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FINGER LICKING GOOD – Noble Reacts to Anime Vines and Cracks

What’s cracking guys! welcome back to some more Oh god that smells nothing like strawberries And before you guys complain, these, these are not actual panties alright come on I’m not much of a pervert They’re panties for your water bottle I mean come on, who, who wouldn’t have as much class as this here, you know? Oh hey, strawberry flavoured Anyway, welcome back to another Noble reaction video guys, Where, you guessed it, we’re reacting to some anime vines and cracks by Jordan Hamel 2.0 He’s been upgraded Now, unfortunately the poor son of a bitch got his account terminated You know, it’s a fucking tough life here on YouTube guys don’t get me wrong So, the guy left me a message saying I appreciate a reaction, I’m like: bud, I got you So, let- let’s do this This last one here made me laugh and the title for this particular video that I’ve chosen, is called “boob explosion” Quality stuff stuff here guys Quality stuff here Aw man, it’s on par with Noble titles baby I’m trying to get better here, guys I swear I’m gonna try and get some classier titles maybe one day if that’s what you want But regardless I wanna get a good laugh, hopefully you wanna get a good laugh, let’s do it together here guys Not in a sexual way! Why does it always come out that way? Alright, started off on a cute girl I already dig this, I like my cute girls Here we go, you guys probably can tell Oh what’s goin’ on? Oh no What’s going on?! She’s so cute Oh the corgi Oh what? Changing, all these viners! Oh, Jordan Hamel, it’s all the dudes. Nice butt shots there, that’s good Very nice Oh, the butt shots are real Oh, ME!ME!ME! it’s quality stuff but, then it gets really weird Okay! you’re gonna make me censor something. There was camels Oh, nice skateboarding. That’s uh, that’s “K” I believe Yes, the anime’s called fucking “K” Let me know if they make an anime called “J” Or N Poor Ika So cute Nice Oh no! I remember this This girl was thristy Oh Oh? Alright Oh what’s this? Is he gettin’ down? Baby’s gonna get down He’s getting into it Oh my god, that’s cute Get in there! Aww He likes his music, that’s so cute Oh, RWBY Ah, RWBY’s so good, I love it Oh! Ah, this anime was good, too So funny Punch an old guy in the face Good plot That’s the reaction?! What the fuck’s that? Fuck your romance It’s gross Total friendzoned, get rekt dude I love you, fuck off Jesus Don’t be so cold blooded Oh Alright Oh! Oh, OK Oh! Justin Bieber! They always shoot the Justin Biebers I mean, there is satisfaction in that Oh The twerking. What the fuck is that? That’s Plastic Nisan, guys. Alright Wonderful butt shaking Ah Durarara, quality It’s actually really good, I enjoyed the fuck out of Durarara Ok, getting a nice quality music, OH! okay oh that is that is a figure like it’s finger-licking good I just got the thumbnail some down oh oh um is that is that from Is that from an anime or a hentai? not a bra okay yeah what oh my god her boobs are exploding, what? Her boobs literally exploded, Oh why’d you push me down bro bro oh but I almost got panties Huehue, it’s going for the goods that’s lovely a second look okay boys Boss, like a boss! Nobody can do that, oh Is he talking to ghosts? No come on please this is so lame I know some people like it but come on i mean i’d be scared of her to you know it’s not a good bitch to fuck with oh yeah not like that guys you know what we’re not could i ever gonna shut up i’m not even gonna finish that said centerline this i get distracted by all the booty shakin here that’s good doesn’t I sachar their quality quality outro oh my Oh hates me i’m doing some kiss action there so but the rest year I’m kind of worried i don’t think i could use the thumbnails anyway all right I now know why it was called boob exposure to use the clip from I believe the anime was called Queen’s Blade there is some fucked up shit in that stuff but you know quality anime entertainment baby is the finest Terence fight is quality to ticket oh my god there’s there’s lots of cool anime out there and some really messed up once too and you certainly included some interesting once in there some I may have thought of her baby had done regardless regardless i hope you guys enjoyed this here I like the variety in this one here there was tons of good even some newer stuff in there’s mixed it as well I appreciate the newer anime mixed it with a bunch of the old goodies as well that it just gives a nice feel to me where the fuck am I going with this statement anyway if you guys did enjoy this too definitely give Jordan Hamilton put on a booty slap for me check his channel it’s got a whole bunch of anime cracks he’s getting there again it’s almost a 10k maybe maybe could give us some love up there I don’t know but regardless if you guys enjoy me being stupid uh like you just witnessed with that fucking past ramble but maybe give me a Buddhist love to just just a flight one they’re not so hard this time e i’m a bit sensitive from last time regardless thinking what to get for watching maybe some of you and want to see some more of this zany antics from normal and i hope to see you beautiful sons of guns again next time crazy mother I Oh

100 thoughts on “FINGER LICKING GOOD – Noble Reacts to Anime Vines and Cracks

  1. i think i have friendzoned my best friend…….. i dont like him, anyway. hes really mean to my other best friend😑

  2. I spent a whole month trying to find this video out of all his noble reactions videos just for the guy talking to spirits freaking out because of Yuno Gasai! It took me a whole month to find this specific video again!

  3. Wut was the anime where the blond guy took away the chair but the guy who was about to sit there sat on nothing????

  4. For the "Watch Me Burn" part early in the video, the anime movie is Tekkon Kinkreet. It's only two hours long, and you need to watch it.

  5. I don't know how I didn't come up with this when I watched this nearly two years ago:
    Someone needs to make a gajinka of a water bottle wearing sexy or cute strawberry panties.

  6. 2016 YouTube sucks
    2018 YouTube fucking sucks even harder
    What did we learn YouTube has gotten even worse and is getting worse

  7. Lady’s and Gentleman’s……………………………..😔😔 we got him (the whole animae creators are fired and it will be shut down for ever like the Walking Dead by Tale Tale). Eaven the famous and savage animae creator How Myasaki will go to jail for maybe 50 years.

  8. Pity so many of the old anime crackers and viners are gone like Jordan Hamel and Bittermath. Hell even McDonalz deleted his videos.

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