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Flash- Cisco Ramon- Humor

Supersonic punch, baby! Whoo! What are you doing? He likes this song How could you possibly know that? I checked his Facebook page. I mean, he can hear everything, right? Man, how did you get you get out of the cell?! You were struck by lightning, dude. Do you want me to go out and get you more strawberry jello? I will get you more. You shall not pass! I mean, even I’m having a hard time getting mad at you for dirtying up my suit. Okay, when are we gonna start considering it my suit? I’d be comfortable calling it “our suit” Check this out. We’ve got our own satellite. I know. I’ve hacked into it from time to time. Rude. What do you do? I make the toys, man. This better be the right place. Because if this isn’t the right place, someone’s about to be real confused. Blah, blah, blah. “No prison can hold me”. Heard it all before, pal. Meet Captain Clone. Multiplex. The Mist. Plastique! Ha! First try! Adios, Prism. I liked, “Rainbow Raider”. Expecto Patrolum! I love you. I mean, I love the way that you beat up criminals. This is mad freaky. You kissed her?! Under duress, Calm down. Yeah. I’m still here. Creepin’ and peepin’. Oh man, I loved this shirt. I thought the dryer ate it. Y’all, I don’t do bees. Ain’t nobody got time for bees. You guys remember Felicity? I’ll always remember this. You really don’t know how to use your abilities, do you, breacher? It’s a work in progress, Elsa. We want our grand-kids to know we did cool stuff. If we’re gonna to do this, I have something that might help.

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  1. Hey guys! I would love to make my videos more accessible to more people! I've added English Captions under CC, and I would love it if you who speak another language could help me by adding subtitles in other languages if you speak them! That was we can share our love of the show with fans from all around the world! Thanks! 🙂

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