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*FIRST TIME* Chiropractic CRACKING on Female Athlete

okay and slightly over back not really much lower back okay yeah you can't get marked off the neck a little bit going into the trap shoulder area and an upper and a little bit of middle okay how long's this my went out for um about a year and a half a year or five months since I'm basically joined in the gym and I haven't been stretching properly okay but then afterwards I started stretching and I felt like because I didn't really stretch in the beginning could have possibly that's not really best something out just like tightness gotcha okay so let's go ahead and made me look all the way up issues at them all the way down any issues at that time those okay and then go back to Senator from it and if you bring one into one shoulder and then to the other side and the issues that are tiny sewing on crack and then a few militating look over either side and initiative that okay and now so this is gonna be your first time ever get out okay I don't know what to expect well you're in good hands okay all right let me have you like they stopped one face okay so we're going to start off we're going to scan the body we're going to go from the cervical spine checking the leg length check the symmetry from the right side to the left side yeah so I'm gonna start off we're going to up eight the spine let me know if anything is painful or tender to the touch okay sending that lumbar spine and you paint over the sacrum with outside joints okay good we'll come down here so right leg pulls a little bit short there compared to the left so I'll check that hip survived off which is good yeah right through here I felt this side being raised up just a little bit more compared to the right side but what we're gonna do first we're going to use the massage device we're just gonna relax everything so we're gonna start up top here no I was like to start between that cervical thoracic junction here okay take a deep breath though and over time deep breath in and out okay let me have you sit up on the table and I bring one leg on either side so we're gonna start off on this side that was that said that was raised on the left so we're gonna bring that arm up and over bring this arm up over here keep your thighs to the table right give you this video right good okay lay face down again for that I have to stand for you guys much more patience again do I get okay so everybody said still pulling a little bit short there oh okay we're gonna stabilize on the sacrum raise your right leg up as high as you can for me oh yeah any pain or tenderness with that okay raise em up side how does the left side feel compared to the right side do one feel easier or more difficult than the other obviously kind of feels the same no no no trust me that that mean that's telling me then it's not your sacrum that's an issue and then it's a little bit more than one box fine so what I'm gonna have you do is lay on your side and face me this way okay okay sure and have you bend the top knee let's good a little bit towards me perfect I said that – I never thought to the other side oh honey bye so from here to there laughs Alexa Peck we're gonna do late Bulger let me have you stand up go up this from them until your body talk about it okay yeah yeah okay bring your hands over mine yep lean back just a little bit squeeze your elbows together cool take a seat right here for me okay bring it over take a deep breath though and I sell out okay I already relaxed and playback have your hands on your stomach for me and now we're gonna do the white strap okay so this is really gonna get that decompression but yeah yeah and down oh dang Oh relax right there deep breath in and out yeah I'll take that up running it how would you describe that that was a little stressed I know trust me it's like even the first time I had it I mean you laid when you're like whoa you just sounds like just getting hit hard and I just I'm good [Applause] good for the first time my impressions are pretty good thank you can I walk this down I got a German X right everywhere so for the for the first time well the poppy was very juicy look I liked it I definitely do feel a lot more you pumped a lot more than me yeah I felt I felt a lot more loose right over here there's way less pressure going to feel a lot less actually I feel a lot lighter like I lost three pounds

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  1. I have scoliosis and I’ve been to about 5 chiropractors in the Greenville area, all of which said they could fix it. None of them were successful so I’m wondering if trying you would be worth it?

  2. Yo how much would it cost to get rid of this neck pain and lower back tightness. I think I grew too fast in high school.

  3. Whenever i flex my neck muscles, they and my upper chest twitch. When i pinch the muscles in order to massage it they twitch. Does that mean that it is a trigger point or points?

  4. Bruh what if a girl teen was going to get her body crack and she be like
    "Dont touch me, I got a boyfriend"
    Dr J.:*breaks all bones*

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