Laughter is the Best Medicine


And we’ll probably find
more stuff in here. If we look closely,
we’ll find something, you know? That’s why I tell you,
it’s good to be alert, but… Hey, Sargent!
Good afternoon. What’s up, Wilson?
What do we have here? Well, sir, some drug apprehension, but we’ve already sent
the material to analysis. -You’ve sent it where?
-To analysis. What analysis… We think it’s pure cocaine, so… That we can see right away. -We just do this and…
-Yeah. And you just… find out if it’s cocaine or not. So? Wait, it… -it takes some to time to hit.
-All right. -To see if it’s real cocaine.
-Okay. It didn’t hit yet.
Wait, I’ll just… I was just telling Carvalho… -Here, look.
-Right. Geez. Do you think it is? -Wait, I know.
-Yeah, I’m sorry. -It’s just that we get…
-Are you anxious? We get a little apprehensive, sir. -Through the mouth I can’t…
-Identify it properly? I think I could do this quickly… -Is this metro card yours?
-No, it was already there. It was already there, right?
It will help me do the thing. Then we do this, look.
And we do that and… But… Damn! What’s up?
Doing your job there? -How are you?
-That’s Susana… -Susana, right?
-Right. -Let me explain you something, sir.
-Shoot. -If you want to, I can…
-Wait, I just… Let me just… Holly shit! Damn. Do you think it’s cocaine? Why are you taking pictures,
you son of a bitch? Son of a bitch! Who’s that son of a bitch,
dressed like a waiter, all in black? -He’s the photographer!
-Such a bad vibe! He looks like that guy from TV! I’ll just get some of that stuff… I’ll just take that with me. -But Carvalho can do that…
-Who’s Carvalho? -This is Carvalho.
-Carvalho, okay. I got it, I’ll take that.
I’ll just take some of that stuff. You don’t need to.
We’ll take it to… -So you won’t take any of that!
-What? -You won’t take any of that!
-Stop, stop, sir! -You won’t take any of that!
-Oh my God! I’m saying that I’ll take that shit! Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah… -Here, look!
-Holly Jesus! My God! Fuck! What do you want?
What the fuck do you want? You get out of here, dude! Sir… -Is that cocaine or not?
-No, it’s just flour. I’ll take it to my wife bake me
a couple of cakes. You better say where are
your partners, you piece of shit! -Shit!
-What’s going on there? Sargent, loads of marijuana… -In my area, you son of a bitch?
-Yeah, fuck! -What a nerve!
-Shit! -Do you have a lighter?
-I do, it was in his pocket. -A lighter, marijuana…
-A lighter… I see. He’s going to say
where his partners are. Just to check it out. What? I already knew it. -What?

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  1. Todos los comentarios menospreciando la versión original, algunos insultandola diciendo que parece la versión pirata solo porque no entienden nada

  2. Um canal estrangeiro imita tudo q o porta faz fizeram um vídeo imitando esse é até a vinheta e igual estão copiando o porta. Nome do canal é Backdoor

  3. Creo que backdoor es de este canal también porque la otro es la misma de la que backdoor
    Creo que este es el mismo canal pero en brasil

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