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Family Guy – Tough Meg

Uh.. hi. Did you also get caught trying to vote in Ohio? Well, this is it it, Meg gets out of jail today. Already? Seems like just yesterday we rented her room for that fly that wants to leave, but can’t figure it out. Okay, now where now? RIght there. Right. having trouble here . It’s right right in front o’ ya, okay? I can hear you volume is not a problem I’m just not quite seeing what you’re referring then right fly out the window up here Maybe no, no yeah, but that’s just more how many eyes. Do you have oh? What is – same number as you but kept looking on? I’m just just go my God never it is you’re driving out of your apparently not just arrived and go back upstairs I I think we should all go together to pick Meg up. She’s probably a little fragile after being in there for so long and I’m sure she’ll be heartened to see our faces. I’m home. You’re all my bitches now. Okay. Meg! You look so different! How was prison? First question, who’s the biggest, toughest guy in this house? Well, I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I believe I hold the distinction of- auh! *grunting* My house now, bitch! Now who’s the funniest? I know my way around a joke- For God sake Dad! Have some humility, it’ll save your life! There better be beer in the fridge. Boy, I like her better when she was more predictable, like the stock photos on a corporate website. I’m a woman in a lab coat wearing goggles staring intently at a beaker that I’m holding near my face! I’m a latino in a hardhat, but I’m also wearing a tie, so you know I’m a supervisor! We’re college students listening to our professor, but the class is taking place… …outside? Hey. Meg! What the hell are you doing in here? Shower time. Yeah for me! N-Not fo- What are you doing with that Loofah? Don’t worry about it. AAH! YOU TOLD ME NOT TO WORRY ABOUT IT! I SHOULD HAVE BEEN WORRIED THE WHOLE TIME! Meg, honey, I did all your laundry. Oh my God, what is that smell? It’s mah poop bucket. What the hell!? I’m used to go to the bathroom in my room. That’s disgusting! No, you use the toilet here like everyone else! No. Ah! God, it smells horrible! Well can you at least empty it each time you use it? I like to fill it up. I’m not making a million trips. Oh my God, are you using my shirts a toilet paper? Yeah, and I think I might need some right now. Get out now or stay and get weird. Your call, warden. Hey, who’s the new dude? Oh my God, that’s Meg Griffin! She just got out of prison! Hey meg, would they put you in jail for being ugly? Hey, Meg. What happened, did you get out early for fat behavior? *Laughing* Nice tattoo, did you get your butt hair braided too while you were in there? *Laughing* What’d you do, carve a gun out of soap and then not wash with it? Ha-Ha, P-U! *Laughing* Hey Meg, are you going to take those soda cans to the Shawskank Redemption’ Center? *Laughing* *Meg beats the bullies with a bag filled with soda cans.* Peter, Meg’s been suspended from school. That’s okay, whatever if she wants to do. She cracked three kids skulls open! Ever since she’s gotten out of prison, She has been completely out of control! Don’t you see that’s what the penal system does in this country? It turns small-time offenders into hardened criminals. Look at Meg! They took an innocent little girl and turned her into a psychotic sociopathic freak! *gasp* What’d you say Brian? Oh? I-I was just picking up on something Lois said. W-w-what what’d was it what you say Lois? About Meg being a freak? Oh, no. I didn’t say anything Peter said something about Meg which I completely disagree with. Th-th-that wasn’t me. Stewie was really laying into meg about something Yeah, it was Stewie. Definitely Stewie. Oh so now everyone understands me. Look meg. We’re just worried about you Well don’t, I can take care of myself. I’ll be out of here by the end of the week. Punch yourself in the face. Punch yourself in the face! Mmm, all right he doesn’t know what he’s doing- you’re fat, so punch your baby in the face. I did good Meg? Shut up. I did good! I did good.

100 thoughts on “Family Guy – Tough Meg

  1. Bullies: bullies Meg
    Bullies doesn't get in trouble
    Meg fights back
    School:you are suspended from school you monster!

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  3. Lmao the fly not finding the window and his comments about not finding the window with Peter in the back telling him where it is had me dead
    Peter: “How many eyes do you have?!”
    Fly: well same number as you I’m just not getting what you’re driving at” 😂😂

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