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Firebolt – BYU Divine Comedy

Do you ever feel
like you were meant to fly Somewhere far away
from ordinary life Do you ever feel
like no one seems to know Your love for dragons or
dressing up in cloaks Did you ever feel
so disappointed when You closed the book
and realized that the story had to end But maybe you were wrong and you are chosen too so come and ride the floo Just like the boy who lived your wizard’s waiting kid There are no squibs Now go out
catch your snitch And baby ride your Firebolt Show the world your magic force Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh!” As you speak in parsel to-o-ongue Baby with your Firebolt Sorted into Gryffindor When you get your ow-ow-owl You’re gonna leave ‘em going “wo-ow-ow!” You were waiting for
your eleventh year To go to Hogwarts and
drink some butterbeer Now it’s been a while
and you’re losing faith Just a muggle-born
it might be too late Maybe the reason why
your letter didn’t come So you can stay protecting
muggles as the Chosen One This is real you know it ain’t no puppet show So grab your wand and go Getting set ready for the war Against the foe For Dumbledore and his army secure baby with your Firebolt Let your own patronus soar Make ’em go “Oh my-y-y!” All those dementors, stupefie-ie-ied Baby, with your Firebolt Taking down Voldemort Make ‘em go
“Oh, oh, oh!” “Expelliarmus!” and he’s go-o-one Vroom, vroom, vroom Soaring higher on your
broom, broom, broom Vroom, vroom, vroom Soaring higher on your br-

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  2. i have read all the harry potter books 2 time over the summer! i love harry potter so much he is my hero harry potter all the way

  3. my gosh! i have heard about this song a long LONG while ago by my friend, but only this last weekend did i really look it up and now i practically have it memorized! XD oh and does parts with matt and the owl doe…that is soooooo me 😀

  4. This is awesome! Jason looks young in this, although I know it was only about 3 years ago. It must be his inner Harry Potter. Who knows?

  5. hahahahahahahaha Oh my gosh! I can't believe I'm just seeing this for the first time! these are awesome!!!! hahahaha

  6. Saw this and thought it was awesome! Now, re-watching it after watching Studio C it is even more awesome!! 😀

  7. Its so cute to see these guys before they became Studio C! When they were still Divine Comedy they came to our church's Youth Conference and performed for us-IT WAS FANTASTIC!

  8. That owl was from the bean museum that was my great grandfathers Monty.l. bean I go there ever year and I saw that elephant

  9. I'm not a LDS. But my immediate impression of the quintessential LDS white women matches the blonde lady doing her Harry Potter magic spell @ 1 minute mark.. Pure wholesome looking, divine morals & compass with very authentic European features… I enjoy y'all's (yes "y'all", I'm from Texas). Keep these decent amateur videos coming..

  10. My friends and i think that someone is taking our letters so we don't become powerful and won't stop him/her from taking over.

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