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FIFA 09 Funny T-Pose Match

FIFA 09 T-Pose match! I don’t know how this happened, but this is awesome. Look at those memories. Oh, those memories, I remember this! Yeah, we go into the pitch Ronney is just… Oh man, let’s go. So, this is obviously not the hardest difficulty, because it would be just fucking weird playing like this. Nani, uh. Oh come on, why you kill me like that? Ronaldo Free kick. Ayayayay My game is just bugged in every fucking way possible. Ah Gimme this shit. Look how they fall, this is amazing. Look, wait I didn’t tackle. Cristiano Rona- Oh you fucker. This is how porn made. This is how porn is made, do you know why? Because they are dead inside and they are the worst actors ever. TRUE! ANY TRUERS? LULW Uh The jukes. No. Dude, I can’t understand what’s going on… The referee, dude this is awesome. (cringe) And by the way you’re garbage. Woah, he just took the ball. Ball is flying. He is gonna throw the ball with his head. That’s some new rules boy. OOP Dude, I can’t see what he’s doing with his legs I don’t know what’s with my tricks. BAH Oh, that was a-, yeah. (cringe) Nice catch goalkeeper, amazing. Good throw. Nani. Can I just run straight and outrun them? I think I can. Oh I, I pressed… cross simply, why did it shoot so far away man? Ouh I think he died. Dude, a lot of magicians in this shithole, huh? Thank you. ss I’m actually garbage. Oh, how did that miss? Argh. Tun tun tururun turururun Can I really not score goals? This is still pretty easy difficulty. Even though it’s hard to understand but, Ronaldo!? Come on. Oh That was close. Okay, first half amazing. Let’s see how they go to the dressing room. That’s all? Okay. Are you kidding me? Look how he catched the ball How did I not score?… Berbatov again. No, oh Oh my god. OH RONNEY Ronney, that was a good goal. Let’s see that again. BOUGH just with both of his legs Nice. Ah, that would’ve been nice again. What the fuck, ref? Cristiano Ronaldo. Uh, look at the moves. What the hell man? Oh my god, my teammate is actually against me. Did you see how the goalkeeper kicked the ball? 😀 This is the best shithole ever. Imagine this, playing like this with your friend, this is, this would be so funny. But actually I don’t know, it would still be competitive, because they fucking always just try to win. No matter if you are friends. I remember playing NBA Live 06 against my friend and he fucking cried. Fucking gamers man, competitive as hell. Cris- oh. HAHAHHA Oh my god, you already know the thumbnail for this video. That fucking moment. Wayne Rooney, he’s running fast! OH, Wayne Ronney, let’s clap, 2 goals. They’re kissing or what? Is this a half time? Should be. That was fun, thank you for watching! Subscription appreciated! I mean, I appreciated if you talk to me I’ll reply to all the comments and have a good day. Bye!

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