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28 thoughts on “Fairly OddParents || ((ONE-LINE COMPILATION, REQUESTED))

  1. i have heard the korean one (on my ipad before it stopped working rip mr. ipad 2016-2018 you will be missed ;[)

  2. When there is a Hungarian dub of a cartoon the people doing the dub have very strong voices maybe the fact Hungarian is a hard language and part of the uralic language family including Finnish Estonian and more

  3. Arabic 🇸🇦
    Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷
    Bulgarian 🇧🇬
    Basque 🇫🇷/🇪🇸
    Catalan 🇦🇩
    Castilian Spanish 🇪🇸
    Croatian 🇭🇷
    Danish 🇩🇰
    Dutch 🇳🇱
    English 🇺🇸 (120% speed because of copyright infringement)
    European Portuguese 🇵🇹 (speed is faster like English)
    French 🇫🇷
    Finnish 🇫🇮
    German 🇩🇪
    Hebrew 🇮🇱
    Hungarian 🇭🇺
    Italian 🇮🇹
    Instrumentals 🇺🇳
    Korean 🇰🇷
    Norwegian 🇳🇴
    Polish 🇵🇱
    Russian (v1) 🇷🇺(Speed is faster like Eu Portuguese and English)
    Russian (v2) 🇷🇺 (Same thing)
    Swedish 🇸🇪
    Serbian 🇷🇸
    Slovenian 🇸🇮
    Ukrainian 🇺🇦 (Voice over and sped up)

  4. Ratings:
    Arabic 7/10-Pretty good
    B.Portugese 10/10-Really good!Everything about it is awesome especially when they say padrinhos magicos
    Bulgarian 8/10-Its good i just dont really like the singers voice
    basque 6/10-Same problem with bulgarian,but i love timmys voice
    Catalan 8/10-The voices can get out of order,but i love the song itself
    Castillan 9/10-It is one of the best but not super favourite
    Croatian 5/10-The song is fine but the background voices are ear-bleeding,i dont think the voices are like this in the dub.
    Danish 10/10-the pitch makes it exotic!
    Dutch 10/10-Personally the dutch one is the 2nd best
    English 10/10 i know this is sped up but ive heard the original and i like it alot
    Portugese 7/10 Timmys voice is killin me
    French 10/10 THE BEST,THEY ROCKED IT
    Finnish 4.5-5/10 Ehhh…Not that bad
    German 10/10 Ive learned this version how much i like it XD
    Hebrew 6/10 I like it but…i dont know its just my instincts
    Italian 2/10 They really messed up
    Nothing to really say about instrumental
    Korean 9/10 i really love vickys voice and the song!
    Norwegian 6/10 There is something that says no at this version…Not bad after all
    Polish 8/10 i like it,Vicky must have lost her voice how hard she yelled
    Russian 1 1/10 Terrible
    Russian 2 8/10 It sounds awesome slowed up
    Swedish 5/10 I cannot even hear .-.
    Serbian 2/10 Serbia really messed up…
    Slovenian 3/10 I personally think the song is ok but the background voices are so un-neccesary
    Ukrainian 0/10 ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?
    good is 8-10:Br.Portugese,Bulgarian,catalan,danish,dutch,english,french,German,Hungarian,Korean,polish,russian 2
    ok,fine is 5-7:Arabic,basque,croatian,portugese,hebrew,swedish
    bad 3-4:Finnish and slovenian
    Terrible 0-2:Ukrainian,serbian and russian 1

  5. Croatian lyrics:
    Timija već znaju svi,i vile njegove
    Chloe tu je nova iii timi mrzi je!
    Zašto mrzi curu tu,pitate se vi?
    Zato jer će s njome djelit vile svoje,to povrat nova je!
    Te Čudnovile roditelje svoje
    Wanda:Što te muči?
    Cosmo:Baš zabavno zvuči!
    Čudnovile roditelje svoje
    djeliti,mora,on,s curicom,napornom
    Chloe:Slatka sam,volim sve.Sve što radim sjajno je
    Timmy:Što?Ne!Pusti me!Moje vile,snađi se!
    Čudnovile roditelje svoje
    Timmy naš dragi djelit će vile svoje idk what he said
    Timmy sasvim običan klinac je,i niko ga ne kapira
    A Chloe je skoro došla,i timija nervira!
    Šta poželi dobije,pa zašto brine se?
    Jorgen se neće smijat sad je vila manja???I sad ih delite!
    Te čudnovile roditelje svoje
    Wanda:Što te muči?
    Cosmo:Baš zabavno zvučis!
    Čudnovile roditelje svoje
    Chloe:Miris najboljih slatkiša??? ??? ???
    Timmy:Šta?Ne!Pusti!Moje vile,nestani!
    Čudnovile roditelje svoje
    Timmy će da deli teške volje!Čudnovile roditelje!
    German lyrics:
    Timmy hat den Bogen raus,
    denn Timmy ist nicht dumm,
    doch Mom und Dad und Vicky kommandieren ihn herum.
    Vicky:Ins Bett!
    Doch halb so schlimm, für den kleinen Tim,
    die Zauberfische helfen ihm,
    Hokus Pokus, eins, zwei, drei, ist er sorgenfrei,
    die Elfen helfen ihm!
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, Hey Cosmo, Cosmo und Wanda,
    Wanda:Schweben mit Stäben,
    Cosmo:von Krönchen umgeben.
    Yeah Cosmo, Cosmo und Wanda,
    Kolossal, genial, fühl' mal, Drehzahl.
    Timmy:Firlefanz, Gummigans, Grüner Elch, Früchtekelch, Schlangenblick, Tortenstück, Frittenpfund, Schokomatsch!
    Hey Cosmo, Cosmo und Wanda,
    Hör zu pass auf, mach dir nichts d’raus,
    die zaubern dich da raus.
    Vicky:Na klar!
    I am learning german and i know it quite well so here are the lyrics,if something is wrong correct me

    ć=soft ch exapmle:pea*ch*
    č=Harsher ch,example:*ch*ocolate
    đ=dzh?something like that

  6. Arabic: Very good.
    B.R Portuguese: Eh..ok..
    Bulgarian: It's pretty ok…..
    Basque: 4.9/5
    Catalan: Bad
    Eu Spanish: Good one
    Croatian: Very very good song but the voice acting in background….is very bad
    Danish: What the hel…?
    Dutch: Ok!
    English (us): my second fav.
    Eu portuguese: Bit bad
    France: eh….??
    Finland: My fav (not just cause im from Finland)
    German: Ok…
    Hebrew: Good!! But…bit bad
    Hungarian: 3/5
    Italian: …..what is that?..
    Korean: VERY GOOD
    Norwegian: My third fav
    Polish: O_O what?
    Russian: version 1 good version 2 …
    Swedish: Ok
    Serbian: My 4th fav (i love Serbia)
    Slovenia: …..ehm..ok
    Ukrainan: THE WORST ONE
    (That's all)

  7. (Arabic) – CoolAkramTV – 0:00 – 0:43
    (BR. Portuguese) – International Shows – 0:44 – 1:27
    (Bulgarian) – MultilanguageCartoon – 1:27

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