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Famous | Funny Quotes written on Trucks in Panama Pakistan

I am Driving a Truck not a Bullet Dont Recalcitrate, Gujjar (driver) himself is very Recalcitrant. Girlish in Look, Bullet on foot Speed is my Manhood, Overtaking is my Tantrum Alcohol is prohibited in my Religion, I am drinking skimmed milk after my breakup No Girlfriend, No Tension Look at me but with LOVE Heart for sale, Price is one Smile Pappu (nickname) donot disturb me Loaded or Empty, Speed is 190 Friend Someone, Enemy Everyone Overtake or Tolerate Jealous man has Black Face Don’t be Jealous, Pray for Yourself Honk Slowly, whole Nation is Sleeping I want to LOVE someone but am low on Income Time has made me Bride once again Keep Distance or you would fall in LOVE I Miss my Mistress Don’t look at my dark complexion, I have a BIG Heart Ugly is not BAD, Characterless is not BAD, BAD is who has bad Intentions Salute to Pakistan Army You pass First, I never Mind Prayers of MOM is a breeze from Heaven Rich people spend their life on Biscuit and Cake. Driver spend his life on Clutch and Brake Go away friend, Gujjar (driver) is only mine Come to my city Mardan while wearing a good Perfume Passion has no Price Come Closer my Darling

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