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For the Last Time: This Temple Is Not a Restaurant

(upbeat music) (bright classical music) (peaceful Asian music) (uptempo orchestral music) – Pak Jang-Mi will tell
you that she’s not a chef. But her food screams,
Pak Jang-Mi is a chef! (peaceful Asian music) (hot oil crackling) (coughs) One day, I got a call from a buddy who said, “Hey, we’re gonna go on a
trip to get a special meal.” And I said, “Okay, Sicily or Paris?” And he said, “None of the above.” – Okay. Excuse. Excuse me. You got one already! (sighs) Okay. Excuse me! (sighs) – Just be careful, ’cause
they didn’t pave this. I know, it’s like, people come here. Oh my god, ooh, get with
this, get with this! Oh, hug the Buddha! – Excuse me, uh, no– – Ooh, little Buddha date! – Excuse me, no picture please! – Oh, she is so cute! Okay, wait! Oh, I love that one! Hi, hello! (gasps) Look at this one! – Oh my god, I love the pink one. I know that makes me basic,
but I don’t even give a. Will you get a picture of me with it? Okay, oh my god, if I
fall in, I’ll kill myself. I will kill myself. Alright, how’s that look?
– Excuse me, excuse me. – Let me see, let me see. Okay, send that to me.
– Excuse me. – Selfie time! – Ah.
– Say twinsies! – Oh, pick up garbage, please. – Oh! Pick up garbage, please! I get it! I’m carrying garbage
with me wherever I go, and I need to take care of my garbage – No, I mean this garbage! – I’m in South Korea, yeah, it’s great! (speaking in foreign language) – Too loud! – Too loud! Our emotions are too loud inside of us. We have to quiet them down! I get it now! Ma, Ma, did you hear that? (laughs) I’m getting
so much enlightenment! – No, no you talking too loud! Uh, no pick flower! – Oh, right! I can’t pick the flowers. The flowers have to pick themselves! Just like how I need
to pick my own self up and ask my boss for a raise? (laughs) Oh my, guys! (intense Asian music) (fire crackling) – That’s it for this episode preview. To watch the full
episode, go to and start your free trial today. Why, where, how, when? Now. She said, “What if soup was hard? “What if salad was loud? (salad crackling) “What if you got a
bagel with cream cheese, “but the cream cheese was
the bagel, and the bagel “was the cream cheese?” – I mean, she really
mixed up the adjectives you’d use to describe food.

100 thoughts on “For the Last Time: This Temple Is Not a Restaurant

  1. I get that the production quality is amazing and all but the pacing was really slow and the joke got repetitive and old fast :/

  2. This is killing me on the inside. I know this is supposed to be a joke but it's so close to the truth it's beyond funny.

  3. When people read too much and misread what is metaphorical and spiritual that is way over the simple ways of living life!

    That's when people can't take people seriously!

  4. Also I found near the Buddhist interactions really funny when she was telling someone to do something simple that people think it differently in another direction and tend to mislead themselves!

  5. There's a Buddhist temple not too far from where I live and the monks occasionally will ask visitors who aren't there for religious/spiritual reasons to do work on the property. Helping sweep, paint, weed, dust, etc. If you're gonna turn it into a photo shoot, leave the place better than when you found it.

  6. This is like an SNL sketch: slightly funny premise carried on for far too long… wait… there is more behind a pay wall? Is that the punchline???

  7. why are you doing this? you should give this content for free. why even bother putting it on youtube?
    annoying half ass

  8. I actually watched Chef's Table. And I remember the episode with the monk. I remember wondering if it was really respectful to do the episode about her. She didn't seem to want to be famous. She just wanted to share that food was a spiritual experience.

  9. Damn I actually wish I could see the rest of this episode. I don't like how collegehumor is now constantly baiting me into subscribing to dropout but damn some of this stuff looks really next level!

  10. Monks produce nothing in this world, never move, only specializes in one thing, meditate by sitting in the same spot for days… Gamers=Monks

  11. There was this moment in the time lapse where I felt such serenity watch the stillness as all the people came around her.

  12. So 1: I recognize this was a sketch but I wish people would recognize that when they travel they are ambassadors of the country that they come from & 2: It is unfortunate that YouTube has become untenable for CH and other groups to make sufficient money so they feel compelled to go to subscription sites 🙁

  13. On the upside the Chinese are finally traveling and their horrible behavior is covering up the horrible Western behavior of tourists. Like yo, you visiting another country as a guest, be polite. You don't go barging into someones house and start acting all rude.

  14. Was this supposed to be sad and depressing lol? Reminds me of the art I've seen recently of people being sexual dominated by the effigies of Social Media.

  15. Look, I like how college humor draws attention to issues by acting them out, but hugging that Buddha statue was too much. It's too disrespectful to my religion. It's a humble request from me that you refrain from that. Remember, we rejected Akon's tour here because one of his videos had women dancing in front of a Buddha statue.

  16. I like how they paid attention to details like surnames first instead of last

    Edit: And no that wasn't sarcasm, korean names are like that lol

  17. I'm a Christian living in a Buddhist country called srilanka and I personally think that this sketch is a disgrace for all cultures

  18. So if Westerners stay at home, we’re a bunch of uncultured swine who refuse to learn about foreign customs! But if we travel widely, we’re a bunch of rude, invasive, dumbasses who ruin the serenity of sacred sites and pollute the environment! What’s the correct thing to do?!

  19. I was in japan during the last summer holiday and i went to a temple where theres like streams of water that you can pick and drink or wash urself and it said to give you spiritual attributes but then these assholes started bottling up all the streams of water and then some dude drank directly from the cup that everyone should pour into their hands to drink. Absolutely disgusting, what a disgrace.

    Im an asian and i often travel to asian countries and all the time i see these westerners doing things that completely disregarded all the traditions and pay zero respect. Its really disgusting and its not doing great for their reputation

  20. This actually depicts western assholes when they come to Asian countries which is an actualy thing that happens everyday

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