Laughter is the Best Medicine

Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

– [Man] At six. – [Man] For some reason
when I go to the, yeah. (beep) ♫ The comedy of man starts like this ♫ Our brains are way too
big for our mother’s hips ♫ And so, nature, she
devised this alternative ♫ We emerge half-formed and
hope whoever greets us on ♫ The other end ♫ Is kind enough ♫ To fill us in ♫ And, babies, that’s pretty
much how it’s been ever since ♫ Now the miracle of birth
leaves a few issues to address ♫ Like say that half of us are
periodically iron deficient ♫ So somebody’s gotta go kill something ♫ While I look after the kids ♫ I’d do it myself, but what ♫ Are you gonna get this thing its milk ♫ He says as soon as he
gets back from the hunt ♫ We can switch ♫ It’s hard not to fall in
love with something so helpless ♫ Ladies, I hope we don’t
end up regretting this ♫ Comedy ♫ Now that’s what I call pure comedy ♫ Just wait until the part
where they start to believe ♫ They’re at the center of everything ♫ And some all powerful being ♫ Endowed this horror show with meaning ♫ Oh their religions are the best ♫ They worship themselves
yet they’re totally obsessed ♫ With risen zombies,
celestial virgins, magic tricks ♫ These unbelievable outfits ♫ And they get terribly upset ♫ When you question their sacred texts ♫ Written by woman-hating epileptics ♫ Their languages just
serve to confuse them ♫ Their confusion somehow
makes them more sure ♫ They build fortunes
poisoning their offspring ♫ And hand out prizes when
someone patents a cure ♫ Where did they find these
goons they elected to rule them ♫ What makes these clowns
they idolize so remarkable ♫ These mammals are hell-bent
on fashioning new gods ♫ So they can go on being godless animals ♫ Oh comedy ♫ Their illusions they’ve
no choice but to believe ♫ Their horizons that just forever recede ♫ And how’s this for irony ♫ Their idea of being free ♫ Is a prison of beliefs ♫ That they never ever have to leave ♫ Oh comedy ♫ Oh it’s like something
that a madman would conceive ♫ The only thing that seems
to make them feel alive ♫ Is the struggle to survive ♫ But the only thing that they request ♫ Is something to numb the pain with ♫ Until there’s nothing human left ♫ Just random matter ♫ Suspended in the dark ♫ I hate to say it ♫ But each other’s all we’ve got

61 thoughts on “Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

  1. I was just wondering yesterday when FJM would drop something…my prayers have been answered. This is on repeat. Please visit the Fox theatre in Oakland if you can. Even better if you come directly to Sacramento.

  2. I woke up after falling down the stairs to the basement… the best sleep I had in weeks… I was really relaxed… it was pure deep dark peace… then I heard "GUY! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" my sister was yelling, I said yeah, she said you were sleeping heavy for less than a minute because you were snoring really loud… I sat up, she went up the stairs after seeing if I was alright, that snoring wasn't snoring she heard… it was my body defecating as I waited for her to disappear before I retreated to the shower to wash my ass and my legs… but that sleep was really good…

  3. I love FJM but this is too adolescent for my liking. The lyrics sound like the thoughts of someone who's just discovered atheism. It's all a bit 'edgy'.

  4. this mother fucker didn't even say anything about determinism. 🙁 that's the ultimate logical philosophy aside from nihilism.

  5. Oh boy, more commentary on religion. Not to get too philosophical here, but I don't mind it all too much. Quite honestly, the existential question of our genesis is rather an irrelevant to the most of us. There are many options to choose from, and at this point of humankind, the decision should be made to aid people to live through the anomaly known as life. Nevertheless, God bless. Love & Peace, maaaan.

  6. (Short version of previous comment) I’m sitting here in my living room, thinking about the struggle to survive, while I feel my pasta digest. I have to tell you something whether you're a fan or FJM himself. Because I love you as a fellow half-formed brain, member of an ambitiously imaginative species in a chaotic world. I suppose I rely on you for survival through some degree of connection, but mostly, I love you because you are alive like me. This is called love without an agenda.

    So my agenda is to love you, my friend-because-alive. As a friend, I must tell you what I have found to be true, as you have done for me through all your music, writing, speaking, and (most importantly) merch. I must tell you that you have a belief system. You have decided what the universe means (nothing). You have decided (as far as I know) that there is no significant spiritual realm that exists in tandem with the material. You have made an existential decision, even if that decision is to be uncertain. You always have a choice.

  7. This album sounds like a Elton John CD skipping and repeating itself again and again and again and again and again and again

  8. This is brilliant, but I'm sort of reminded of "Turtles all the Way Down" by Sturgill Simpson, very similar sentiment albeit much less pessimistic.

  9. I hate how quickly many people compare Tillman to other artists like Elton John etc. He's just a man with his guitar and his thoughts,,, how can you be so judgy

  10. Im glad I randomly clicked on this..never heard of this guy but I like the perspective. this is definitely art.

  11. Just saw him on ACL. Brilliant, even though I disagree with a lot of the argument. In a way, reminds me of Lennon's "Imagine."

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