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Fast Five (5/10) Movie CLIP – You’re Under Arrest (2011) HD

Hey Toretto! You’re under arrest Arrest? I don’t feel like I’m under arrest How ’bout you Brian?
Nah, not a bit Not even a lil’ bit
Ah, just give it a minute It’ll sink in We didn’t kill those feds It was Reyes
I don’t give a shit Just here to bring two assholes who’s names hit my desk Yeah.. That sounds like a real hero That’s funny.. A guy who took an oath of a cop Then went everything against it stood for Or some wannabe tough guy prick who beat a man half to death with a socket wrench Yeah real tough You turn around and put your hands behind your back.. I don’t think so..
Your mistake is you think you got a goddamn choice boy (guns clicking) Your mistake.. Thinkin’ you’re in America You’re a long way from home This is Brazil!
(guns clicking) ..C’mon boss another day C’mon H, it’s a lot of heat.. I’ll see you soon Toretto Lookin’ forward to a cop (walks away)

100 thoughts on “Fast Five (5/10) Movie CLIP – You’re Under Arrest (2011) HD

  1. this movie gave the rock his manhood again after those stupid disney movies. even vin diesel fall for the pacifier once.

  2. I miss when the rock was like this, he’s way more badass when he’s not trying to be funny and making quips

  3. Dom is better at navigating than some GPS devices, if you think about it. This is the second time he has told someone they are in the wrong location. First Johnny Tran, now the Rock.

  4. I no if I was running from the law and if the rock was real on the police force looking for me I would be looking for the closest police station bagging them to lock me up I he would break every bone in my body

  5. Can I get any likes for being the millionth fuckwit to comment "I LOVE HOW DOM SAYS BRAZIL LIKE A REAL BRAZILIAN?"

  6. The rock puts on so much sweat in this scene actually in whole movie…i think the big guy was little nervous that made him look sweaty…but that sweat suits on his bald head and body this makes the scene so intenese and good looking…

  7. So interesting and convenient how these federal agents made their entrance. No sniper in position. No undercover. And half-assed grouping which made them easy targets. If this scene played out in real life, there woulda been three times that many agents. Surrounding the place with a sniper in the nest while wearing civilian clothes and shooting tear gas and smoke. Haha. Not impressed with this movie at all.

  8. I know these movies are over the top and unrealistic but the rock on those roids would kill Diesel especially in the movie. Diesel is just simply a small fat guy. He should of trimmed down a bit.

  9. Ah yes the original realistic Hobbs.. you know.. before he jumps out of skyscrapers and pulls helicopter with one hand

  10. Paul Walker.. total legend. His remarkably bad acting was truly in a league of it's own.

    The deadpan way he delivers "not even a little bit" is comedy gold

  11. 2011:
    Hobbs: You're under arrest.
    Dom: Nope lol backed up by Brazilians

    Hobbs: You're under arrest.
    Shaw: Nope lol throws bomb

  12. The funniest part about this scene is that Vin Diesel is anywhere near the height of The Rock. He's clearly wearing high heels or standing on some sort of platform because The Rock is easily 4-5 inches taller than him. Vin Diesel is maybe 5'10 on a good day when he's not wearing his 4 inch lifted high heel shoes that you can see in all his pictures.

  13. Where was this Hobbs in Hobbs & Shaw?? They neutered his character so much. Especially in Fate of the Furious

  14. In fast five the rock had a totally different style and accent because he was actually acting as someone else, now he’s just himself with kickass lines and scenes, I like both types of the character but the new vibe is a less F&F vibe, this movie was the best of the newer movies

  15. I find it funny how everyone calls USA America even though America is a continent, but it still confuses me. If anyone says it's in America, I'll always think they're in any American country (including Brazil, obviously)

  16. Did Vin literally put on high heels or something for this scene? In real life hes half the height of the rock

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