Laughter is the Best Medicine

Family Guy Dark Jokes -Family Guy-

and if we're gonna be Italian I guess we should stop murdering our brothers where you have to break up my heart crease you'll break up my heart so get going I don't like eggnog drink the nog caddy I don't I don't want to thank you Carter take all the norm oh yeah you like that nog don't spit the nog out now look at the camera for a POV shot say thank you with an Argand amount to the beach oh I didn't tell you he's learning to swim oh I got him the cue to swim trunks it calls you've never been to Cole's well let me tell you about Cole's all right well you know the mall with the Chili's it's across the street Bonnie Bonnie are you there what happened let's go thanks for helping me set up this jungle gym guys Lois says Stewie's been getting a little chunky everybody's always commenting on my weight this is why I almost died from anorexia look let's just go I'm just gonna rewrap this bat for um Johnny let me just clean his father's blood and hair of it's never been this bad before what do we do what we always do I'm in charge of my head that much I know I love you Meg oh my god no one's ever told me that before this is the best night of my life hey Chris you want to practice kissing again I'm busy I set up a video camera last night so I can prove to mom and dad that the evil monkey is real and I want to see what I got

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