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FLAT3 – EP2. JESSICA | Comedy Web Series

Jessica…Jessica Jessica So it says here you’ve got a degree Ah yep in theatre studies You can drop that board now thank you I’ll just change this battery very quickly Actually I, I was Ophelia in Summer Shakespeare Ah…an all Asian Production, good on you! No it was just the normal Shakespeare So you do know this role requires… requires nudity Yep Are you gonna wear… that top? For the audition? Yeah… OK I like it It’s kind of like the director is like Lars Von Trier and have you seen that movie Melancholia? Kirsten Dunst Shes a full nipple full nudity and we see her vunerability Thats what we want from you Not the pants, just the top off Bra? keep Bra on? No, no bra off, top off, vulnerability. Lars Von Trier Oh um… We need to see the vulnerability and he likes..nipples. Nipples equals vulnerability Oh… Yeah uh… yeah I’m already showing a lot of skin Yeahhh….. and…no That’s, that’s cool Look we’re just gonna get into a take You just do whatever you feel you wanna do Ok and when you’re ready GO! I’m not going to do this forever Mr Elliot Angrier I’m not going to do this forever Mr Elliot Sexy angry I’m not going to do this forever Mr Elliot Good I finish law school and then wait no pull up your pants, are you crazy? You alright? Yeah, yeah… Hi there! Um…Sugar Bar was off the hook last night Sugar Bar isn’t that closed? Yeah whatever’s there right now Theres nothing there cos they demolished it I think it was structurally unsafe right ok see ya Hi! So I saw you at that audition The student lawyer prostitute one How did you go? I don’t know…girl power Holla! Yeah! Sex power! ME SO HOT WASABI PEAS! CAN YOU TAKE THE HEAT! Swapsies? Hey did you shave your….in the shower? Huh? Well Lee said it wasn’t her so… Oh right so its me cos I’m naturally the trashy ho who wants to bling out her vagina? Look I don’t care what you do with that area Just, if you’re gonna do that? (It wasn’t me) Keep it tidy, fine, fine, it wasn’t you It wasn’t me! Huh… YUH! Very Niiiiiice! Hungry eh… What? Have you been listening to me? What do you want me to say? That I shouldn’t play a FOB whore on TV Then don’t Oh so racial stereotyping all good with you then? Sure I mean thats why you’re going out with me What? You were the one who said that Asian girls with white guys is such a cliche right? I did not! You’ve never been with an Asian guy! right? No! because they have small dicks? No, no! Because its like dating my own brother! Look I didn’t mean… You need to prove that your not privilaged by dating a brown guy, I get it. I’m not complaining You are the master of your own destiny You have a university degree and you’re whinging about being paid to look beautiful Me? I’m an actor. And I’m fine with that Gang member number three construction worker stoner best friend if I’m lucky sure beats the real thing For the record I dated you because you were hot and its meant to be sharing plates! So you’re meant to share! Mmmmmm you’re meant to share! Oh and shaving it doesn’t make it look bigger it just looks like a sad lonely shorn sheep baaaaa Oh yeah! Well your bush could do with a bit of pruning! Just saying Scientifically proven it does look bigger theres been studies…theres been studies done Hey! So ah.. It’s his birthday today Cool, Happy Birthday Nah, nah its his birthday How much? Huh? Freebie? Cos man this guy really needs one eh What? Hey babe, sorry I’m late Hey howsit? Good, hows it with you? Yeah fine…nice shirt bro Stay warm Hey whats your name? Ah Jackie Chan Really? Yeah I’m a walking cliche but I’ve got a really really big dick, its huge abnormally huge ew It’s a burden I’ll see ya Oh Hey! Hi! Oh hi there, whos this!? Just a little girl… I babysit Mummy’s celebrating What are you celebrating? The student law prostitute I got the job Wow congratulations! Can I see your ID please Really!? Oh my god, you made my day! I’m the master of my own destiny Whats that? Oh don’t It’ll only encourage her Oh really…

36 thoughts on “FLAT3 – EP2. JESSICA | Comedy Web Series

  1. I love it so far. The main actresses are gorgeous and seem natural portraying their characters. Confronts stereotypes and issues relevant to ethnically Asian women while being funny? Hell yea, I've been waiting for a show like this forever!

    Also, this episode of Jessica meeting Jackie Chan is pretty cute, can't wait for them to tackle the white guy/Asian girl cliche with more jokes.

  2. This episode was definitely stronger than the first. I'm really liking it and it's nice to see a comedic webseries featuring ethnically Asian woman. I found it really relateable. Can't wait for the rest of the series! 🙂

  3. Very funny ladies, luckily caught Roseanne and JJ on U Live today otherwise I might have not known about this series. Looking forward to more episodes, a definite SUBSCRIBE.

  4. The interior was upstairs of Food Alley by the Japanese place. Perhaps he was supposed to be working at Taisho Yakitori, the closest Japanese restaurant to that bus stop 😛
    Also know the area well.

  5. Exactly! That's worse than the guys in the car propositioning her. She could have easily told them to F-off herself – she didn't need 'rescuing' by some kiss-rapist..

  6. Roseanne!  Get Stephen in there somehow.  Aw go on, just for a quick walk past, even a non speaking role if he resists too much (perhaps a wandering musketeer?).  He's just too cool not to be in a tv show somewhere somehow 🙂  

  7. This is talented stuff. I know that cause I like watching it over and over. It's much better than the crap films coming out of the US, films you only watch once and couldn't be bothered to watch again.

  8. BRB binge watching this show, absolutely great so far. Most youtube episodes don't make me laugh easily, but Flat3 has on enough occasions that I have to finish what's out! Thank you for this!! <3

  9. Already in love with this series, tackles a lot of real issues woman deal with everyday, on top of stereotypes.

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