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FNAF Try Not To Laugh Challenge (Funny FNAF Animations)

Breakfast A Bible Breakfast YOU QUESTION THE WORDS OF THE MIGHTY JES- *Ear-Piercing Screams* *Spooked* *Disappointed* Ho Ho Ho, Hello little children Come Closer *Scared* *Unintelligible* *doesn’t care* “Oh come on…” *Screams* *I have no idea what is happening* *good doggo* *No sound for unknown reasons* Now I will tell you a story A story about a candy robot that wanted nothing more than to be part of the upcoming Ultimate Custom Night To the robot’s delight, his wish came true When 1 day Scott Cawthon updated his website and revealed that the candy robot had been added to the roster The robot was so full of joy, he almost exploded But his happiness was short lived Later that week Scott updated his website yet again, but the candy robot had been taken off the list And replaced with such ridiculous characters, as an 8-bit crocodile and a rabbit with out a face The robot had been downgraded to a deactivated prop within the custom night office among the trash and empty animatronic shelves Now the candy robot’s dreams are crushed and he will never feel happy again *MLG Horn Sounds* Magic! Breakfast *creepy face* What did they expect? Wooo! Who saw that coming? Magic! *Loud Explosion* Ahhhh, I hate you so much! I always come back Dad yes Barny, what is it? wa-whats for breakfast Dad No Well, this was a disaster How do people enjoy this crap? This didn’t even have anything to do with April Fools How is this better than anything that we have created? *LOUD NOISES* Actually Nevermind Are you really wearing that shirt? And we’re off Can’t find it! Find what? Where i asked for your opinion *Burned* *Playing some bad music* You know what would make this better? What? *Cringe* *Whistle* Excuse me? No no no, im sorry that was for your dog *whistle* *pissed off dog* I loved you, but in the moment i needed you most, you betrayed me careful it’s HOT! AHHHH *Loud music* hey buddy, hows everything going? going well Good, good… you have 12 updates NO! It’s been 4 years! so yeah, I was raised by Ostriches huh, sure that won’t effect your life Girl! be cool hey, hey, hey, hey, uhh… Hey *Random glitchy dance* *crazy sounds* *I don’t know anymore* It’s a lol bit show dude, check out this SpongeBob umbrella I just got Dude, thats bad luck chill out bro *WTF* It’s a lol bit show *Fart sound* *Awkward Silence* *Pewdiepie sounds + Jumpscare* Don’t you have your own pizza place to spend Easter at? hmmm *Sr Pelo laughing sounds* don’t you have anything better to do than to stand here and look miserable like Freddy’s always do? *plushies turned evil* *Sr Pelo evil sounds* *Sr Pelo LOUD evil sounds *Sr Pelo LOUD stomping sounds* *Stab* *DEATH SCREAM* SOMEBODY TOUCH MY SPAGET *LOUD UNINTELLIGIBLE NOISES* *EARRAPE* why is everyone so agressive on Easter? And whats with these new eyes? especially the Kermit wanna be frog over there Oh Yeah? *Angry Screams* uh, I think Freddy this needs to be a lesson in forgiving and forgetting *Gunshots + Angry Freddy* that little jerk *Sr Pelo Scream* *Crying* Hey kids, get in my van for some free candy *PEDO ALERT* *Unintelligible* We are closed There are no children here oh, ok I will just go cry my non-existent feelings for not being included in The Custom Night What about your truck? Your building, your truck I noticed we are missing a lot of people I noticed that this special has nothing to do with Easter, so here is an Easter Egg also, whats up with him? “HeLlO tHeRe…” just ignore him so, how should we end this special? Usually, someone will come busting through the door and we get captured I wonder why Hey folks, viewer mail time again oh here’s one from SallyH14 *clears thought* Dear Pig, aren’t you interrupting a story in the most suspenseful part? well, the answer is yes Sally, yes i am Keep those cards and letters coming! I need a vacation Jonny and Ill are really good friends, there really good friends Jonny and Ill (Original Made by Sr Pelo) Jonny, what are you doing Jonny? uh No no no, I punch you! Don’t punch Jonny *They are talking weird and too fast, I can’t be asked anymore* *Sr Pelo pain sound* What? *Unintelligible * It’s not levioSAH It’s LevioSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I win! *Sr Pelo gun sounds* *is it me, or did Animation Park just copy most of the sounds from Sr Pelo, cmon, give him some credit at least!* Chips outa my way meta knight *EARRAPE* gonna be productive today, and organized hey remember this? my writing from 3rd grade? yes wanna spend the whole day reading this instead? YEEAHH! *KILLER MODE ACTIVATED” *Slight Violence Warning! skip to 12:40 to skip this! hey dude, just wanted to let you know the pizza is ready OMG, Justin Beaber!!! uh, hey excuse me, do you have the time? uh, yeah sure it’s um half past *JUMPSCARE* Pizza Pizza PIIZZZZZZAAAAAA hey dude you gonna finish that pizza? I am sorry man, just curious *…….. i am lazy, i know*

100 thoughts on “FNAF Try Not To Laugh Challenge (Funny FNAF Animations)

  1. 4:43 Foxy: GUYS THIS DUMB GUY KILLED GOLDEN FREDDY Freddy: IM GONNA EXPLODE HIM!!!!. Freddy is coming lol Killing SprigFreddy: AAAAAAAAAA

  2. hey spring trap 3:29
    me: I am like you with this song



  4. 5:30
    Happy Frog throws beer and hit through Funtime Freddy. xD
    Funtime Freddy throws Bon-bon through all of the toys. xD again

  5. Breakfast the bible breakfast YOU QEISTION THE WORDS OF THE MIGHTY JIMMY (spring Bonnie throws cake)…..HHAAAAAAAA

  6. Yhhhhuuiuiibbjjjjnjhgcvvvfdddcsastg TN nm NCIS nisso vivo o PC co PB viajou cianol LDL klllkkjjhug carro LDP PL lm

  7. Candy cadet: ((drives van through the wall)) "hey kids! Get in my van for some free candy!"
    Foxy: it is Easter, candy cadet. We are closed. There are no children here
    Candy cadet: "Oh… ok… I will just go cry my nonexistent feelings away for not being included in the custom night "

    Btw that's at 6:10

  8. springtrap:ITS A SECRET DAULAPELA APLAE DOULE DOULE ITS A SECRET. nice short vilm i absolutely love it

  9. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂nerd bear was throwing me hippo in the wall and smacks mr hippo for stealing the food

  10. Foxy:GIMME MAH CHIPS (while riding in a bathtub with helpy)
    Kid:punches foxy backward
    Kid: (reveals that is bon bon
    Bon bon:WHOOPS

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