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Footage Surfaces from Bernie Sanders’s 1980s Public Access Show | The Daily Show

It turns out,
30 years ago, when Bernie Sanders was the
mayor of Burlington, Vermont, he hosted
a public access TV show. Yeah. And a few days ago, that TV network released
the full archives online. And I’m talking hours and hours of pure Bernie gold. Like, there’s so much gold
in these archives, Bernie’s gonna demand
it gets redistributed to the working class.
That’s how much gold there is. And when you start
watching this footage, the first thing
that’s really apparent is how consistent Bernie has been
throughout his life. We have a crisis situation. We are one…
we are one of two nations in the industrialized world that does not have
a national health care system. The wealthiest people in our
country are becoming wealthier. To a large degree,
the tax system in this country
is extremely unfair, in that it asks working people
and elderly people and poor people to pay too much, while large corporations, uh, and wealthy people
do not pay their fair share. Goddamn. Bernie Sanders– he just…
he’s never changed. And I’m not talking
about his platform. The dude looked exactly the same
back then as he does today. You realize
he’s 46 years old in that photo. I’m not joking.
He’s 46 years old. He looks the same. Like, if you traveled back
in time in a time machine, and the first person you met was
Bernie Sanders, you’d be like, “Aah, this piece of shit
doesn’t work.” (laughter, applause) Bernie would be like,
“No, my friend. What doesn’t work
is our health care system.” (laughter) Like, I… like, I wonder. Has Bernie just looked like this
his entire life? Yeah, I bet when he was born,
the doctor was like, “Congratulations, Mrs. Sanders. It’s a beautiful,
healthy old man. Well done.” (laughter, applause) This is like… And then,
instead of spanking Bernie, the doctor just shook his hand. “Welcome to the world,
Mr. Sanders. Welcome to the world.” And although…
although it’s impressive that Bernie’s been consistent
in his policies, it really says more
about America than it says about Bernie,
when you think about it, right? He’s saying the same thing
for 30 years, because America has had
the same problems for 30 years. But here’s what makes this old
TV show so amazing, right? Uh, it wasn’t just
about Bernie’s policies. It was like a full TV show
with different segments. And by far, by far,
the best segments of all are the ones where he interacted
with kids, right? Like this segment,
where he talks to some kids at camp about drugs. -Me.
-You smoke? (laughter) Oh, man. That’s so adorable. “I don’t smoke
because I’m five years old.” Like, it’s almost like Bernie… can’t tell the difference
between kids and adults. He’s like, “Let’s talk finance.
You guys diversified? Who’s got a 401(k)?
Who? Who has a 401(k)?” Who talks about cocaine
with five-year-olds? Like, the way
he was asking the question made it seem less
like an anti-drugs talk and more like he was trying
to score some blow. He was just like,
“You guys know about cocaine? “Uh, you know where
I can find it at a good price? “Come on, this is Vermont.
Let’s hit the slopes. Come on, come on.” A-And on the show,
Bernie didn’t just talk to kids about hard drugs. He also called them out
on their BS. (laughter) Oh, man. Oh, wow! Yo, I think this kid’s
about to get his ass kicked -by Bernie Sanders.
-(laughter) And there’d be
no coming back from that. If Bernie kicked your ass, you’d have to move
to a different state. And even then, you know there’d
be one guy, he’d be like, “Hey, didn’t you get your ass
beat by that 90-year-old?” He’d be like,
“He was only 46! I swear!” So, you see,
Bernie has always been a pretty straightforward guy. Right?
But when it comes to kids, he might take it
a little bit too far. Like, like for instance,
there’s one clip where he showed up
to a classroom to teach the kids
a lesson about bigotry, but I think
it might have backfired. -Geez, Bernie.
-(laughter) What the (bleep), man? These poor kids clearly don’t
harbor any of those stereotypes, and now you’re the one
putting it in their heads. (like Sanders):
Uh, the blacks smell, the Italians are in the Mafia,
the Irish are drunks, and, uh, why are we so scared
of Jewish people? (like a child): We’re not,
because they’re equal? (like Sanders): Wrong. They have
strange sexual habits. Come on! -(laughter) -Which, by the way,
I’ve never even heard that one. Yeah. I’ve never heard
that one before. I think that was
just Bernie’s way of saying he’s into some kinky shit;
he was just slipping that in. And… and if you think
Bernie talking to kids at camp or in the classroom was awkward, right, sometimes he
would just ambush random kids who were standing on the street. (laughter, groans) “Don’t be so shy”? Actually, I think those kids were the exact
right amount of shy. Think about it.
A 46-year-old 90-year-old man just rolled up… threw open his door and asked, “What do you kids think
of these new trees?” When… when kids’ parents told them not to talk
to strange men on the street, that is the definition
of what they were talking about. You saw the one girl.
She was just like, “I shouldn’t be here. I’m…” She just walked away. -(cheering, applause)
-She was out! Like, I totally get
why those kids were weirded out. Bernie was just like,
“Hey, you kids like trees?” They’re like,
“Dude, let’s get out of here. I heard Jews have
strange sexual habits.” (laughter) But by far, by far, my favorite
clip of all that we found is when a little girl
asks Mayor Bernie to build an amusement park
in her neighborhood, and all of a sudden
he turns it into a town hall. I was just wondering, um… my mother had this idea
for… a-amusement… an indoor-outdoor
amusement park. First thing that
we have to do, though, before we could do
something like that is to make sure
that we own the land. That’s one of the concerns
that we have. At the present moment,
we don’t own a lot of the land down in the… downtown. It’s owned by the railroad. And one of the things
that we’re trying to do now is to figure out
which land we should buy and how much
we should pay for it. So we’re working on that. But I think your mother’s idea
is a very good idea. And I congratulate you for
giving her all these good ideas. Okay, well,
I better get going, so… All right.
It was nice to see you. Bye. (cheering) Yes! Oh, yes! That little girl is my hero. ‘Cause she was asking
a fun question, and Bernie turned it into, like,
a TED talk about zoning laws, and you can tell
she was totally over it. Oh, man, that was so crazy. Ah. You know what’s also crazy
is that that little girl grew up to be Hillary Clinton.

100 thoughts on “Footage Surfaces from Bernie Sanders’s 1980s Public Access Show | The Daily Show

  1. This piece of sh*t is a da*n communist, I know you uneducated, ignorant a*sholes don't know what life was like in the USSR under communists, people waited in lines for everything, and everyone was starving, so wake up morons!

  2. Bernie is the father i needed. Straight forward and intellectual at an early age. I would have been wiser. 💯💯

  3. Man Bernie is a great guy and a straight shooter. But yeah he isn't good at communicating with young children 😂. But I really don't give a fuck if he can talk to the young children as long as he is fighting for policies that could help then in the future.

  4. Strange sexual habits of Jews? Is that really a part of stereotype? I think it's just an excuse to talk about anything sex related to kids and justify your own perverted needs. Bernie is a creepy immoral hypocrite, no wonder he got cucked in 2016 by his own comrades.

  5. I know this segment was meant as a slam to Bernie, but actually it had the opposite effect, it just shows what a consistent, honest public servant looks like….Love Bernie!!!

  6. Actually looks a lot like our Boris Johnson – but better looking.
    Oh, and with real ethics, principles, honesty, decency – all that old school shit

  7. LMFAO! If this was Donald Trump Trevor Noah would have made it out to be more of things only a racist would say. But because Comedy Central is Democratic liberals they made it seem like Bernie Sanders was being cute. LOL you guys are all hypocrites. Everybody knows Democrats and Liberals are fake, closet racist, yet point the finger so nobody can see past them

  8. This is why Andrew Yang should be president. The benefits of Bernie, heart of Biden, and intelligence that's unmatched. #YangGang2020

  9. my man Bern, tellin it like it is. Whats worse: an idiot thats coddled into confidence and bullying people into their idiocy, or an idiot being reminded theyre an idiot until they learn, and not have the confidence to spread their idiocy? 😉

  10. Yes!!! Omg Bernie is that dude. He just can't help but give it to you straight. Adults or kids. It just don't matter lol

  11. I would love to see a young and middle aged Bernie after only knowing him as a septengenarian.

    Edit: omg I didn't know Bernie was only 46 in this video! I wonder if he's ever not had white hair and looked 60. 😂

  12. Bernie to Trump in the general debate:

    Mr. President, I think you're dumb.

    Trump: Damn he's good.

  13. I never get enough of that segment. Makes me laugh sp hard every time when Bernie talks to children. lol But I love how consistent he's been over the years, that's pretty rare.

  14. Bernie is the most genuine, uncorrupted and consistent politician we have today. i just dont understand Why would people think Biden would be a better option to continue the corruption in government?

  15. How does Bernie keep going on? How does he not feel like throwing his hands up? How does he not get tired of fighting but not getting breakthroughs? He's a true man of the people. True crusader. Mad respect! The young Americans owe it to him to register, to make it to the ballot, so he wins the primaries and the general.
    We shouldn't disengage, shouldn't feel disenchanted, disillusioned if he has gone on in this fight for as long as he as. We should fight, fight and stand up as long as it takes.

  16. Bernie talking to kids reminds me of my father trying to explain to me the horrors of the United Fruit Company's doings back in the early '50's when I was barely 5 years old.

  17. The only man left in the Senate that actually participated in the civil rights movement, look up the photos of bin being arrested in Chicago, they're great!!! He's been on these ideas way before the 80's. Pennsylvania for Sanders 2020.

  18. You wondering why he ask kids like grown ups…check the little girl in the last segment…n you will understand why he does what he does

  19. God damn bernie!!! You look half dead and that was in the 80's!! Sorry bernie but I don't think your fit mentally to be President but this is what I'll do I'll talk to Trump and see if we need any help in the white house cleaning or running paperwork or something. We just got rid of creepy joe because every time we had a tour creepy joe would try to hug kiss and touch everyone it was creepy! We use to call joe David cop a feel lmao but I'll see what I can do for ya! Hang in there! Don't you go dieing on me now! lmao

  20. I dont see anything wrong with what he has been saying for years! Can really say he is dedicated to his cause! I cannot hate!

  21. Bernie could get in so much trouble, politically, for some of the things he said as mayor–and unlike Biden, he doesn't have a fawning Establishment media running interference for him. He should be nervous now about this footage being released.

  22. Dude what is this? They have their hands in the comedy too, can’t believe this is everything they show from it. They think we’re stoopid

  23. My kids and I sing Johnny Cash songs for their social education program, and discuss “cocaine blues” and “Man in Black” and why a dude would play in prisons for the weak and powerless.

    Bernie 2020

  24. Nice to see the comments still being favourbale to Bernie, but I'm not impressed at The Daily Show for dropping a lot of these clips without the full context. Are they trying to make him look bad?

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