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FLOWER Official Trailer (2018) Zoey Deutch, Adam Scott Comedy Movie HD

What are you doing later? Wanna come over to my place tomorrow, play mario kart? I have to go meet my future stepbrother. He just got out of rehab. Try to be nice. Is that him? He’s hot! Oh I know, that’s Shadi. That’s the sponsor. So that’s not Luke? Now there’s Luke. Damn! Junkies are supposed to be skinny! So… Erica you must be psyched to have a older brother type in the house. Totally psyched. You get to have a complete stranger living in my home. No offence, buddy. Babe! Are you okay? I really want to punch you in the face right now. I just don’t want to ruin those Lip injections that daddy gave you. At least my daddy is not in jail. Luke’s a complicated little guy, he’s accused a teacher of (clears throat) Fondling him. Thinks he saw him around town. Shaking down a child molester is our moral obligation. Nobody’s going anywhere until we see this guy molest somebody. I don’t think he will he’s like a pro, that’s what you get like a subterranean dungeon for. What?! Totally! Do I know you? I’m sorry? Bowling alley! You’re hot old guy, me my friends, we’ve been oggling your goodies for like the last six months My goodies? Yeah. Oh my god. Okay So what’s the plan? What if we break in and tie him up? Yeah, dom him like he’s our a little bitch Surprise! I’m not stalking you or anything. As you can tell I have like major daddy issues. Where were you last night? With my friends. Doing what? A little bit up. Did you get it? No, I’m trying to find the right filter. Buying tampons like what’s it to you? Hi! (scream) What just happened? We’re vigilantes! Cheers! Are you okay? No, I’m obviously not okay Where are you guys going? To go buy some crack, you know, throw it down. (whispering) It’s okay. They’re not buying drugs Bob. Just let them hang out. Oh, I get the joke. You

100 thoughts on “FLOWER Official Trailer (2018) Zoey Deutch, Adam Scott Comedy Movie HD

  1. Just watched it and my ghad it is hella weird, and it's actually not in a bad way. Especially with that ending. And nope, it's not the ending any of the comments here guessed.

  2. Sure more madness presented as "being cool " to corrupt this generation with awes ratings from the elite.. sigh

  3. She reminds me of annoying Miley Cyrus. Unpleasant to watch. Overacting a little too much…

  4. Fucking stupid movie. 2 characters murder a guy and then basically get away with it despite the police knowing they did it

  5. Funny Movie. Great soundtracks. I also recommend American Honey soundtracks. You won't be disappointed with anyone of these

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