Laughter is the Best Medicine

FATHERS LITTLE DIVIDEND // Full Comedy Movie // Spencer Tracy & Joan Bennett // English // HD

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Kelly Kelly hurry up only got five minutes I’ll be right down [Music] [Applause] [Music] I’d like to say a few words about what’s happened to me over the past year you women may not sympathize you think men have it easy but that’s where you’re wrong man is a very delicate and sensitive mechanism if you treat him right the flatter him and butter him up a little bit he’s good for years but if somebody rocks the boat well you know how it is meant to work hard for years trying to build a home raise a family and then comes one wonderful day one for the first time in your life you feel you’re a little ahead of the game things have eased up at the office the kids are all set married or well along in school or both and you’re raring to go you think of all the wonderful things you would have done in your life you just had time if you go fishing you go big-game hunting you might even climb Mount Everest anyway you’re on top of the world you begin to feel you’re a combination of Donwell and Columbus and that’s just the moment they choose to let you have it I remember it was just a year ago today I caught my usual commuters train was late as usual it was such a beautiful day that I let the bus go by and walked home from the station it was one of those first warm days in May when everything seems to come to life I felt particularly well I was thinking what a lucky man I was with a nice house all paid for three children all paid for and a beautiful wife Kallie was radiant that night she seemed to be floating on air Stanley what kept you with me such a nice day I walked [Applause] if it’s a man again a fella kisses white oh you won’t have time to change we have to start by what we’re going okay and Berkeley hasta from their apartment for dinner tonight she called this morning said she had some good news oh all Buckley put over the deal I guess with the chain stores huh that plastic bag of his I don’t think that’s the big news I thinking something much more important than that more important to that way and that means thousands of dollars I don’t know what could be more important than that some listening get my coat will you do ya night ami night Dan 9-month Kay said she was sorry she couldn’t have you two but she had Buffy’s father and mother mm-hmm tell me don’t study too late remember at the rug man Cole tell McColgan what’s got into you it’s spring yes sir we’re in a rut Ellie not that it isn’t Pleasant right but I think we ought to get out of it you know you’re a very beautiful woman Ellie I stay a very very beautiful trouble is I never see I’m home at night you want to know if I’ve seen the hole in the carpet or whether I’ll fix the leaky faucet oh I don’t mean that Jeff Walker I think we ought to forget about them forget the house forget the whole thing go and take a trip no reason why we can’t was freeze the air and like when we were first married or cake this time we’re not broke we could even go to Europe I think we got away here with Kane as to say ha what about Collinwood that’s the place how about this Oh Waikiki Beach moonlight and Waikiki flowers ukelele romance a blank deeply well I’m gonna call it that travel a see in the morning find out about those freighters hi there there she was my K the darling of my heart I couldn’t yet believe she was a married woman she still seemed like a kid to me playing at keeping house how are you doing alright how’s he treating you Oh fine you miss it mmm don’t talk I was full of the milk of human kindness that night I even looked at my son-in-law with a friendly eye I don’t say that he was my ideal but I was getting used to away with that just call me Stanley okay Stanley Stanley yeah I know great news well I I think it is oh did you tell them no I guess did you really put it over didn’t buck he’s not riots not thousands of I’ve never seen such excitement okay was passed around like a loving cock we stood by trying to look modest he only succeeded in looking slightly half-witted I grinned and tried to join in but somehow there was a fly in the ointment I couldn’t put my finger on it but there was definitely a fly grandpa that was the fly grandpa first he steals my daughter now he makes her grandpa good gracious no remember that doesn’t give me much time and add a million things to do then Tommy what do you want them for I want to tell Ben Tommy wake up Tommy Ben you hear me nothing wrong what is it the most exciting news Kay’s having a baby right now no silly November Bartley what do you mean poor Buckley wouldn’t say that if you’ve been there and I’m he was just bursting with pride we were standing there telling him how to light it anywhere and he just stood there looking so the cute and shy wasn’t a cute family cutest thing I ever saw I don’t want right alright you’re all like you men good night Tommy sorry I woke you up now night dance the back you booked good night good night Tommy no need of broadcasting they shoot [Applause] and this is dick simply le what are you doing calling people up at this time of the night will you please also gonna call mr. thanks the minute she comes in I have some very important news to tell booth about forgive me if I didn’t tell her right away you know I think I’ll get Kay a baby show we could have it on a Saturday and you can ask them ender coming up Ellie do we really have to blaze in this thing from the housetops huh you know after all it really isn’t our affair Stanley what’s the matter with you ask where you act as though you almost didn’t like here I do I don’t why Stanley for heaven’s sake Wow I’ll tell you why exactly why in the first place they haven’t got room enough for a baby the little apartment I live it isn’t big enough the two of them much less a baby they can all that the place they can’t afford a baby babies cost money the older they get the more they cost what do they think they’re gonna use for money or even light didn’t you and I asked him if he had the contract said no but did that faze him oh no he just stood there looking cute cute and he’s the one who’s going to be the pot well I’ll tell you something if he’s got any idea that I’m gonna pay for it he’s got another thing coming I just got through paying for the wedding but Stan thing I think they oughta wait wait for what for seven or eight years that’s what what do they know about children I came just a child herself here she gets out of college marries the first guy she comes in contact with it now she’s saddled with a baby Sammy thank you listen to me I’m at school Mary you do you remember that and you remember when we were married of course you don’t we were married on the 4th of September what’s that got to do when you remember when Kay was born 21st of June exactly why Mike Ross was up there on the platform graduating I was home having a baby well I don’t know yeah I know they haven’t money and the apartment is small but those things don’t really matter do they the important thing is that we’re going to have a grandchild it’s like getting a Dipity it’s like getting a dividend how something comes to you and you don’t even lift a finger you have none of the responsibilities of a baby none of the hardships all you have to do is love hello news for you I’m going to be a grandma how he didn’t seem to mind the idea maybe women were different but when I thought a grandfather why was the guy who was going places the whole world of adventure was waiting just waiting for me to give it the nod and now our grandfather I thought of the other grandfathers I knew where they were old old men toothless old codger down the street that client of ours his only fun was cutting people out of his will those ancient Dodos at the club he’d have to use a stethoscope to be sure they were still living [Music] I didn’t belong with them I wasn’t ready for the mothball jet why I hadn’t even begun to live only trouble with me was I was a little out of condition I spent the next afternoon of the gym [Music] [Music] that evening I felt like a million but the next morning I felt closer to a hundred oh hey Buckley’s your golf match what’s the matter it’s all oh oh whatever did you do what happened oh I don’t want any doctor family for all we know it might be your pendant how could it I haven’t got an appendix and you know it well I’ll get Buckley Buckley I don’t want a doctor I certainly don’t want Buckley well I might be able to help help don’t you think he’s done enough all I want is a hot bath with some epsom salts the next week Ellie gave what she called a stork shower this is one form of highway robbery not punishable by law tell me how wonderful that you got home in town you should see the things they gave Kay everyone was so sweet they all brought her something what else could they do honey boss damn you make it sound so sordid go on in case oh no no no I had no place for a man well I’ll see you later come on Sally when you’re finished I have something very important I want to talk over with you I’ll be in the kitchen Oh Buckley look like a man going down for the third and last time but I decided to let him stew in his own juice what do you want I wanted to talk to you before the dance things got here you know how worried I’ve been about how we’re gonna wrap around in this house after Ben leaves for school in the fall a Wonderful Life huh I say we are paying Buckley to move in with us are you crazy the Stan may be so simple we could make a sitting room for them out of Kay’s old bedroom and not through a door to Ben’s room and that could be their bedroom then if we put Tommy in the spare room we could put connecting doors from the bathroom and that would be the nursery right next to our room we could even knock through a door to our room so with the baby pride no no watch I had the contractor over here today it’s a perfect place for the baby and the wonderful thing would be that if they wanted to go out some evening or even go away for a week or two they wouldn’t have to worry we’d be right here to talk yeah yeah I’ll look Kelly I know how anxious you’ve been to get your hooks into that baby but the answer is no I’ve been all through that you know the two o’clock feedings and the colic and the measles and all the rest of it not going through it again especially with somebody else’s baby would see the baby at their apartment when they get it all washed and iron it’s not coming here and that’s final well you know that apartment isn’t big enough all right tell him to buy a house they can’t afford a house should have thought of that before I don’t understand how you giving him a new lease on life you sit down le you sit down oh I beg your pardon because I’ve got something I want to show you hey buck come here I want you to see your present here take this out the way will you stand now we’re gonna need a lot of room hey oh boy yeah a blueprint for the future a blueprint for happiness just well let’s head down with you and you home the other side Ellie there now you two kids take a look at that it’s your new home well I’ll tell ya I was looking over our house just the other day and it came to me like an inspiration that always ring it was the perfect place for you kids so I called up my architect and I had him come right out yeah let me show you your own study your own living room dining alcove kitchen and laundry and over here baby’s room nurses room and master bedroom and it’s all plenty commodious yeah Ellie was fit to be tied she saw that baby slipping out of her Hyannis your living room is 26 by 22 is that big enough and best of all you will have two babysitter’s ready-made well kids how about it wait wonderful yeah yeah gee that’s swell of you I’ll get that now you understand of course if there’s nothing final about these particular plan I just wanna give you a general idea what it might look like now if you’d like to have your entrance here well that can be managed I’ll call up your phone number would Ellie I don’t get it you’re more excited about this baby than you were about any of ours this is the time that K needs me the most I was it’s gonna take so much over shoulders I was gonna okay with the shopping and help fix the baby club right now if it means so much happen here I don’t be silly no this baby was the best thing in the world it was so sweet of you so wonderful and we’ll never be able to thank you and nothing it’s really better this way when we’d only have gotten in your way I’m sorry went to all this trouble and expense dad we should have told you sooner have you already bothered well practically we made a deposit on Sunday I see what okay you got a house I didn’t realize that you were in a position to buy well yeah we got a mortgage from the bank mortgage what’s wrong with a mortgage I had a mortgage myself into a few years ago the new development is just darling yes it’s just big enough for me to take care of easily and there’s a nice backyard for the baby and Bob and bliss are gonna buy us is it furnished well no it isn’t but we thought we could buy some unpainted furniture oh you can’t lift a finger you don’t have to do a thing oh no the whole business what’s her mother world now he was off again for the next few weeks I’d stop at the new house to pick up Ellie she was working time and overtime [Music] right [Music] [Music] well it still smells Stanley magnifique um she gonna be here any minute let’s sit Monsieur I feel so guilty mom’s doing so much Oh nonsense you know that’s the breath of life what do we sit I think it’s just right the heart is love did they said they never would have moved and got to slow how did you feel when you had your first baby did it make any difference between you and moms I I mean how did you feel well I felt fine I mean really well I guess my nose was a lot of joint at first I’ve been high man with your mother for over a year and then suddenly you came along took the spotlight he must’ve hated me oh no I love it was that bad I think the worst time is the first night we took you home you know yeah I remember we got your home give you 6 o’clock feeding got you bedded down then we must have gone in your room a dozen times the next hour to see how you work of course we were required we wouldn’t see if we were dead and if you cried we would end to see what was wrong with you I remember lying awake that night thinking to myself now what have we got into here we were two perfectly happy people free is the air now we’re trapped trapped by 20 inches of screaming humanity do all fathers feel that way only know about myself I remember that morning you you woke with the dog screaming your head off and your mother went into heat your formula and I wanted to see what I could do about quieting you and I stuck a finger at you and you grabbed it grabbed it with such a grip you had me hooked there’s only one thing wrong thing about the nursery I could cry about it what’s the matter Herbert’s doing Dunston you’re so upset about they’re not moving in with him he said the least they could do would be to let him furnish the nursery he’s gonna give him a crib and a bassinet and a screen and a chest of girls we’ll probably all be done in 14 karat gold what are we gonna give the baby Stan what are you so surprised about didn’t you think I was gonna do the baby in president house as a matter of fact there was something I was looking at today that would make a wonderful present you heard right in his window and it keeps the air clean and the right temperature it’s very pretty and modern looking it’s quite expensive what’s the name of it I don’t know the name of it but it won’t end this what you see at Downton you see yeah you regulator from here controls the air and the temperature in all time see no dust no suit no power wonder Elly’s idea wish we’d had one for Tommy probably wouldn’t have those add noise we all want to show you this crazy you turn it on and leave it here beside his crib and then you can go out and close the door and if he cries or even if there’s any change in his breathing you can hear it from anywhere in the house no well they’re certainly gonna love that and here’s this combination bath and dressing table right the right size what is that what is it oh oh that’s mine I thought he might as well get used to it he’ll be going here someday oh he will oh yes as a matter of fact I’ve already registered him in the class of 1973 hmm I’m a Dartmouth man myself wow that’s a good college too now this passed and one should notice the height of it oh good College a good college we beat you in football in 1947 1948 and 1949 and we shall probably and we have defeated you five years running in hockey and our bobsled team is probably the finest that has ever been developed in a good that’s one of the fun the wonderful thing is most of it can grow up with him the shells for instance it’ll hold his toys now but later he can use it for his tennis racket here in Rio I had taken over the baby lock stock and barrel thank you it’s not a beautiful racquetball not a Dunston gift she gave me the whole album I remember that I used to listen to classical music while I was waiting for Butler I think that’s why he whistles so well have you ever heard him whistle no no but you should ask him sometimes yes I will I certainly will by the way son what are you gonna call this baby of yours going through all the telephone books the dictionaries the baby books honey we found a couple of things we both liked come on sit down sit down if it’s a boy we thought we might call him Andrew Andrew who’s Andrew well there’s Andrew Jackson and from annoyed Elmo besides we like the name Andrew and we don’t like named Jonathan well we also thought we might call a Michael that’s a good name God call a Michael I went to school with a Michael Andy smell well now Ellie just because you’re Michael smell you know it doesn’t mean that all my clothes have to smell your knowing name that I’ve loved ever since I first read Little Women Norman sorry remember how dear he was how about Timothy I think that has everything you like the name of Timothy que no le they’ve already told you they’ve been all through this why do we suggest any more names besides the names they have are wonderful Jonathan Michael and wonderful name but you have to think of two names to go together Andrew Dunstan that doesn’t sound very good Stanley they haven’t made up their minds they need our help if I may interrupt I think you’re going about this all wrong my idea would be to use a family name that’s right the first grandson is always supposed to have the name of the paternal grandfather you know no no no Doris that’s not what I meant I was thinking of my great-grandfather Malcolm Orwell sale we’re talking about everybody well the family is enough you’re right that’s a family name and then let’s see there’s Gregory and David’s in my family and I’m not worried I won’t agree with you I think this young [Music] [Music] well now that we’ve succeeded in reducing her to hysterics what do you say we get out of here and go home we deserve much worse than that it wasn’t you mother and father doesn’t it and mums I’m doing too much I’m doing too little she wants a girl they want a boy no matter what the baby is somebody’s gonna be disappointed yeah I think you’re what you have to do is have why you know twins one of each sex thank you are you pup you’re the only one with any sense oh no no I’m just as bad as the rest of them but I’ll tell you this there’s gonna be no more of it it’ll never happen again we’ll never gang up on you again believe me ah thanks you realize from now on it’s gonna be your way and you won’t let them make a fuss with dr. new Adele will you what do you mean yeah well the dancin said they were going down to have a talk with him Oh pop you won’t let them do that oh of course I will What nonsense he’s your doctor you have confidence in him faith in Him no one has a right to destroy that confidence thanks pop it isn’t their fault really it’s just that well I I guess they just don’t understand the new way of looking at things well after all is dr. Noel says birth is a perfectly natural thing a glorious thing and want you to be conscious every minute so so they don’t miss a second of it he believes this woman should be aware of the wonderful thing that’s happening to her and another thing he doesn’t believe that a woman should be separated from her baby for one second after it’s born you you should carry it with you right right back to your room and keep it there with you leaving there with you in your hospital room that’s is a little know isn’t it Oh pops that’s not new primitive woman has always done it dr. Nordal was in the Pacific and he said the women that was why they were never separated from their babies they kept them slung on their backs were the first two years of their lives and he said it was wonderful for the babies he said if he had his way all of his mothers would do that you you carried him on your back while you were doing your housework and then when it got hungry you swing it around and feed it and then swing it back again he says he gives the baby a one-word feeling of security darling you’re you’re you know you’re sure that this doctor dr. Nordal is wonderful he’s harmless when you send me terribly what news I’m darling I’m sure he is I’m sure thank you I’m sure now you you just go to sleep and relax okay [Applause] [Music] dr. Cardell will be with you in a minute please be seated thank you I just don’t like the idea I thought we said last night the Dunstan’s in all of us that we weren’t going to interfere anymore in their effect I’m not gonna have my daughter walking around for two years with a Papoose on their back darling I’ll tell you that’s figurative he didn’t mean that literally hmm just want to be sure good morning good morning I’m so glad you came now I’ve met the whole family mr. mrs. Dunstan senior in this morning they were they were little anxious thought kay was doing too much but I think I convinced them that she was all right that’s a wonderful daughter man thank you oh excuse me don’t you mrs. banks thank [Applause] so what can I do for it well it’s a matter of fact my wife has been a little worried too and you know our mothers are at this time only daughter and all that sort of thing I thought the best thing to do would be to bring her down here and let her have a talk with you I think that’s very sensible what particularly worries you mrs. banks well actually I uh well actually it’s the whole thing isn’t it I mean about it all being so natural and everything I’m just trying to take away any fear she might have you know the fear of pain can really produce pain but if she understands the whole process if she has confidence to me and she knows that I’m gonna be right there with her to help her when she wants him if she trusts me that’s half the battle isn’t it and then after having the baby in the room with her I’m trying to persuade my mother’s to go back to caring for their babies themselves feeding them baby being close to them you said of handing them over to some nurse I know this is a lot to ask of your daughter it’s a full-time job but believe me the rewards will be great not only for the baby very RLE I told you all of your worry for nothing it’s a thank you doctor you were nice to give her so much of your time it’s to my advantage if I have you with me then believe me everything’s gonna be that much easier well you certainly for the next month or two everything was peaceful too peaceful I should have known it was the calm before a storm Ali and telephone Ali hello hello Buckley what Buckley you know what time it is it’s a quarter of three I’m sorry I didn’t realize it stay there okay why of course she isn’t but what she hello hello Buckley I’ll take this downstairs hang on hello now well what do you mean is she here I thought if she were there I could come and pick her up if she were there when did she leave what time did she leave well I don’t know I I’ve been out for a few hours I just got back a little while ago what was it a fight did you have a fight well we’d had an argument yes look if anything happens to her I’ll kill myself don’t worry I’ll do it for you did you look her at did she take anything with her a bag or anything she took a hatbox umbrella in her toilet case a toothbrush in it oh well don’t worry about it then she took a toothbrush she’s not headed for the river uh did you call up any anybody else on the phone well you might do that alright I’ll be right over [Applause] any word no you call her friends everyone I could think of the hotels and I can’t wait any longer I’m gonna call the police no no no wait a minute oh don’t do that yet maybe we can figure this thing out uh she take the car no is there a bus runs by at this time anybody could think of might have picked her up I’ve covered the field well that it must be a camp what’s another air view six Fairview six one oh nine eight but there’s no use asking them they told me they don’t give out that information except to the police their route six one oh nine eight they said they had to make it a blanket rule they’re too many wives wanting to leave their husbands do you have much cash I don’t believe so I give her money but she keeps losing it this the first time she’s left you what do you mean by that all come come come my boy I’m married to now is she ever done thing like this before no she locked me out a few times but that’s wrong hello hello are the green cab company now I know this is against your rules but I I certainly would appreciate it if it would help me out did you get a call last night from 324 Adams Street look I told you what it’s against rules well I’m not her husband you see I’m her father and she’s a well she’s she’s expecting you know and you know how they are that condition sometimes they do you think if you could find it in your heart to help me I certainly would appreciate it well there was a call where did you take her thanks thanks very very much we won’t forget this where’s she go home home home what do you mean home this is your home I’m sorry I’m sorry I mean my home come on I’ll wait here you want her to come back or don’t you yes well then you’ll have to go and get it that’s the first law of marriage you can’t expect any self-respecting wife to come home under our own power I don’t suppose you want to tell me what the quarrel was about if you don’t mind I’d rather not talk about it okay I don’t know whether you know it but your daughter’s got a terrible temper I’m sorry and this business tonight why it’s like a child and a spoiled child at that she’s got to grow up she’s got to be made to realize that she can’t go running home to you every time there’s something that she doesn’t like well what do you want me to do pack up and move [Applause] [Music] I forgot Yuki I suppose why ninja ring I didn’t want to wake up all right doctor told me to sleep plenty of fresh air well you certainly had your share of her tonight I guess come on where is that I want you to know this pops I’ve left nothing left him good good I wish you’d tell moms for me that’s good not to fuss no use so we’re good no [Applause] I’d rather not have to talk about all right kitten it’ll be however you want it you know come on I’ll have you a room ready for you in Egypt oh why did it have to end like everything was so wonderful at first I felt fine everybody was so sweet – it takes too long metal drags off – um I’m ugly now clumsy darling don’t don’t you know that you have a beauty now that you never had before I know what I know – I can’t do any of the things I used now when I need it most lost doesn’t love me anymore kid you mustn’t think things like that he loved you more than ever he’s fighting with worry well you just said to me if anything happened he’d kill himself what do you mean did he call you he’s right out there no I suppose he told you everything didn’t tell me a message an argument an argument that’s wonderful you know what it really it there’s someone else he’s found someone else he goes off and leave with me every night and tells me he goes to the office but it isn’t true I’ve called the office me isn’t there well of was someone else tomorrow you’ve got to get your rest she’s here she’s been asleep I wouldn’t try to talk to her if I were you in the mood she’s in now did she say why we had a fight yes well look I’d like to say something just for the record it’s not true not a word of it I’ve been working every night after all you’re gonna have a baby you know I want to give him she said that she phoned me twice there nobody answered believe me it it must have been just a few minutes I stepped out for a cup of coffee I told her this again and again she won’t believe me well you wanna have more sense and argue it at a time like this you know she isn’t herself well I’m not myself either look I even thought of having a man call Kay and tell it and I said to myself she doesn’t believe me she doesn’t believe me that I’m working like crazy night after night for her and the baby she doesn’t take my word for it then it doesn’t matter it’s finished anyway it’s off it’s finished now wait oh wait a minute we’ll all talk about this in the morning we’ve had some sleep soon there’s nothing more to say I use your phone I’d like to call a cab I’ll Drive your home just as soon as I get case settled thanks I’d rather take a cab suit yourself he’s calling a cab I suppose he denied everything he told me his side of it you don’t believe him do you darling I only know that he really loves you oh that isn’t true he doesn’t love me doesn’t care whether I live or die oh I never should have married him little late to think about that come on now you really must get your sleep done come on phone is out of order that’s ridiculous [Applause] Oh operator you take it home pot I can take care of myself operator you’re not supposed to carry things you know that I’ll take them up we don’t need your help no you don’t have a room for it down here someplace you can fix up as a bedroom just a couch in the living room she wants to try that find a little hard you know you’re not supposed to walk up and down stairs another thing she’s supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day she forgets so if you could remind I’ll try and our exercise doctor no Dell wants to walk two to three hours each day now in the morning allow in the afternoon and we usually take a walk in the evening and she’s supposed to be in bed at 9:00 I’ll try and remember and the calcium pills did you bring me pills yeah I’ll go home and get them wanted you in the morning I’ll get into your father when he takes me home [Applause] [Music] but he wasn’t having to it haven’t you heard reading baby [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] sadly sadly as the days went on and nothing happened the tension mounted luckily watch kaise if you were a time bomb that’s that book [Applause] Oh what is it Kate what’s the matter oh I reneged I had a heart in my hand all the time I don’t know what I must be thinking about as November came and the great event drew nearer and nearer we all waited with bated breath not the phone well I guess I get a little air family [Applause] as long as you’re going would you get this okay okay who said anything about Kate I never could fool Ellie but I hoped I could fool kay Stanley hi this a beautiful night you go sighs mom sent me over with this one one open it up wanna don’t mind us man let me take your coat all right yeah I can do it I can do it well at least let me help you glad you came by tonight she’s awfully low she’s just nervous we should talk to him what is it hmm oh you certainly are gonna knock their eyes out at the hospital I’ll go pack it right now okay okay now that your father’s here you won’t mind I’d like to get some cigarettes you’ll have to run right along dude I can squeeze out a couple of minutes I guess I will be off hold everything till I get back you look wonderful kipper oh I feel fine it’s just buckling I wish you talked to me so jittery [Applause] what’s he generate about oh he he’s afraid Oh something will go wrong shouldn’t feel like that course I I can’t tell him that that it’s going to be easy for you it may not be but but I do know this that when the time comes you you mothers seem to have a courage and strength you never knew you had I hope so I hope so bars anything going wrong doctors and scientists have been working for hundreds of years now so that you and your baby can be saved nothing gonna go wrong you know that don’t you I know how much he was oh I did will be soon done I’m sure that that when you hold your baby in your arms you think it was worth anything you went through huh no silly like the first day you took me to the dentist every night we put our clothes where we could grab them in a hurry we were like members of a fire brigade ready to jump at the first alarm well it happened almost any time now huh I suppose so sometime within the next two or three weeks who are three weeks I couldn’t live like this another two or three weeks hello sorry to wake you right just brought Kay to the hospital huh no I don’t know anything yet the doctors with her now [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what kept you we’ll never get there numbers facts deli were in a business district ah so down [Music] Helly for heaven’s sake and the right of way keep your eye on the road your ties are crooked fix it [Music] come on pull over here let me drive come on Danny be careful no no Ellie you can’t make it there’s a drink will you relax your neck you realize what you’ve done you’ve broken every regulation in the book you’ve passed everything on the wrongs I bought through red lights you’ve exceeded the speed limit I know but this is an emergency for the first time in my life I long for the side of a motorcycle top [Applause] [Music] nothing happened it it was a false alarm beside me watch all this way oh it’s alright nothing at all and I know when I sigh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] yes there’s something wrong yes lady the red he’s parked in front of a fire hydrant after a week the strain became too much for me I decided to take a sleeping pill Oh we’ll be right there what it’s already here it’s a boy yeah arrived just a half an hour ago huh look he’s fine the doctor says everything’s just fine yeah this one one give our love love Ali Ali hmm remind me to tell you something good morning tell me what’s then tell me what Stanley wait up tell me is there talking about Kay and it’s a boy [Music] [Music] [Applause] I wondered if they were crazy or was I he looked as old as Methuselah to me all he needed was a derby call him son him hi I hope you don’t mind I mean since you’re the maternal grandfather fact I think Herbert is just the name I admit he looked a little better by the time Kay got him home five or six months we want to wait for Reverend Galsworthy have your picture taken with the babe how about every guy oh no don’t give them to me no no you should have it how going why did you can fuck see it’s no use I turn them around so we clear space that’s it [Music] dude what do you mean I didn’t do anything to him by the way stamp I had this made up for you it’s a photographic record of the baby from the day it was born yeah look at his there and then wait wait and take a look at that and here here is it amazing well you changes it every day not to me he doesn’t yeah put it in your pocket show the boys you know take good care of our Drake good boys how about a great big drink yes there callaghan he’s close no no no no not look hey snow you should know doesn’t have anything to do with you it just well there were so many other people around it scared him come on oh come on yeah everything’s all right now that’s get anymore easy darling now you’ve got a nice man you’re gonna give him a big smile cuz you’re a good boy now look who’s come to see you huh Wow who is there I bet your grandfather gave me such a good tempered baby the doctor said he’d never seen a baby was such a wonderful just Paul I’m sure I’m sure just because you’re a man he was smiling all over the place at her birth well now come on let’s let’s blow let’s blow we’ve come to apologize we want to say that we’re very sorry for being so rude now not now you tell him you forgive him come on great big smile [Music] you know what you’re tired if you just take off your top no Ellie I’m not going to take off my tie it’s a perfectly nice tie and I happen to like it it was a present from Tommy and I’m not gonna take it off just because he doesn’t like him Oh Stanley the way you talk he’s a baby an innocent little baby he doesn’t know what it is he is not an innocent little baby he’s an individual with very definite likes and dislikes as an individual I respect his right to have a likes and dislikes but I also reserve the right to have a few my own from that time on I gave him a wide berth it was live and let live between us until one weekend six months later [Music] mr. banks house yes but [Music] [Music] the thing I had feared had come to pass he had invaded the sanctity of my home you have a visitor it’s not your papi you don’t mind oh no delighted he’s nice pops really is it just that what you two got started off on the wrong foot that’s all I thought well well if I left him here for a couple of days along with you I mean I I won’t be here myself I’m going to Boston buckle he has to go there and see mr. wells bring you know this chain store man and he asked me to come and I said I couldn’t leave the baby but mom said to go ahead and she’d take care all Pop’s I know you’re gonna love him just as soon as you get to knowing oh there’s my taxi I gotta run yeah and remember this pops if you so much as lets out a peep at you you have my permission a spankin it spankin good yeah dan is that you yes it’s me wonderful thing has happened I thought you’d never get here ah yes Kay told me well come up and see him quick quick [Applause] of course we’re not quite organized yeah well worries yet I want to step on him keep your I drove over there [Music] who’s your lovekins are satanic some wonderful having a baby in my arms again who is this sweet boy who’s it look at the shirt but a nice big room you gonna sleep in this room no ANCA Tommy where’s Tommy going in the bedroom I want him right here so I can hear him if he cries you know he’s good but strange house and everything you know mommy or papi but he’s gonna be a good boy his knee course he is I’m sorry I can’t go to the Dixons but you’re going anyway I phoned rules and cheat so why does it have an extramarital sex yeah well I’m not going stand without you that you’re French oh that’s ridiculous you can’t eat here there’s no clothes in the house of course but last night school and you don’t mind waiting on yourself where’s Delilah she’s making okay who’s gonna sleep engagement you are now look Oh is the only room in the house where you can’t possibly hear the baby and I promised Kay you wouldn’t be disturb everything’s ready miss Barry how could until our would you mind taking these and sterilizing you can use the canning pot you don’t have to tell me I remember mr. basin is just wonderful having a baby now how old just wonderful just wonderful just wonderful great great [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all week I look forward to Sunday morning all arm clock no train to catch no office just uninterrupted slumber [Music] [Applause] so cute what time is it take the clock 6 o’clock by Sunday afternoon I counted on a good 18 holes of golf but Ellie thought the baby and I should get together 45 minutes later he finally corked off [Music] they were nice kids I was having a good time thank you you want to watch that it was a good game I was wondering whether or not to tell Ali about it she’d probably think I was crazy playing ball with a lot of kids [Music] what’s your picture cold I suddenly thought maybe Ellie came and got him I didn’t take the train I flew I got there homesick for the baby where is the baby shouldn t be home by now don’t you worry he’s with your father though he’s all right you should see you [Music] [Music] [Applause] has anybody turned in a baby here I’ve lost two is it your baby oh no no no no it’s my daughter’s baby it’s my grandson why’d you lose him I I lost him in the park was in the park and there in his carriage I left him for a second when I came back he was gone to the carriage was gone you say you only left him for a second yeah well maybe a minute I don’t know five minutes y’all some kids were playing soccer and I went to watching that kind of interested you forgot your grandchild well I guess I did for the minute that’s fine that’s wonderful they give you a child of mine and you run off and forget them matter jack you losing your marbles oh wait a minute this kind of talk is beaut did you understand what I said a baby has been lost a little baby has why don’t you do what you’re supposed to do do something they’re on the television teletype or whatever you do this right the baby’s five months six six months old wearing a little local white but you know what babies wear he’s got on a little cap I think where do you know what color is either bow-bow-bow blue I don’t know but you are sure it’s a boy yeah I don’t blame you I don’t blame me you haven’t said anything to me I haven’t said to myself my daughter’s holding out waiting for the baby I don’t know what to do I’m going crazy out I’ll do anything look I’m a big reward whatever whatever I have to do if you’ll just help me well it just so happens we picked up your baby but it wasn’t any five minutes you were gone it was near a half an hour yes sir where is he in here yeah by just a minute what’s your daughter’s phone number I’m gonna call her don’t please please don’t do it don’t do it you don’t know I couldn’t stand it I couldn’t face my daughter yeah please I promise you I’ll do anything you could give me the kid I’ll take him right home I won’t stop anywhere I promise you well I’ll talk it over with the boys and ii caught a fancy for this kid they got any idea you weren’t treating him right you’d never get out of here alive alright boys they’ve come for him I dreaded the moment when he’d see me I knew if he started to cry I was cooked I said a little prayer don’t let him cry just this once don’t let him cry come on son we’re going home that’s my boy that’s my boy from that time on I was his pigeon [Music] [Music] yeah the day of the baby’s christening came at last he was the center of a little world his grandparents his parents and his godparents all of us gathered together for the solemn occasion I couldn’t help feeling we were ganging up on him pinning the name of Herbert on a poor defenseless child suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of God funny how I have resented the very idea of him K first told us I was furious at both of them making me a grandfather Indian it seemed to spell the end of my life and now now I couldn’t imagine life without a love our Heavenly Father now and forevermore we were coming to his big moment we all watched him with bated breath how would he behave when the Reverend Galsworthy took him in his arms would he be terrified would he cry not that baby to him the Reverend Galsworthy was just another face to be explored [Music] name this child Stanley banks [Music] Stanley banks i baptize thee in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost amen we receive this child in the congregation of Christ’s flock and to sign him with the sign of Stanley banks my grandchild we shall not be ashamed my first venture [Music]

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