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Fatal Frame 2 – Mayu following butterflies quotes

I kept waiting … and waiting … The twins that would become the sacrifice have returned. … in a dark, dark place… Twin shrine maidens… The Repentance… Look for the twins… The Kusabi… is coming… It is the destiny of the sacrifice. The destiny. Remember? Whhhyyy two? Once more, perform the ritual… You were born for this purpose. In everlasting night… Our fate’s now sealed… The Repentance… You finally showed up…. The ritual is a failure. The Repentance has begun. Everyone is… dead. It’s because we ran away. We must perform the ritual again. Yae. Yae will come for me. I know it. Itsuki… I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s our fault. If it was to come to this, we should have done the ritual. I know. I know. If we could only meet again… just once. Just once. The destiny of the sacrifice. The destiny. It was meant this way… meant this way… Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. You finally came for me. Come here. Hurry. I kept waiting. Forever and ever. You finally came. Come here, girl(?).

20 thoughts on “Fatal Frame 2 – Mayu following butterflies quotes

  1. Thanks for these! Do you think you could also do the quote that Mayu says right before you take the final picture of Sae that separates them for the Abyss Ending?

  2. I omitted the one that happens when Mayu heads to the Rope Room because there were no vocals, just an annoying drone. But what is the other one?

  3. Sorry to come back to this but if possible do you think you could write what's being said in the description like you did for the Battle Background quotes? Thanks. 🙂

  4. I have a quick question. Do you have Fatal Frame 4? If possible do you think you could please rip every sound file of each ghost's speech in battle and upload it without the background music playing the background? Because Chelsea from BCL is the only one who can translate what they are saying but the background music drowns them out.

  5. It doesn't even have to be a YouTube video, it just needs to be put in sound files and posted to Beyond the Camera's Lens.

  6. They don't contain the ghost's individual battle speeches. So if possible could you do this for Chelsea? Because we all want to know what the ghosts are saying when you fight them but the background music is too loud and drowns the quotes out.

  7. I could rip and make a zip of all the sounds but I doubt I could identify them individually because I can't speak Japanese.

  8. You wouldn't need to I don't think since all that is needed is for the quotes that the ghosts say when you fight them to be all that's playing and not the background music at the same time so that Chelsea can translate them. She'll be able to figure out who they belong to by the voices. 🙂

  9. That depends. We talking about the random things ghost say during battle or the ghost bgm music itself which is embedded with voices? If the latter, then I don't think I'm talented enough.

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