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*wha-POOSH* Top of the morning to ya laddies my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back- Wait no I'm down, I'm down here Hello, I'm down- Okay, hold on -smooth jazz plays in the background- -ding- There we go, okay hi. Oh wait or should I say 'Sup fellow gamers? It's me number one epic boy Jackspedicey Here to show you this craziest round of Fortnite I've ever played in my life I haven't actually started the round yet, and I'm hoping that I get non-stop wins. I hope to take non-stop W's and also dubs I'm a professional fortniter. I'm killing everybody For all day What do you mean this is just a spawn screen?!
-le confusion- So Fortnite got an update, of course, as it always does but now it's fortnite's birthday It's Forth Nite's first birthday, apparently, so everything's all changed. Look It's an actual party bus now. There's a little one in the top. Actually. It's a gigantic one it's like the size of a person so I thought i'd play some fortnite to just have a bit of fun with it because I Really like the game and I play it a lot. So why not record some more of it? Umm, I have no idea where i'm gonna go. I kind of waited too long Umm, We'll go Greasy Grove Greasy Grove for the greasiest boy. So happy birthday fortnite, and away we go. -deja vu song plays- I'm really good at this game now Haters better watch out. I also need to search one more ammo box. Is there an ammo box around I want the Chivo? Ha, Yes! Look at me. I'm a real epic gamer. That's really epic guys XD Stealthy, sneaky stealthy. Ok. I want to get rid of my nades! Sorry I had to drop in on a grommet for a second. Thanks for the loot. Oh oh. I need a rift! I need to teleport through time and space or i'm gonna get caught here. Wait, is this Pennywise? Hiya Georgie, there's a fucking cake here! You can't destroy the cake, the cake is a lie! Making my way downtown walking fast faces pass- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh, a little buggy boy. Hey, dude Kill him kill him kill him, yes. Oh god that's nerve wrecking. Ok. I'm not picking up shotguns anymore because apparently they're fucking terrible now. So I'm just going to use this little, this little speedy boy. who would win one dudes face or this tiny speed man. Oh god. Oh god Oh hoo ho hooooo! OH HOO HO HOOOOO! Holy crap, I have no idea how I just did that. I mean clip that Pure epic gamer skill, that's me. Oh, but the circles gonna get me no mom No, don't tickle my ass. Don't tickle my butthole with the blue. Can I outrun it? Can I outrun it? No, I can't, I'm stuck in the blue. Okay, brace brace for impact pucker up your buttholes. It's time to get tickled. Don't like it x5 -flashback initiated- Pure epic gamer still, that's me Okay, we're fine. We're fine. We're fine. Okay, nobody shoot me. Nobody shoot me. Everything's good I'm a great fortnite player. Ah! Ah! You guys watching these sick plays? Oh look at the lovely balloons everywhere. This is so nice. And the cake, can I eat the cake and get my health back? Whoa, kay, holy God. All right. I'm just getting the F out of here cuz you don't really have anything that I wanted. This is going better than expected- I mean exactly how expected. I've never played Fortnite standing up before, maybe that's the key. Maybe that's the secret. Standing up playing games means that you're basically just better than most people. I'm a crow. Sneaky does it, he doesn't know i'm here. *end human captioning, next captioner pick up from here* Oh shit SHIT, I ran out of bullets. Oh how much health did you have 35 I could have farted at you and killed you. I placed tenth good job team Somebody's got moves. I don't have that. I have the gentleman's dab Thats just call the bow, it's not a gentleman's dab come on fortnite stop killing culture you want a sparkler? Okay, where are we dropping boys I'm dropping over here this place has served me well You're ready for it Go my shark boy. I have to keep yelling over the music because it's going to get copyright claims So just imagine the meme is still going as I'm doing this. Okay. It's not really the greatest thing ever It doesn't really add to the moment But now it's done Oh buddy, you're dropping in I'm gonna kill you just like YouTube is killing monetization Let's find him. Actually. Let's shield up first and now let's find him Yes, I shot him in the back and then I shot him in the feet that's what I'm into whoo big joke for the big boy Thank You fortnite you saved my marriage hmm Far away from the circle. How am I going to get out of here? Oh, yeah baby, this is how you travel in style in fortnight Oh shit. It's the police. Get out of here. They're onto me. They'll never catch me I'm unstoppable Oh baby. Oh, baby Yes All right, Bessie, we've had some good runs together But I must go now. My people need me. Yeah, did someone just steal my hi Hey, how dare you that's my car you can't have memes No, and that's a tough now are you he's very tough he's very tough. He's building all around me. I Don't know where anybody is He does know where I am, though He knows he knows. Okay, he knows where I am What are we doing? No, I mean I I mean I do need bandages but YEA BABY The longest most hard fought battle in fortnite history and who comes out on top Jackaboy, I did that for you golf cart. It's quiet too quiet But it's okay cuz I've got PMA and that'll help me get through this, you know a PMA stands for positive mental anime That's what it is If I have the power of anime on my side I can never lose I must ask my sensei for forgiveness. Oh God that was not what I meant to do Oh God Oh Jesus Christ he almost Oh Hmm hmm that would have been real bad Okay What's my heart rate at Alexa play my heart rate your heart rate is 9000. Well, that's not good, okay PMA, it's working it's working four people left Four people plus your boy. Oh god. Oh god. Oh, I don't like it when these things happen. Where are you coming out? I can't see you Whoa-ho, I just saw you there buddy boy Come on peek peek that beautiful little head actually, you know what I'm gonna do what I never do build It's coming down You guys keep fighting I'ma just keep taking your shields off I'm that really annoying dude. Were there fighting each other and then I come on man. There's still these people left no one's died since I Fuck The plays outplayed Oh God, I fell right into his trap Oh Big rip on me everyone god fucking damn it. How does that rocket not kill him. All right You're not gonna get me this time. Oh, are you guys ready for the plays? I know I am I'm not putting on a tough exterior because I'm bad What are you talking about Oh p90 These were just added to the game today, I think You 50 rounds in oh god. This thing is gonna shred faces Whoo. I'm excited to use this. Let me at him. Let me at him Rocket Man Yes As well. What do we do? What do we do Oh ohh This is this Sophie's Choice. This is Jack's choice You guys still got it pretty big crack in the sky Hold on I can fix it *grabs tape and places it over the cracks* There you go They all fixed I fixed Fornite guys Listen this am I the only one who thinks that this looks like something straight out of like an old Looney Tunes cartoon like this is something that you'd see in Road Runner and Wilde E. Coyote is somewhere getting ready to kill the roadrunner and that rocks gonna fall on his head Or maybe he's under that fell from the hill. Oh Man, I miss those old cartoons. My loadout is Stacked you know what p90 stands for potentially ninety kills. That's how good it is. Oh, hey Um What are you what are you doing dude, I Mean I'll take it but I don't feel good about it. Oh Let's teach him a lesson Oh Yeah, that feels good, oh, oh circles closing, um, whoa, oh I can outrun this one it's fine I can outrun it No problem. Look at me go Somebody's building a new house here. Oh My god this thing is disgusting What the fuck how do you even fight back against something that tears through time and space I Saw you and you saw me you flew a bullet just past me actually I rhymed me with me. That doesn't count Oh, God Can't we just kill each other in peace. I see what you're doing running away, huh? Fuck Does that just not kill things anymore? Don't come in my house. Okay. Let's heal up family It's just all there's five left again all flashbacks. It's feeling a lot like Oh my fucking Jesus, how do you fight something like that? It just destroys all your structures That would have been epic I can't see through my own fucking skin. Ah, crap I had that there was only a few dudes left. It was only me and three others oh hate you I hate you PMA. Haha. Alright, let's finish it out two squads. Let's see if I can close a game that way I'm not quitting until I have a win What's up team You know, I just love it when We have this vast array of technology out there People can come together and play games together But no one wants to talk greasy like it. Love it good choice This is it, oh, I'm feeling good about this one We got two more squads with us actually oh my god, I think we have three squads with us. This was a mistake There are so many people here, oh no Dordalo's down Dordalos down and he's pissed. There we go. This is for Dordalo Fucking go Oh, baby how may are there? These aren't all the same team SQUADDD He's a cake on his back oh my god, there's a whole room of them do it again do it again so he won there Thanks lady. No, hes taken down by the same person. Come on squad. What's up team? Hey, what's up? Yes, we have a mic boy. We got this. Yeah. Oh No. Kryptonite. God dammit fuck squad 50 v 50 there has to be a win in there somewhere in there is a victory waiting for me and just me All right straight to tilted it's big-boy season go for those big boy plays. All right, I'm geared up I'm ready to go who needs to be fucked I'm about to spearhead this operation That's what the shark does natural predator You guys are about to see some magic but Jack you suck at fortnite and can never win, um first off, ow Secondly, the roast is over. Okay. I don't want to hear it anymore. I just want to say guys before we step into battle together It's sneaky bastard that sneaky bastard Trying to crowd us. I just wanted to say I'm very proud of you boys already okay, and That no matter what happens know that I love you. That's it. I shot you in the ass You got in my way I want to kill them Beginning to think that this fucking skin sucks because I can't see anything through it Stay still thank you. Oh, no witnesses No witnesses, I'm a coming boys. Well, I have to stop and heal up for a little minute but you know What in my head it's nonstop action? So keep fighting lads No, you don't no you don't not on my lads I see ya Baby We did it it's a victory in the bag everybody round of applause for our troops Good job team good job. How do how do we do five eliminations zero assists That's how I do it. I don't help anybody. I just I eliminate the targets. Okay. Well, that was fun. Ah I haven't done a fortnite video in a while. I stream it a lot on Twitch But I just really like the game. It's super fun. It has that like pick up and play Sort of feel to it and I feel like I can get in and actually get a few kills and still feel like I'm having Good rounds. Um, and now that I'm here I I have a better set up so like the old computer I was playing if any of you watch the streams of me playing fortnite you know that my I kept being laggy all the time every time I would shoot someone either my system would slow down or the internet would slow down mainly the internet But my system I've been using for Four years and it has so much stuff on it that it was just completely bloated and it took too long to switch everything over But when I came here, I got a new system, but also now that the internet is better I can just play the game a lot smoother. So now anytime I die is kind of on me. I'm not the game But thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you liked it punch that like button in the face like a boss and high fives all around but thank you guys and I will see all you dudes IN THE NEXT VIDEO Baby shark, dodododo, baby

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