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27 thoughts on “Fanboy and ChumChum || One-Line Multilanguage [Theme Song]

  1. 3:19 Sounds like a bunch of guys with squid ward accents. BTW this is funny, especially when you slow or speed the playback speeds!!! Good video although you are missing a few languages.

  2. Just to tell you that the Catalan intro has been uploaded to YouTube after this video was made.

  3. One of my favorites is the Icelandic one, we're sadly missing this theme in Korean, and I had no idea that this theme got dubbed in Italian, I always thought it was left undubbed in Italian like they had it left undubbed in Spain.

  4. i still have no idea why my language (russian) have an undubbed intro but too many dubbed episodes?!

  5. This show is awesome I have watched it when I was kid ;D There is Slovak dub to but cant find it anywhere :// Also It can be great if U can make Tangled: The Series multi <333

  6. Ah nostalgia.. This show used to play in MBC3 in Arabic but they kept the intro undubbed… That's why I hate MBC3 shows and prefer CN Arabia, Spacetoon…etc.

  7. Blues Clues Theme muililanuage is ready its ready Playlist name is Blues Clues Full Theme Muililanuage

  8. I hate the show but at the same time it is my childhood. I can't decide whether to like or to dislike this video 😛
    Also BtW what's wrong with the Brazillian Portuguese version?

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