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FLAT3 – EP10. WASTED | Comedy Web Series

So fucking excited about tonight! Rave it down, yeah! Oh and you you sound so fucking amazing Thank you You’re so talented I’m so proud of you Thank you Oh um hey listen um Lee thing is the ah the guys have been talking to me um about the band and they think that that as the lead singer I really need to appear to be more avaliable Ah so you know like on interviews and on twitter and stuff and just in general life I’m going to need to look single But that means… Are we breaking up? No, no, no, I Nothing like that, I just Well, um You’re breaking up with me Yeah… Its just that theres, no, no all these goals that I have that I need to achieve this year and I feel like you know I’m not going to be able to do that if I’m with you like really with you like I really wanna be in my whole heart and my time and stuff I don’t take a lot of time But you do though, look at you even now you’re distracting me with looking all good and stuff You know its not fair on you because who knows where I’m going to be next week with the band doing so well Don’t you have your Dad’s 60th next week? Ok its a bad example You asked me to make dessert Well now you don’t have to do that anymore so Can’t we just be grateful? like for the amazing time of learning love and look at you! Look at how far you’ve come! I’m glad you like it cos I could be even further I’ve researched this stuff online If it makes any difference I’ll I can get a C cup No D? Don’t do this for me Do it if you think that you really want to and I do definitely think a D cup Who knows where I’m going to be in 2/3 months you know? I mean you should still call me or send pictures um wherever I am Probably London or New York so Wasn’t so bad now was it? Good luck Good luck for your concert tonight Bye Calum I have never faked a multiple orgasm So that I seem more experienced Well I I have never wanked to poetry before Oh fuck you! Hey guys! I hear you guys have been participating in some domestic violins!? I wish you good fortune Fuck was that!? I’ve never had a pirate come up to me and say that before Wait I thought it was my turn? Oh I’m sorry I have never stolen a turn at the I have never game Cheers! Ok Lee I think you’re missing the point of the game Lee we should go home Nah you go home! OI! Bar bitch we’re empty Asian glow Shut up you fucking racist! Yeah I reckon Ah no its genetic, 50% of Asians have it Mainly from the Han Chinese gene pool which you ladies are a typical example of Yeah well you’re an example of a fucking weird guy Sorry but my friends have an inability to process alcohol Go away and just get us more drinks ok! Ok red faced lady! Wow I know I could do so much better than that right? Where were we? I have never….. shown my tits in public Wait, what!? Have you? Ah uh We’re about to find out Hey what’s going on? HOLY turn around I said turn the fuck around! This is for not apologising to me Now fuck off and be good to your wife! Ok! I’m sorry! It was a really bad breakup Ready now, ready now. Lee you ok? Go away No! Fuck! Fuck I’m wasted You don’t need him! You’re so much better than that I know You’ve got loads of potential don’t worry about it Thanks babe Oh my god is that you’re friend? Fuck is she doing? Sorry That woman is so bloody talented I have never slept with a flatmate’s ex Perls I can’t believe you You were totally and hundred per cent over him you guys had broken up! Wait, what!? Wha, what!? You and Nic!? When? When!? It wasn’t even anything ok When did you do it? It was last week Wow Wow Perls we can totally talk about it No this is how its going to go You’re going to move out in two weeks preferably less and after you help me get Lee into bed I’m moving out I can’t face you Perls we can talk about this ok its not like its Ladies, you’re lovely stripper friend over here shouted you these two drinks as a token to a mutual sisterhood Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “FLAT3 – EP10. WASTED | Comedy Web Series

  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, or I must be slow, but I noticed Lee and especially Jessica had too much blush… on all over her face, especially her forehead haha. But I realize now they were going for that "Asian Glow?"

  2. Just found your web series tonight. Watched it with the gf. We totally loved it. Keep up the good work. Can't wait till season 3!

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