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6 thoughts on “Firebase Authentication: Sign Out of Firebase in Swift 4 (ONE LINE OF CODE)

  1. GOOD TO KNOW: weather you’re signed in anonymously or with Facebook or with Twitter (or any other Firebase supported Authentication) you can always sign out the same way. You can see this in the next video when we sign out of Facebook: Swift 4 – Firebase Authentication – Sign In with Facebook

  2. Great videos, I'm really enjoying them but i would say one thing. Could you set your Xcode theme to 'Presentation' when doing videos as the text is really difficult to see when I'm coding along with you and have it on split screen!

  3. I get an error when I type Service.showAlert. It doesn't even give me the option to automatically finish the template code. What happened?

  4. Mr.Reboloper is it after we sign out from firebase we wont be able to get any push notification unless we sign in?

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