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10 thoughts on “Fancy Nancy Theme Song || One-Line Multilanguage (Requested)

  1. Enjoy! After a week of procrastinating-(and producing videos), I've uploaded this request. I'll edit this comment and maybe the description tomorrow. I'll also upload more multilanguages then – and next week, definitely on Sunday too, which is Easter. Have a great day everyone!

    (this comment is subjected to editing)

  2. I can say this is Disney Show i dont like 😀 Its not bad but I dont like it 😀 May I make a request for My Friends Tigger and Pooh? 🙂

  3. English (original) 🇺🇸
    Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷
    Castilian Spanish 🇪🇸
    Danish 🇩🇰
    European Portuguese 🇵🇹
    Finnish 🇫🇮
    French 🇫🇷
    German 🇩🇪
    Greek 🇬🇷
    Instrumentals 🇺🇳
    Latin Spanish 🇲🇽
    Norwegian 🇳🇴
    Polish 🇵🇱
    Swedish 🇸🇪 (wow it skipped from P to S but sadly no Romanian and Russian dub :/)
    Turkish 🇹🇷
    Vietnamese (Voice over) 🇻🇳

  4. I know i ain’t watching this show because it’s obvious I’m a boy as it is seen in my profile pic but i might make the language list

  5. Also, is it just me or do most if not all of these dubs (excluding Vietnamese of course) sound damn good for a Disney Junior cartoon opening? And try to bear the frame rate :/ It's slow ik. My editing program is quite difficult when it comes to encoding for MP4 video.

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