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12 thoughts on “Flying Wild (1941) [Comedy] [Drama]

  1. From IMDB: "At one point in the film, the gang (Bobby Jordan, Leo Gorcey, Ernest Morrison and others) are passengers in an old open phaeton (a four-door convertible) that is driving up to an airplane on the parking ramp. The driver is going a bit too fast and cuts the wheel too sharply, and the car flips over on its side. That was really an accident, not a stunt, as the scene is shot in one continuous take, and you can clearly see Gorcey's, Morrison's and Jordan's eyes widen and a terrified look on their faces as the car begins to tip over."

  2. 15 min in and i had enough..not saying it's a bad film i just can't do it anymore i'm a crack baby born in the 80's

  3. I loved this film.  This movie is only one year older than I am.  I remember watching them with my  mother many years ago.

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