Laughter is the Best Medicine


good Morning Private Academy flowers Wang It is both a tradition and character of the school With more than a century of history There are many children who are strong financial sector (News agency Nitobe long second grade)
in this school At first glance, like other elite private schools
are no different But schools have a unique tradition That’s gambling In this school, academic achievement in sports is good or bad It is not important – It is important … – Game Strategies Mind reading Gambling operation strength! and also… money! These are the people of the future to become the Dragon An essential element Gambling had all the ingredients Moreover, the existence of classes in this school system (The king of flowers Academy students manage gambling)
gambling unified management by the Student Union Students could not pay the money … It will become like They are “non-cooperative tendency of students’ Known as “livestock” Boys known as the “stupid dog” Girls known as the “miscellaneous Cat” When the adults are not looking U okay? Good cruel ah But livestock can have a chance to turn around That is… We won the pennant race (half year ago) Now begin, with the student president Gambling way for 21:00 (Step fire tree Eri does not have a tendency to cooperate student) Peach Sun Yee won Lori to adults You will receive 50 million yen As long as a man to win on the line (Igarashi Tsinghua University second-year student instruments) If only one person beat me I was full when you win (Vice president of the student union third grade)
(Death March Rumi Chennai student members of the third grade)
Ha ha ha! save time! save time! – President, must not – long-winded Sorry Once you lose the words It will submit the “Life Planner” to you (Up to 18-75 years old hourly wage 860 yen)
content “Life Planner” wrote (1 day 12 hours Annual Leave 12 days)
by the student management Be sure to perform in accordance with the content Do not be afraid draw Suspension draw Step fire, enough it is good! 20 points! Suspension Busted! Please give me a bust! Come on … Just as it is simply the reciprocal is that a lie Oh? As long as a 6, then, it is a 21-point how is this possible! You… He has a pair of beautiful eyes let me see The eyes look bleak 21:00, chi Lori adults wins Lori adult student president peach Sun
has still stable core power Someday … I will surely u … On the outcome of a Really want What can not be restrained Almost like the flames can not digest If good luck to him I do not want to leave me A showdown You do not need a short rest If you want to stand up today It is right or wrong Flying ambitions In the light emitting dice tomorrow Bet to see it (Snake Love Can Dream sons and two classes) Yiqimengzai (Eighty dogs dream)
Now the school is the most important person in her After the transfer came in a month Student Council members will be defeated one by one Emperor Itsuki (First-year student members of the imperial Iraq months ago)
and now she is my companion Nishinotoin Yuriko (Nishinotoin Yuriko student cadres third grade)
I can not lose Oh Health Shima jump And she sort Assembly Qian Service Contact Saotome bud in fight against Asian students -Fool Give students a great deal of harm This matter immediately spread among students (US bud dream Hu gifted student union propaganda sophomore)
followed by the United States dreamed Hu excellent bud (Ikuta maple beans before second-year accounting student)
Soybean Ikuta maple … What is the purpose snake Sun is the dream child? Beat students do? Battle with the student president? Or she just avid gambler? Can not letting the snake dream child regardless of To be sure She is now somewhere with people gambling (Saotome bud Yari)
(two classes for Love) U sure you want this? Dream child I can already see U knelt down and begged my way up Bud Yari students Just the thought of this … I have blood boiling up To begin Oh A showdown Push! on! Damn! Yay! I won (Matthew Love bell well cool classes)
really cute ah Well, shoot Yari students Please pay me U bet impossible I do not have so much money U how much you bet? 30 million yen 30 million yen! It has recently been to the casino trouble After development considerations Perhaps working in the school would cause distress To deal with u In addition, there is a group can not be ignored Those who are arrayed in white robes? Dressed in white people? Come To start Hello! One! two! three! Stupid dog, let us for once It is really well done You quickly past it I? Do not… stand up… what happened? We all call them … Villager Villager you know? Immediately stop This guy is livestock, stupid dog … any of us He is not livestock, not called stupid dog This name but a unilateral decision of the Student Union It can not change the fact that he is a loser He was forced to gamble student We do not need to obey the Student Union Do not gamble Starting today you are our one I’m sorry, blind acceptance of the student union system You are bound to live gambling In my opinion is the prodigal dog What’s your say! I’m not saying we will not resist Oh Hey! so cool! It’s the dream child snake Can the students, right? Hey, why do I know? What do you ask? U Make sure to visit our village We will be happy I am sorry to refuse Because I’m not interested Dream child! Villages advocates do not gamble, do not obey The group has around 100 members They occupy the old school, the number gradually increased Step sophomore Eri fire tree is one of the important cadres Village leaders are third-year rain sound Wow! Small Telling it? Really makes people miss ah Right, the president? Please step down Withdraw Water a little … Become mixed up alone Wang, president of the academy is to create flowers out of the sink These insects come out of their own Your mother must tolerate them So? To come to a clean-up do? I come arrangement to disband the village As well as the central figure in the village get rid of the sound of rain In addition, I will also put forward plans to suppress snake Sun dream child Tsinghua u can really greedy ah I will live up the expectations U performance expectations Busy of it A trip to the village bar “I can not say I will not resist Oh.” Really big cool! If the case went to the village, the dream child may change No … she can not give up gambling Ah, this is true? No, it only reports what are you doing? Well bell classmates Do not go to the village ah? Huh? You’re not very interested in it for them? U also interested in them? Yes, go together – Go, go – slow it – Well bell classmates, go a little fast friends – yes, sorry You should be doing? Go away! hateful! come! Do not! stop! let me go! – scissors … – What? – scissors … – I do not! – u do not play, then even if u lose Oh – wait! – scissors … – I won Scissors … stone … what happened? In the end like doing? I am a dog Eight, they are my men Saotome bud 亚里 Join us Do not U refused to invite the student union bar Join students it I was very well done ah, right you Very cool Is that right? Yes Enemy’s enemy is our partner We want students with admiration Ah, I recently it was a bit boring Casino recently smashed everywhere … Are you? Hello Here, no one to pay gambling debts or suffering from gold We live a normal life on campus Even livestock same? of course Here there is no class system Well bell classmates Wooden ferry! ? (Wooden ferry pile classes run for two years)
Why do not bashed it? ! (Wooden ferry run villagers)
beautiful blossoms Ah, this is not a snake Can boys? Striptease bar See this little tiny flower strong Ah, ah so cute As we like the flower of it Yes Let’s go Peace be unto you healthy Really big influence villages (Murasame Amane villagers) Murasame students! Stay put Please listen to me Did you hear that? My voice is your voice Although weak But it can convey out Of course I can hear Your voices I… I want to help you Murasame students! This school does not need to gamble! Students do not need to obey! Although our meager strength But we can change this school Murasame students Please… The dream child rescued from deep in the mad gamble If the village, then rain classmate She must change Step fire says you have something to tell me that Yes I am very troubled Why did not the restaurant delicious dessert? So school style restaurant Dessert offered is so common why? When will the delicious dessert? Indeed there’s one more thing I want to gamble student president Gambling is meaningless and… You can not save anything Oh, you should say so … What does this mean? I… You also want to play against With me? I do not gamble why? you… But in gambling, who won the student president Damn? It’s a secret? We meet again We will meet again How do students talk with the village of rain? We had an agreeable really? That’s great I want him to bet a bureau Ah, come here to really come to the right At first I did not know what would happen … Naixiang gambling? How is this going? Dream child …! Well … let’s start King Academy flowers all students, please note In order to combine the activation of student activities and views We will host “Named student representative elections.” (Student representative named election) – elected student representatives – occurred event They started to move The so-called “student representative named election.” It is gambling Gambling … gambling? All students should participate Elected representatives of the gambling Assembly All students should participate hateful! They first take action Everyone is forced to participate gamble? Elected student representatives out (On behalf of the student activity fund of 300 million yen)
students will give them 300 million yen 3 … 300 million yen! ? There conform to your views (Life Planner blank)
will give you a blank “Life Planner” As shown literally, this is empty life Planner As long as the desire to write, we will do our best for you to achieve Blank Life Planner! finally come! This is a great opportunity for my students back! Always feel that something fishy In the end playing what wishful thinking? Candidates for student representatives in pairs Seats to compete with gambling on behalf of the Students must also vote for other candidates Voting is also a gambling ring We will lend 10 million yen per student As a fund voting After the election as long as possible to pay back the money Interest will not People do not vote, immediately ordered to leave (Drop-out obligation)
we are back to the village “Named student representative elections” through You can also change this school Yes, that’s you Is you It’s too bad, all students are required to participate in gambling? Dream child must … Where is she? In the village it? Murasame students! Dream child! She’s here! Snake Can students! Please tell me a group, there are 300 million yen! Is money! All right! Get out! Dream child sister, do not care for these poor people U course with me a set of bar I am really sorry, I already have a candidate why? We are not teamed together before? Won the bet, u when student council president When my student cadres, this is not it great? Please find someone else u I go first Who whom you want to set? 3 2 1 The other side of it first set up office This is a golden opportunity Come on! Where are we going? Move forward… What move forward? Move forward Have companion what? It’s the villagers? (Eighty dogs dream villagers)
that 100 villagers are our partners I came back Hello! Students forced everyone to participate in elections and gambling Not to participate, it would be dropping out Student Council intends to ruin us what should we do? Where fire classmate step in? Sorry! Will the dream child has come to this village with rain classmates gamble? Saotome, I know she is? You bored yeah Come dream child rescued from the mad gamble of the deep! Hey! The villagers, listen to me. This is a beautification committee ultimatum According to Article 32 of the Student Union regulations You occupy this building illegal With fast you leave items Immediately leave this building Otherwise I would be enforced on behalf of the student union How could this be… We will not leave! For schools, you are garbage Garbage was due to be cleared away Students’ Union decided not to go against I heard this is your entrance fee Breaking it Village … To be destroyed I do not want to gamble But do not do something about a dead man Dream child! Not war, then the village would be finished! So we have to stand and fight! Right? This is our weapon Our strength! We have the ability to fight! We will not have this chance! If we as a student representative on the case There would be no payment of gold! When livestock do not have to! No stupid dog! No hybrid cat! All the others can then become a candidate
can improve success rate Come and take your weapons! I did not expect the villagers will participate in gambling … It is not good? Number of people can really increase the combat power Murasame students We decided to war You will also participate in it? I will not participate Murasame students! why? gambling… You can not save anything But if this continues Villages will collapse Student president will do Murasame students, please help us here Together against it, to defeat these oppressors! say something! why? Why not stand for election? You obviously beat student president … really? Step fire He won the student president in gambling? In this case, please stand on the same side with us! Saotome bud 亚里! Jabami 梦子! Student president is undoubtedly a monster You can defeat the monster … It is brave Is another monster Even overthrown monster There are still a monster called the “I” exists Monster will hurt people So I give up gambling I can not gamble … U eight dogs do? Whom you want to give up? I should not have something to look forward to u You ah … Really a group wimp Yes, really a group of unpromising guy Step fire classmate I will not team up with classmates or any villagers village rain Because my partner is … Well bell classmate ah what! me? Yes I’m also looking for partner Ugh Wait! Hey … here I am Genius gambler, wooden crossing the adults in this oh I thought you wanted to do florets Side-tracked by money, is another matter I’ll make this little giant flower in full bloom! And because if you lose, I’ll kill you To help me oh watering flowers Murasame students We meet again Bell well students go Hello it is good Sorry Murasame students … I will participate in gambling Step fire Ask you to accompany the students in the village beside the rain Beside him is equivalent to help the villagers I’m sorry, I give something away Leak your secret But I hope you … War can Registration deadline is about to stand for election time Members candidates, please apply as soon as possible (Student representative named preliminary election venue) “Named student representative elections.” The total of 50 groups, 100 students election Then please win in gambling To prove his ability to serve as student representatives Well! I’ll get a blank Life Planner Breath when the student president Preliminaries gambling project is “to compete for votes mora” (Votes contention mora) Participants will get a random Hu card Respectively, rock, scissors, wherein a cloth Please use hands to finger-guessing game card As long as both sides agree will be able to play against The winner being available to all other holders of cards Moment to lose people voted (1 set of 20 cards that is, through the preliminaries)
the last two card total of 20 words You will be able to enter the finals I understand Then draw When the two sides each have to be a card, do not score If the parties hold multiple cards And then on with the rest of the card showdown When the card runs full, lose The gamble is a group of war Participants can exchange cards with partner Game time (Game time 10 minutes)
10 minutes Large short of it Only 10 minutes! Good short time Dream child, how do we do? Then “compete for votes mora” … Start! Well! We must win! This gambling … Winning rule is … Pre-emptive! what? Pre-emptive! Within 10 minutes to win the 20 cards! We come slowly, bell well students what? Dream child! Saotome, play with me – than me – come on Mora ah, the truth is good or bad luck Than me Well but… Rock-paper-scissors Tie, not scoring Ah … Goodbye Only have each other a card, it will not tie score That You will be able to know which cards to get the other side In this case, slower than the other out on the line Hey, there’s curly! Than me Hey! Give me out of the way! This is where your hair cut? I? Rock-paper-scissors! Great! Wooden ferry wins After the two hands of cards Opportunity-game winning streak came Play with me Just need to find people who have a card to play on the line This is because… – I play – good Rock-paper-scissors! Great! Your chances of winning the other side is 1/3 I guess there is likely to win the tie with two kinds of So the chances of me winning the other side is 2/3 Rock-paper-scissors! Tie ah … Oh? You have no right card That is, I win Give me “cloth” Give me “stone” I have three kinds of Next on the line as long as the mad win Rock-paper-scissors! Step fire winner Great! Really good partner! Then I’ll give you nice change Dogs Eight, it will mora u do? No, very weak … let me do it 15 impressive Oh idiot Everyone, please line up! Wong classmates, my card is stone Well, Rock-paper-scissors – Well, it is tough – thank you My card is scissors Well, it is tough Thank you Just let me win, I’ll pay you the money Oh! There are enough boring! U well die! I can not hear people speak low U This Octopussy! Well, it is tough, next Wong, Yakushiji group, won a total of 29 cards By preliminaries (Adoption of the budget total: 29)
We won! Thank you! The remaining seven minutes Yay! thank you all Rock-paper-scissors! Bee Suga win Everybody than ah Ah … running out of time, the dream child? what? Dream child …! U doing? In afternoon tea, you have to drink? No, no time If we do not increase the number of card sheets Nobody joining us than Oh What you get a card? I am a cloth, u do? I also fabric U also fabric … Cloth with a cloth, finished … There is a saying not to say that “meditation wait, good things will come from.” The value of a ticket I’m going to the dressing room Rock-paper-scissors! Saotome win awesome! (Adoption of the budget total: 25)
Saotome, wooden ferry group, a total of 25 tickets By preliminaries Oh, only 12? It seems that the game is too difficult for you, ah -To shut up! – ah, what are you doing The remaining 5 minutes Rock-paper-scissors! Ban winning goal I can I play I ratio -that is We come over right? no no I started to lose Because I wanted to earn a little money, one person 10,000 yen I’ll tell you someone else took what Yan card really? Are you looking for a card? Stone, I’m looking for people who have stone As long as there are people on the stone okay? – Stone – ah As long as the stone is like, I’ll pay you 20,000 I understand, please wait it is good Dream child, that’s great! Meditation wait, good things will come from Rock-paper-scissors! Step fire winner Great! Step fire We did it! Step fire, dog eight groups, a total of 20 By preliminaries The remaining three minutes There are stone girls? Who is the stone? Come to ah how is it? Dream child! What is “How?” Oh coming to an end Rock-paper-scissors! Bee Suga win (Bee Suga mediated Atsushi 19) 19? We finished Hey, come with me than Over there Which will do it is good! Thank you picked me We still have a chance Yes Dear Are they right? -what? -what? Yes yo These idiots are looking for people who do have a stone Oh … you rock it? correct Stone with stone So to say … they are … Cloth with cloth I cheated! Dream child! That woman setup, let me tell her intelligence Well … We finished Well Come the end of the game it Do not, we already know what the outcome of the game count! You’ve promised me! I ratio Because you promised the people of the Well Dream child Good moving ah Beautifully lost it Dream child, I’m sorry! Choose a card U What is the card? Out which cards should I do? Your card is cloth, right? I think it is a cloth I should be out the scissors do? scissors Dream child, I’m sorry! Start Rock-paper-scissors! Snake 喰 win I won Hello! Well bell students! -stone! -stone! She turned out to be a stone! what the hell? ! Smelly old woman Well because he said cloth She’s told me so But I did not give it you see a license There is a saying not to say “To deceive the enemy, first deceive their own people” do? This is the “weight of one vote.” Can snake, bell well group, a total of 21 By preliminaries 4 finalist is this group of men Great Who is he? My machine servant Yakushiji students I pay him to come in temporarily transfer – hello – Ni Hao Smile This is the power of money Finals after 1 hour Each student will vote This is a gamble If we win, we can save the villagers He has gathered a group of people distinct personality Actors in attendance it Oh, not all Village rain sound, you win As you wish, this is your sister village of rain on the US Debt and Life Planner Hereby abolished Congratulation I’m having fun We meet again I tell your will not meet again Is that right? Help me say hello to your sister Sister! What have you done for me? Sister I won student president U have the freedom You do not understand anything Sister! Sister? Sister! Sister! It is a step fire! Dog eight! Dog eight! what happened? Finals start soon, right? Dogs eight! Have you seen her? Hey! calm down! How the eight dogs? She was gone We find her Thank you… – we go – eight dogs! Someone saw her? (Student representative named election finals venue) Candidates elected student representatives named Finally only 8 people Then in front of all the students They will show the competent representatives of tolerance The first semi-final battle, the candidates approach This game is … “Support for the battle.” Each person will be assigned to eight cards From A to 7, there are ghost cards Per person per round out a card Who wins the largest number of points The purpose of this is to gamble Pairs to win more than victory When a card of the same rank occur Even if the conflict, considered invalid The remaining card Players win points by a maximum of As a ghost brand, is the wild card After all of the cards, you can at 1-7 in Select a number to represent it However, if more than two ghost cards appear Like as a conflict, as invalid There are two sets of cards (Tie)
are the same when or four cards Deemed tie This is thanks to the groups of the cards the way … That is a tacit understanding of each group to see it (A group of 4 wins)
any group to get four victories (Left hand card)
or when each player one card left hand (End of the game)
game on this end The key to victory lies in the You have (Voting)
How many votes (Student representative named ad hoc election polls)
all students obligations (Student representative named ad hoc election polls)
is likely to win the group to bet This is the “Voting” If you bet to win group We will be able to get back double the amount Any vote before a group can win 3 wins Once the broadcast “Last Bet” When the dealer declares the beginning of the next round Voting also ended The total amount of “voting” the bet That is, support for each group Finally, “Wins” multiplied by “support rate”
number of points obtained The highest number of points to win a set See which group is more popular it? So it seems In addition, the team won the semi-final You can get 100 million yen The duo lost the liabilities of 100 million yen The duo won the final But also access to 300 million yen The duo lost the liabilities of 300 million yen Not! No! Yet you have not first say Suddenly it becomes possible liability of hundreds of millions of gambling Without this level of consciousness Student representatives also want to do? I just … do not … Ah, this attitude It can affect your support for Oh Nothing wrong, voting has started Please announce support for ex ante (Can snake, bell well support rate of 22% 90,000,000)
(Wong, 78% support rate Yakushiji 320 million) Oh Why so different? Page hate, that I so popular U lie! U sure use the money to buy it So what is it? After all, this school … The most important thing is money too How can we run it? (Can snake, bell wells 4 wins x22% 88 points)
if they won two words (Wong, Yakushiji 2 wins x78% 156 points)
we lose it Close “approval rating” screen Then, before the start of the finals Please flowers academy student president Wang Peach Sun Yee Lori adult speech Wish you guys good luck From here out scenery Especially not the same oh Quasi winning the first game, is about to begin! Incite more about the mood Well that’s fine As long as the people have to listen to hear just fine (Round 1) Since everyone the same hand card points (Can snake, bell well group support rate of 22%)
(Wong, Yakushiji group support rate of 78%)
Everyone has a chance to win As for the high imperial support group that definitely beneficial The formula is to win this game One of the large number of cards The other of the small number of cards Please select the card Snake 喰 sister school Support for the outcome already decided, right? Oh you can not staged a large reversal I think so Do not have so little confidence! Showdown! Well bell win! The good! Huang students test the water temperature in the u do? Well, I will not even get two wins (Round 2) Please select the card Showdown! Wow! My ghost cards! Ghost cards invalid? ! Well bell students, please look carefully Well bell with conflicting Yakushiji So, the snake Sun 6:00 to win Won! Great! What you are doing it! sorry Sorry hateful Although ghost cards is the strongest brand The only weakness is to duplicate the cards with their people The timing of ghost cards About the situation 2-game winning streak yeah! Our situation nice! Well bell classmates correct! correct! Maybe the next one will win correct! correct! Suddenly become so carefree -I’m furious! – maybe we’ll continue winning streak correct… Yes, the bell has been well spent 7:00 with ghost cards Well the bell can only 6:00 If I am a ghost cards, Yakushiji out 7:00 Then we won Please select the card (Round 3) Showdown! Wong, u decision points? Ah … I think 6 o’clock In this case, Yakushiji win Great! 1 win another like Can snake sister school, then I will not lose Oh Very anxious, right? Very upset, right? Ah, the support rate has not changed Dream child finished (Round 4)
Select Card This way it is … Showdown! ended Can the same snake and Wong points So the 6:00 bell to win well did you see it! A good hateful! (Last bet) Because snakes Sun, bell well group has obtained 3 wins So vote due soon Who have not yet voted, please vote as soon as possible Vote for who is good? Wong? Can snake? Voting has ended the first war at the moment (Round 5)
Select Card Huang students, u can not lose Hello Very anxious, right? Very upset, right? It does not matter … I’m fine … no problem 1 win another round … So, Wong classmates … No problem, just fine win another round 1 Too late Showdown! Can snake dream child, u decision points? 7 o’clock Snake 喰 win 4 to 1, the game is over (game over) Great! Won! Dream child! Yes ah, bell well students! Then, announce the final ratings (Can snake, bell well group support 31% 200 000 000)
(Wong, Yakushiji group support 69% 450 million) Can snake, bell well group, 4 x 31%=124 wins point Huang, Yakushiji group, a win point x 69%=69 Therefore, Qi snake, bell well set to win So when Wong found The cards will have to win the light Oh, so ah why? The most important thing is … We let u feel like a win Round 2 Jackpot winning rate of 50% For support for us at a disadvantage Almost no chance of winning This is why We want u mess with ghost cards out of 7 Great! You deliberately let me win? I think being let us lose it Wong classmates It had better be some restraint waste Nasty waste… You can say that Great! We avoid the debt of 100 million yen awesome! We won Oh, shoot Yari students Miss Saotome, Mr. wooden cross, be prepared If the pair in the final words We will not be lenient it Ah, shoot Yari students, please wait Please do me a favor what? What happened? what? U serious? Semifinal Game 2 start Please approach the candidates Wooden ferry! Wooden ferry! Bud Yari! Bud Yari! U can not pull my hind legs oh I did not say that Dogs Eight, where u at? Hey…! where is it! In that bar! -where? – Well, over there? – there is no! – Which side? Which side? where is she…? ! The moment the game begins If she does not appear, it is deemed to abstain Saotome, wooden cross set win Please wait Hey! She will not be the right stage fright Do not I think it was a setup, Oh good too We even suspect Why is it so … I finally went to the Time is coming Who is going to … help me – Murasame students! – Murasame students! My goodness Murasame students! Murasame students … I have to replace her Murasame students This is my fault Step fire I want to save u There are entire villages But also your hands … Dealer Is this okay? Are you kidding! Of course not! Right, not so be it? In accordance with the provisions of, the process can not replace the members of the You hear me? Oh my permission what? ! I allow He and the dog will be treated as the same dream eighty people is this okay? We met again, the sound of rain village Today makes me happy about it I do not always think I’m in the clutches of u hateful! How can such a thing ah – Then you go ah protest – it is useless – You go! -stop Do pointing to her, please stop Murasame students to gambling It should be very interesting ah Published prior approval ratings (Village rain, fire-step support group rate of 30% 100,000,000 20,000,000)
(Saotome, wooden ferry group support rate of 70% 200,000,000 80,000,000) You see it 70 more than … 30 We accept victory by the Hello! I’m sorry, although you very handsome debut But we have no reason to lose the game (Round 1) Please select the card Showdown! The same number of points! Saotome same number of points and step fire So Murasame win Backward 1:00 ah what…! Bad luck 7 out of words will win … (Round 2)
Select Card I do not want to lose ugly, like Wong We have to win this game! it is good Showdown! 7 !? Wooden ferry, you decided a few? Some will say that regardless of the input 7 o’clock! Wooden ferry decided to 7:00, the same step with the number of points of fire So, the village wins rain Is it a good plan to do? impossible… (Round 3) Showdown! Again? ! And only a thin one o’clock! Rain village, you decide what time? 7 o’clock Murasame decide 7:00 So step fire winner Tianyin ah, you are still very powerful thing That was his attractive place He is too strong … Let my blood boil ah (Last bet) Voting time due soon Who have not yet voted, please vote as soon as possible (Round 4) Please select the card – do they cheat? Could not – would not it! Simple good luck? Less likely! No way! Hey…! what…? Ah, out which card? To out which card ah? No matter how do no use Murasame students See through all the Showdown! Step fire, u decision points? 6 o’clock Early B female with the same number of points Murasame So step to win the 6:00 fire Rain village, set fire step to get 4 wins, the game is over Then, announce the final ratings (Village rain, fire-step support group rate 59% 400 000 000)
(Saotome, wooden ferry group support rate of 41% 200,000,000 80,000,000) Rain village, set fire step, 236 points Saotome, wooden ferry group, 0:00 So rain village, set fire to win step Great! Let’s go, bell well students You see, this is well beautiful flowers! Saotome students! Saotome students, it goes pretty flowers Wow! There are butterflies! butterfly! butterfly! Igarashi students, please help me catch a butterfly! I caught Ah, flew away The best village! you are a… monster How to do? Murasame! 10 million yen (Life Planner blank) Next upcoming Final election of student representatives named (Student representative named election finals) I have a desire to achieve a You gamble with Murasame students I want to save them But that would be it Murasame students, you are so naive words Oh will lose Then released prior approval ratings (Can snake, bell well group support 37% 600 000 000)
(the village of rain, fire-step support group rate of 63% 1000000000) Why is it so! Just read the semi-finals To secure the Is almost so be it Why u still so calm? As long as the students lost to rain village on the bad As long as it lost 200 million yen debt Round 1 start of the game (Round 1) Please select the card Calm down, bell well too cool As long as the game is like calm down This may be it, the dream child Well bell students, you too loud I’m bragging Showdown! Well victory bell I did it! Dream child! I’m sorry, I misunderstood Do not worry, finally won enough Huh? Dog eight! U okay! U okay? Inhalation … inhaler … Dog eight! Who did a good thing? 99% of students 1% is yours! If under normal circumstances, then … Please select the card (Round 2) I just out of the 7:00 So this time I am out of small points Right, the dream child? Do not worry, you will win this round What does she mean? Is this what signal? She wanted me to win it? Or a large number of points card? Showdown! Ghost cards! Well bell students, please rest assured Rain village, you decide what time? 7 o’clock Rain village decided to 7:00, with the same number of points snake Sun So the bell well to win Stick up! I won Hello! Dream child! Can snake 2 game winning streak! what should we do? Murasame students into crisis Murasame students how it is? we are back! Dog eight! Step aside! how is it now? 2 straight sets us back, even beyond the support rate was why? why? Why is it so! hateful! Please help us If I were a 5:00 or 6:00 you can win … Again… I made a fatal mistake … I thought I was able to help a little better You can make a contribution to the villagers Sorry Step fire classmate, u going to cry until when? This is also enough is enough, really disgusting Dream child, so to say too much Do not acting Nina feet almost the end of the bar Step fire classmate What’s your say? Tears lie exaggerated acting is very unsightly U This clumsy acting actor Dream child! It’s the only to lose to this game right? Step fire … what? When first saw you, I felt strange When you argue with me speak Just goes faster over the smiley stickers U Make sure to visit our village In general, students should want to get in a word bell wells Groups opposed to gambling Suddenly I was invited to the opening Do you have rightly think that other attempts I do not have that intention … News Agency of Nitobe students, just close to me at this time More confirmed my thoughts I heard the rain village won the student council president Oh … When gambling So I asked about Murasame students … With the relationship between the student president A good report is not written out, it is compiled out Step fire classmate Everything u instigation behind the bar In order to interest me non of my business In the matter villages encountered deepened my doubts Face incite everyone’s dog eight students U just quietly watching Come and take your weapons! With u standpoint, u should stop them But u just stay standing U wrong Then u openly say … Murasame students won student council president, why? – That’s because … – Because? That dog eight reasons for students with kidnapping, is the same, right? Kidnap dog eight? Yes Prisoners is … Step fire classmate U lie! why? Dogs eight appearances and did not lose, then The villagers would carry 100 million yen in debt Oh That’s why the students now in the village of rain here Gambling is no longer the invincible man, appeared again Casino Failure to do so will not be able to restore a disadvantage Step fire is this real? Yes Everything is for this moment compiled script U The purpose is to allow students to return to the village of rain Casino Let him defeat, destroyed villages Huh? really? Come on, step fire classmates Please hand down the curtain u President! You feel happy? She was crazy ah President … From that day My eyes began to praise u I have been thinking about I want to serve you, in your hands I want to offer something to you Someday I will … Let u agree with me Someday! Please let me serve under your President for tributes The enemy is the school heads That is the village! in other words… Village is the sound of rain! Against gambling? Disobedience? There are silly enough! Build out the perfect school president You guys really unsightly! But in the end you show up here at the same time You also equivalent to succumb to the president! Yiqimengzai U expose my actions But that is dedicated to the president of show Icing on the cake Everything as I hope The destruction of the countdown can not be stopped! The destruction of the countdown can not be stopped! Step fire! She intends to lose the game! Snake Can! All bets to snake Sun In any case I will lose, as well as the village of rain sound! The villagers continue to become livestock The scum also finished! why? why? I just want to ask you ah Why specifically save these scum? The reason you will destroy the Because you led those scum! Dealer, near the end of this round So I can hurry to the president’s side The first three to start (第3轮)
请选择卡片 咦? 步火背叛了村雨同学? 咦? 她打算输 咦? 所以我们就能获胜?! 翻牌 村雨与步火的点数相同 所以铃井获胜 太棒了!3连胜! 大好了!耶! 再1胜 再1胜就跟人渣一起结束了 (最终下注) 因为蛇喰、铃井组已获得3胜 投票即将截止 尚未投票的人,请尽快投票 结束了 喂!村里的乡民! 你们已经完蛋了 你们已经被完全包围了 快点出来 你们这些虫子! 就跟虫子一样爬出来吧! 你们啊 人家叫你们人渣跟虫子 你们都不在乎吗? 怎么可能不在乎! 喔,复活了 只有被人看扁这件事 我是吞不下这口气 对吧? 咦?没有反应 窝囊废 开什么玩笑! 开什么玩笑! 开什么玩笑…! 你们不觉得很不甘心吗! 很不甘心对吧! 你! 你! 你们每个人! 这样下去的话,会被驱逐退学的 要继续当人渣吗? 我们不是家畜! 虫子! 不是! 鲁蛇? 不是! 蠢狗? 不是! 杂猫? 不是! 步火树绘里! 还有学生会! 跟他们对战! 再3秒就强制执行喔 3 2 1 我好怕喔 我们上! 进攻! 迎战吧! 我会开枪喔! 想吃子弹吗?嘿,你们! -妄小姐,这些人不好对付 -闭嘴! 没事吧? 啊,抱歉 犬八,上! 芽亚里小姐,妳没事吧? 没事 没事吧? 白痴 看我的全垒打 不要放弃! 上吧,犬八! 投票时间已经截止 (第4轮)
请选择卡片 再1胜 加油啊,再1胜 亮牌 好耶!我们赢了! 结束了! 蛇喰,妳的点数是? 我想想… 请当成1点 1点!? 蛇喰梦子的点数是1点… 等一下! 梦子,妳别傻了,妳说的是7点吧 因为只有步火同学一个人想输 这实在太不公平了 这样的话,赌博一点都不有趣 我也要跟妳一样 以输掉比赛为目标 笨蛋! 稍微变得有趣了 五十岚同学,我的点数是1 蛇喰的点数是1 所以村雨获胜 哪边会输呢? 接下来才是真正的胜负喔,步火同学 妳太可恶了! (第5轮)
请选择卡片 梦子! 是? 妳是真心要输吗? 是的 我不能帮妳 我绝对不想背负2亿日圆的债务 我一定要赢! 这才是让我热血沸腾的赌博啊 蛇喰梦子…我才不管妳瞎说什么 只要再输1局,村雨就结束了 对了,梦子已经没有鬼牌了 我要在这一局做了结! 亮牌 同样都是鬼牌,所以无效 由出2点的村雨获胜 你在干什么! 为什么! 妳不是想输,为什么还出鬼牌? 我想决定比较小的点数啊! 你们意气相投啊 (第6轮)
接下来进行第6轮 让赌博变得非常无趣的事情就是… 当玩家认真求胜负时 有人嘲笑他们,还放弃比出胜负 妳敬爱的学生会长 她的口头禅不就是… 「让我觉得有趣吧」 她正在看妳喔 在这样的会长面前 妳竟有这样的胆子做出这种事 闭嘴…! -请选择卡片… -吵死了! 亮牌 喔喔 3张牌相同点数! 由于蛇喰、村雨、铃井3人点数相同 因此步火获胜 村雨同学和铃井同学也很有默契啊 3胜3败 输了的话就有2亿日圆的债务… (最后1轮)
最后1轮开始 请选择卡片 己经没有… 我能做的事了… 村雨同学… 请帮帮我 村雨同学 你姊姊 真的希望你救她吗? 谁都不希望自己被拯救 我相信每一个村民都这么想 自己的人生只属于自己 被他人左右的人生,无聊至极 只有相信自己的运气与命运 才值得你赌上自己的人生 我好兴奋啊! 选择这两张卡片中的其中一张 会带我们去天国,还是地狱! 来吧! 来吧! 来吧! 一起坠人狂赌之渊吧! 2组牌相同 所以第7局 平手 喔,怎么啦? 很有趣 支持率? 直到投票截止前 我们这边都是一路惨败 结果不用看也知道 村雨输了,村民也完蛋了! 我也是 我输了! 我们…赢了? 那么公布最终支持率 (村雨、步火组 支持率56% 23亿)
(蛇喰、铃井组 支持率44% 18亿) 蛇喰、铃井组,3胜 x 44%=132点 村雨、步火组,3胜 x 56%=168点 从以上结果看来,学生代表为… 村雨天音与步火树绘里 不可能…23亿? 比开始时多了10亿以上 这不是增加了吗? 10亿…到底是谁… 妥错,他们挺身而出啰 村民们 看到没! 学生会借给每个人的… 1000万,100人份 共10亿日圆 他们相信村雨同学会获胜,全押下去了 让开! 10亿日圆押村雨天音! 10亿! 这就是一票的重量 那些人渣… 我们办到了! 看到没! 我们输了…2亿日圆 蝴蝶 步火 因为人为的力量
你跟我已经没有容身之处了 这间学校已经不需要我们了 恭喜 你的人生将能如你所愿 (人生计画表 空白) 什么? 请把这交给桃喰绮罗莉 嗯?会长? 这是什么? 这次「学生代表指名选举」的成果如何? 本次活动促进了学生的活动力 学生会非常欣喜 即使村雨、步火离开学校 村落解散,也感到喜悦吗? 我们不回答有关非官方组织的问题 那关于蛇喰梦子呢? 哎呀呀 身为炒热选举气氛的1名学生 我们非常感谢她 2亿… 2亿日圆的债务 铃井同学,你要吃吗? 我这辈子什么都不吃了 很失魄落魄呢… 亲爱的客人… 有谁需要2亿日圆吗? 有谁需要2亿日圆吗? 咦? 我拜托芽亚里帮我一个忙 所以最后1轮时,我押了很大的赌注 赌村雨获胜 (2亿日圆)
我赌村雨 这是你们的份 这样扣掉学生会借给你的钱… 就是这样 没有赌债了! 没有了 而我… (5000万日圆)
这是我的赌注 我押了1000万日圆在小村身上 出发! 我不用动到脚就能前进喔 铃井同学也快开动吧 变得非常好吃喔 (Introduction delicious dessert to school canteens) Absolute obedience to
affix a price tag of their souls dinner Fool fictional Russian dolls Livestock is their roadmap Stick to the face mask has not get down Hurry pull the trigger bar For the law of infidelity corruption Formed by the false world of useless cards Ah, and anyone just afraid of needles Boring, stick in the mouth lies The right side of the dream must be ghost cards I was pretending to be me, I fake The worst stage Feelings of hypocrisy when it will be to tell each other I was pretending to be me, I fake Obviously hopeless Can not stop, chest passionate truth In the empty haunted house flattering mass psychology Golden wrists Delusional madness of objections Can not shake, doubt in his heart will not be delivered until tomorrow Hands are all puppets The fearless as a bed Watch the short remote slag in a row Mocking chorus is Lying on the floor of the snake spit Lu songs Encouraged me, encouraged me Let me hear your voice There is no failure, not that the game strategy No charity and no dream Encouraged me, Would you raise me? If you can not, then closing Not disappeared, tortured my injury Devious useless man, My name Really annoying Bought cunning night My poker face abduction Hey, wait for the next to be doing? -eat! -Great – shopping? -Great – By the way – how the dream child? We go to the movies what… Ah, now it? why not? because… That is also good-looking movie, while interesting Ugly movie people really well done A while back also … enough! Each time the bottom bullying This heart also, in the future also, increasingly crazy, crazy gradually Here is the chorus Oh I was pretending to be me, I fake I see through false Being bound by my freedom, I incite hypocrisy I was pretending to be me, I fake Obviously aware of Can not stop, chest blood boiling the truth So, ladies and gentlemen, see you next time! There do next? -Ok? -Oh… See you next time!


  1. Mohon maaf ya🙏🙏🙏, untuk beberapa minggu ini saya tidak bisa upload film.
    Saya sedang sibuk kerja, mohon pengertiannya ya.
    Saya ucapkan terima kasih yang sudah subscribe, like, disslike, coment & share.!
    Semoga kebaikan kalian dibalas sama yg diatas .

  2. baru d menit ke 3 uda keren… coba d liat ampe habis… thank for upload… jika ada luang upload lagi yg keren… thank's

  3. Sayang sekali ketua osisnya nggak main, padahal yang aku tunggu sejak tahun kemaren itu ketua osis sama jabami tanding eehhh endinge malah begini, tapi jos nggak ketebak permainannya

  4. Kakegurui live action, versi film sama doramanya sama2 keren, jadi film ini adalah lanjutan dari doramanya. Jadi adegan difilm ini ngak ada dianime nya, mungkin cerita ini sebelum keluarganya KETOS datang ke sekolah sama kek animenya

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