backslash training pipe and solutions we'll see you on the inside

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