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found a CRACKED Ender Dragon egg in the cursed Minecraft world

last episode I thought we put an end to this cursed Minecraft world we literally beat the ender dragon and saw the end of the game but when I went to go back to get the dragon egg something weird happened an Enderman was holding it and it was cracked open and then things just started getting fishier and fishier seriously alright every oh gosh it already begins we mistakenly left the ender dragon or Pig dragon egg here on the main end island after we defeated the dragon now oh my gosh this place looks like a wasteland there's somebody T and T redstone blocks everywhere we should have the egg right over by the nest knowing this world something's probably happened to it oh yeah it's gone why is it gone who took it which of the Enderman I mean I doubt it but no but seriously I what am i oh whoa hey Scotty he's got the egg what the heck hey close a couple hikes I gene why are you attacking me I wouldn't even go for you whoa not what I had in mind this morning okay I am so confused what happened that Enderman he was holding the egg look he's over there I see him oh my gosh how did you even grab that I didn't know you could it's a weird looking texture in fact it looks like it looks like something's wrong with the egg hold on a second let me just eat some dirt and we're gonna take this sucker out yeah yeah get it kid fine he's strong come on boy one more there it is I think what is wrong with it what is that cracked bill egg what the egg is cracked I've never liked G's I've never seen anything like that before I thought the curse would be over after we defeated the dragon but no this just got way deeper I'm gonna collect these we might need them for later but after that now we should be good to go we got 50 18 oh hey wanted I get this and crystal then one of the Enderman dropped that I think I had that before oh yeah yeah I'll remember my wings arms but okay let's see what's wrong with this cracked egg maybe we can do something with the cursed crafting table in there huh cracked egg okay nothing how about a regular crafting table Oh crack bill egg hat huh what is this here we got two of these can we what is it oh okay well what am I supposed to do with this crack bit wait it just I really we can craft it can we cook it oh we can cook it oh I don't know I don't know if I should I've never had scrambled dragon before okay well what do we get for a baby huh cracked bill egg you know what we just cooked wait a second it's wait does it really just it just keeps cooking well okay now look I'm kind of at a loss here calamari there's just so much weird stuff going on in this cursed world I have no idea what we're supposed to do with a cracked bill egg of all things you know so I'm just trying to think who could help us with a curse well there's only a few people I have in mind for that one or pillagers and we've already run into them a lot and because they deal with curses with the Evoque errs but then there's also witches ran into them too but not for too long I think I'm gonna try and scout out a witch's Hut and see if we can get some more information about this so-called cracked bill egg ooh swap nearby hold on I got a break all these that's my favorite thing to do all right I forgot sans broken in this world we can't makes and collapse anymore this is ridiculous now we've got to hope that there is a swamp hut somewhere in here before all the mobs start showing up and I guess technically we don't even know if having a swamp Lots gonna do anything let me see I don't see one anyway well Oh zu all right behind the tree Oh sick okay hey little piggies could use some work oh I forgot oh man there's a kitty cat in there what is he doing to that mushroom ever seen a swamp pot like oh there's the witch okay it's okay wait we don't want to kill the witch we want the witch to ein okay okay hey witch for Bill can you give me something for Bill doc I'm regen regen hey this is really pleasant your aren't you supposed to be like hurting me or something yeah you he's literally helping me when when did this happen I'm not getting poisoned I'm not getting slowed huh okay well how about can we let's here let's oh but you just poisoned yourself huh okay can you help with B leg can you help with the cracked bill egg please do do do do something okay well it doesn't appear that this which can actually help us it was a long shot for sure but I figured I tried so now you just got a die homeboy uh-huh it was never meant to be get some sugar nice look at that I'm crafting a potion huh wait effect 404 what kind of potion is this says it's an uncrackable potion do you know what's happening here wait I just where is the I I'm kind of confused about what that I've never seen an effect called effect 404 before so maybe we're onto something here it's hard to tell really can we drop it on the bill egg right that didn't seem to help much oh look another witch I was just trying to head back we might have a chance to get another one of these potions what's good baby yeah give me that 404 file not fat nothing dropped it oh we did how about it okay well now we have to I'm kind of curious I'm gonna drink one yeah I'm I got luck and I got region oh and I got slowness what the heck oh and I got poison what is going on with this potion haste it's like cyclic speed for dude it's like cycling through all the different effects I just got weakness right there I'm invisible now blind what jump boost dude I'm very confused oh gosh what are you likes Wow that was a whirlwind of effects dude look look at those cows they're swarming that villager oh my gosh I've never seen anything like that before yo way stay away Betsy's there's better ways to go about your day huh I mean you'd have to take me gosh this world is a serious mess it's making me hungry anyways I'm running out of ideas I don't know exactly what it is we're supposed to do here what do you want bill you want some hydration you're thirsty here make it happen good luck to you I wish I knew what you needed you know whoa whoa hey oh this wasn't this wasn't how it was oh gosh it's all purple what happened to the water did I just infect all of them oh okay well it seems fine what did I just do and we hold on what happened to the bill head whoa something's not right here it looks like it's back to normal you're close to it I think man and the sun's going down – whoa well what are those do you guys see those kind of fish that what are you hello dude what's up with these fish if they're like they're like ender fish that is so strange what are you drop did you drop something oh it does what is that what what was that can we weird it with fish paste fish paste what is that it oh it looks gross I don't like it one bit oh that's ominous-looking okay fish paste sure whatever may as well grab a couple more I suppose oh thank you man it looks like every fish got replaced with these strange ender fish I think when we threw the egg into the water it corrupted the oceans oh hey look I see a dolphin and I think I see an under sea ruins or something I'm getting a little nervous well the dolphin seemed fine but what is that what are you what what it looks like a shoulder it it looks like a shoulder with arms Oh gross get away what are you are you a show cur are you drowned well drop zombie flesh okay what just happened to that undersea village I just saw okay look we're close there might be something decent in here we need to be very careful to not run out of breath though okay we went up and down a few times I don't see anything down there but I'm starting to get an idea everything we have discovered in this world so far has always had to do with one another so look at this the bill had changed we've got fish paste we found calamari of all things in the end and then we've got this weird potion I want to head back to my crafting table area and see if there's something we're just not getting it should be obvious or maybe not I literally have arms on my back oK we've got fish paste bill head which has changed for some reason what else do we have we got calamari we've got an uncrackable potion and then we've got bills breath nothing seems to make sense here add in the cracked egg and I'm confused I guess we could try and combine them sure why not me all right let's see Bill head cracked bill egg calamari fish paste on craftable potion bills breath right I didn't expect anything crazy then no nothing's happening oh wait oh wow hey the bill head isn't part of the Bill's fishy egg but hey looks fixed I think we got it look at this Bill's fishy egg nice okay so what does it do anything do we need to throw more fish stuff on it hello you're gonna do anything no can I place you what happened I place you well I can walk right through it that's weird sums up with that okay ooh and it floats but now I can't break it I can't I can't do anything oh boy all right guys it's been a couple days since the last clip eggs still hanging out over there I don't really know what to do with it we ended up banning the person that sent me this world on the discord because they were starting to be a bad boy or a bad girl or bad whatever so I don't really know what to do we watched through all the old episodes we have an idea I don't think okay good we've got some gold ingots now Oh perfect check it out so remember that over saturated gold and Apple from like six videos ago I have a hunch someone suggested this to me and I want to give it oh right we need to do it in the crazy crafting table I want to see if this works there's a chance it does but there's also a chance it doesn't work so if we do that we get the oversaturated Golden Apple okay and then if we put it because this is the only thing that didn't do anything for us in that episode so can we oh whoa whoa it's a squid dragon hey that would explain the the bill head gosh she's derpy okay so then we've had a dragon in the overworld oh boy I'm not sure what to think of this oh my gosh oh no is he like the other dragon the pig dragon easy does it dude can I even attack him oh yeah it looks like it well that's good at least this doesn't seem as calm oh gosh you know what we're just gonna yeah I'm gonna head to the ocean

32 thoughts on “found a CRACKED Ender Dragon egg in the cursed Minecraft world

  1. Guys… I'm losing some serious brain cells here… But if you want to see more of this cursed world, you already know what to do! Get this thing to 10k likes, and I'll buy some more brain cells to continue.

    Also, I just put together a playlist so you can see the entire survival journey that I've done with this cursed world…

  2. That uncraftable potion is a luck potion
    A very old potion that used to be in Minecraft
    Modders/exploiters can bring this in from the files I think

  3. I think I know why endermen take dragon eggs when your back is turned, here's my theory:

    I guess endermen take ender dragon eggs to raise the baby dragon, but ends up cracking the egg by accident, for that endermen can be clumsy and hope that they eventually learn from their mistakes.

    But that's just a theory, A GAME THEORY!

    Edit: also the endermen could've named the egg Bill Jr.

  4. pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop

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