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*FASTEST EDITOR* IN THE WORLD! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #628

[Applause] it went straight through the default Oh oh my god I'm going I'm calling to airstrikes on them enemy ac-130 above Oh knock – knock 30cc that's PCC that's PC all right so a how do I find the llama now those are moderators oh you have to find it in the battle boss you know I know this alarm is run oh my god I found a llama oh my god dude are you watching shut up bro gonna move to one side we're all together another impulse if you want you know I'd like you to are tomorrow I opened the chest and got no gun we we could someone put that clip do you have any rare right yes okay I'm with you I'm with you go back up me in a box a box oh my god he's invisible dude what's up is that

45 thoughts on “*FASTEST EDITOR* IN THE WORLD! – Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #628

  1. That's me at 1:06 😃 Thanks BCC for featuring my edit clips!!! More on my channel <3
    Use code "BCC" in the item shop

  2. 2 EZ steps on how to be the fastest editor in the universe:

    Step 1:NASA's internet
    Step 2:Flash's fingers

    Oh and make sure to use code:bcc in the item shop

  3. Is it me or I couldn't see what he edited. He is so fast. USE CODE BCC IN THE ITEM SHOP!! It's the best

  4. 0:40 هذا امه داعيه عليه😂😂😂بطقاق مو لازم الاجانب يفهمون 💘

  5. (HONESTLY NO HATE) but if you turn down the speed to 0.25 he edits the same piece over again but like I said NO HATE

    Edit: It’s at 1:10–1:30 when you put the speed at 0.25 but when you look at the rest he is pretty fast tho

  6. At this point idk who is the World’s fastest edition in Fornite. Cuz BCC had put a lot of “World’s Fastest Edition!!!”

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