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100 thoughts on “First Bill Of The New Senate Is A Complete JOKE

  1. How in the world did tyt put jesus in to this situacion omg 😂😂😂😹😂 too bad they dont know what bible acuattly says. 😂😂


  3. There's still not enough discussion of the difference between the PAYGO Statute and the PAYGO rule.

    The rule purportedly allows the House to override the Statute to allow certain legislation which would orherwise be blocked by the Statute to be passed and without the rule that would not be able to be done, supposedly!

    So a rule overides a law??? That needs a LOT of further discussion.

    Then the Senate apparently has its own PAYGO rule!!

    Are the waters muddy enough yet???

  4. All I need to see was that first headline.
    Surely the courts will make this illegal. How can it be legal to make it illegal to "speak" out against a foreign power in ways that we can about or OWN country? Why would Israel deserve protections we do not give our own country?

  5. Israel grants healthcare as a basic right to all persons it recognizes as full citizens, YOUR AMERICAN TAXES PAY FOR IT

  6. We should have expected that the new Democratic majority would do something this spineless. Anyone who doesn't boycott Israel has Palestinian blood on their hands and are emboldening these deranged officials.

  7. Exactly, Democrats do not want to support Medicare for All to the American people while we pay for Congress' On Demand Healthcare while they have a full equipment hospital with a staff of Doctors and Nurses. That to me is criminal.

  8. You guys shouldn't say that the state laws against BDS are unconstiutional because that would make you an anti-semite. I can see Israel supporters cry in their safe space.

  9. Bibi is gonna HATE having President BERNIE. Those Antisemitic Smears wont work on BERNIE. Want to STOP Israel from being Apartheid and killing innocents? SANDERS 2020. Take Away the Israeli Right Wingers power over America.

  10. Israel is wearing out their welcome.  How dare you try to undermine our free speech.  Free speech is part of how our forefathers envisioned that we could protect ourselves from tyranny.  Our "ally" does THIS to us.  Ungrateful.  We, Americans, pay for Israelis to have universal health care.  Israel can not even pick on helpless Palestinians without free handouts from the USA.  They insult us, the disrespected Barack Obama, they cuddle up to Trump, they assassinated their own prime minister Yitzak Rabin whose only offense was not being extremist hardliner enough!  Israel can not long keep the USA as an ally, Israel is too arrogant, Israel will provoke the USA again and again.  Because of Israel the USA invaded Iraq.  Israel undermines the integrity of the US representative govt.

  11. I'm buying Palestinian produce now. However I'm in the UK and it may be the only thing we will be eating if there's no deal Brexit along with twigs. Look on the bright side. In all seriousness, this is ridiculous. You're protecting them already with billions, while they get universal healthcare and the zionists slaughter innocents.

  12. Well, if the Senate got more Republicans during the midterms, then these are the fascist policies you'll get. Fascists hate freedom, but love to weaponize it against itself.

    PS, love this chick. Get her on more TYT.

  13. Neo-Liberal?? How about Neo-Fascist? I don't think our politicians have any idea how many Israelis don't support their right wing government.

  14. The Israeli government is of the mind "We will destroy all who oppose us" whether it's Palestinians or businesses and individuals around the world who boycott them. And the Dems are worried about Russia influencing the American government??? Insane.

  15. A lot of ppl saw this coming years ago. All these things. But we called them conspiracy theorists and paranoid. But…. Look at us now. Falling apart at the seams.

  16. Did Israel take over our country at some point? The Israeli's are the Nazis now. America is supposed to fight the Nazis, let's get to it.

  17. Why is what is going on halfway around the world OUR most immediate concern? Shouldn't we be prioritizing the bullshit going on here first and foremost. How about open our government so people can get paid, programs can be started again, our military can be brought home from a war they have no business being in. And mustn't forget: IMPEACH THE TODDLER-IN-CHIEF!

  18. Lol. Israel RUNS American politicians. Hey, it's laissez-faire capitalism. Everything is for sale! What did they think would happen?

  19. This ladies Jewish passion isn't reflected in the Talmud. Zionist marching orders are encaptulated in that heinous document.

  20. Sadly the left is on the wrong side of the energy argument. They should be focusing on exciting alternatives like Thorium based nuclear liquid salt reactors. Not on shutting down natural gas use, which is far cleaner than coal. We don't need to burn either natural gas or coal or oil, but wind and solar are not the answer.

  21. If only the rest of the constitution had lobbyists as powerful as those who defend the 2nd amendment. It's amazing how these elected officials will absolutely refuse to hear any possible argument that might even cast a shadow on the second amendment, but they'll actively work to undermine the first amendment. It's absolutely shameful.

  22. This is a false equivalency. Political criticisms like boycotts have nothing to do with racist thought. If you were to boycott Iranian products, it doesn't necessarily mean that you hate Persian people or their culture. People have the right to vote with their dollars. Also, it's a pretty hypocritical position for the Senate to take. They themselves use boycotts – financial sanctions – to highlight human rights abuses or force countries to come to the negotiating table. I'm not saying they're right in who they target, just pointing out how hypocritical it is on their part.

  23. Michigan's Republicans enacted the nation's most stringent water quality standards. They did this last year. Democrat controlled cities including Detroit sued to stop the implementation.

  24. No one is saying you cant boycott israel. Its not being criminalized
    Its just, if you do. You cant work for the state. They dont want you then. You wont go to jail

  25. You can bet I will be on the phone Monday morning and I will let Dick Durbin & Tammy Duckworth, Katie Staurt . I can't believe THESE IDIOTS!!!! WE VOTE THESE FOLKS OUT PERIOD!!!!!!

  26. Unconstitutional. Regardless of your political views on Israel, this is unconstitutional on the grounds of freedom of expression.

  27. Is this an accurate representation of what the left believes?
    1. Climate change will end the world.
    2. Illegal immigration is pure fear mongering and is not actually an issue.
    3. The president is a racist.

  28. Cenk: "Money isn't speech!" These people: "Our first amendment right!" Is money speech or not? Or is it only speech when you agree with it?

  29. WTF?!? Why are protecting Isreal? They are not part of this country. If I refuse to do business with Isreal for actions they take, then I should be able to refuse them as a client. This law should be stuck down in the courts, as boycotting is a form of free speach. Any country protected by our laws against freedom of speech should be voted down. I could see the law as a slippery slope.

  30. Israel is murdering Palestinian civilians and stealing their land every day in the Golan heights and Gaza strip, the Americans are turning a blind eye, the rest of the world is taking tabs on Israel and the USA and there will be a price to pay down the road

  31. Israel and Palestine have been at war since the beginning of time what makes anyone think we should change our strategy now…

    I know the exalted obummer didn't give the order

  32. Making Israel's enemies even more pissed of by brutalizing innocent people, that makes me think for sure. And the topper? Our tax dollars are funding it, and that makes us responsible…

  33. Why can't people just sign the stupid form and still just not buy any Israeli products. Shouldn't be that hard, but I don't know for sure. I"m not saying that's what I'd do b/c it's BS, but if you are going to lose a job over it and you already don't buy their products, MAYBE I would sign it to keep the job. It looks like they are using it specifically to go after muslims living in Texas.

  34. Wow. Who knew that TYT is a mouthpiece for the GOP. You are doing the work of Trump by attacking the Democrats for Senate bills being passed from a GOP majority Senate. You folks are tools and I mean that figuratively and literally. I am done with you.

  35. Just telepathically communicate with those autistic children they would love it they are speech impaired because their brains are wired to telepathically communicate

  36. I like Graham, but the hand hair is distracting me! lol. I never pick on people for their looks that they can't help or change, but dang, wax the backs of those hands!

  37. If only the USA would REALLY give some free handout money to the big tough Israelis, and another 100 years, the big tough Israelis might prevail against the helpless unarmed Palestinians

  38. You libtards opened this door. Did you come to the defense of other groups/ individuals expressing free speech? You were fine with the gov't punishing the Colorado baker. Ironic hun.🤔. You wouldn't say a word if the gov't refused to do business with some far right group because of their views. Your hypocrisy has come back to haunt you.

  39. So the US Government is now telling companies – and in some cases individual people – what they can spend their money on. Free market? I don't think so.

  40. Someone is honestly saying 'don't call it apartheid' because it's appropriation? Bullshit, it's become a term for a segregationist state based on issues not always decided by race that depends on oppression to keep the status quo. Some thin skinned idiots in South Africa are just going to have to handle the fact that they named the system we're seeing in Israel.

    This is like saying you can't call Nazis 'Fascist' because the Italians came up with it first. :/

  41. Palestine is nothing like mexico. People like to think that they are just trying to cross the border and have a better life. The difference is that they as a people dont want to live with the israelis. Even their cute little jihad jane child reporter wants the israelis out, not to share land with them. She constantly refers to everything israel does as bad and terrible and only shows the bad things that happen to her people after they launch some rockets. Flat out bold hypocrisy. remember that 2014 started when hamas kidnapped and killed 3 israeli kids before you tell me they didnt deserve what they got.

  42. The Dumb Turds are a complete joke. Socialism Kills and it always will. Now send Chunk your money! He cares about you. He really does. But send him your money already!

  43. rubio is even stupider than i thought if he ignored all precedent to try pushing this worthless, unconstitutional bill

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