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Four Ways to Actually Declutter Your Home

(electronic music) – Hi there! You know, if you’re like most people, you struggle in a constant
fight against messes. You’ve tried the KonMari method, but even that didn’t
magically change your life. Don’t give up! You too could have a space as clean and beautiful as this. Here’s what it used to look like. (tuba horn sounds) But now, it’s spotless. How? We moved everything
five feet to the right. (sound of sparkling) I bet you couldn’t even tell! Here are four easy tips to help you actually de-clutter your home. Come on! (upbeat music) Ah! Look at all these clothes! Some don’t fit, some are falling apart. You know, a lot of people would say you should just donate them. (magical sound) But why do that when you
can just do what I do? Take these clothes, and leave them in the
back of your car forever. (laughs) In fact, let’s
put them there right now. Oh Christ! Oh! Or! (laughs) Instead of right now, we can do it later. Because I parked pretty far away, and I don’t really feel
like doing this right now. So what we’re gonna do is, we’re just gonna put this right here! Yeah! We’re gonna put that right there. And that’s… That’s fine, that’s good, you know, yeah. (upbeat music) You should have a designated
place for everything. And if something doesn’t have a place, well, maybe that’s a sign
that you should get rid of it. Or maybe you could just
put it in the closet. I’m talking about the closet. A realm without rules, without order. Chaos incarnate. The very thought of opening that door should fill you with a
vague sense of dread! There is no logic to what fills the closet! Which means logically,
anything can go in there. Like these free weights. I mean, you weren’t gonna work out anyway. Ahh. It’s pretty, it’s pretty full. So we will just put one
of these right there. Whoops, whoops! Whoops! (laughs) Whoops! We’ll just, whoops! Put that right, nope, we’re just gonna… (clunking items) No, whoops. (laughs) Okay. Okay! Okay. Okay, okay. (clunking items) I’m gonna put one there. Put the other one… (door shuts) (upbeat music) Papers, papers, papers. It’s easy to let paperwork stack up, but don’t let it! Most of this can get thrown out. Just inspect them piece by piece. This, for example, is… Hmm. Is this a bill? Was I supposed to pay this? When was this from, (bleep). Okay, it says outstanding balance, $50, but then it also says
amount owed is zero dollars. It says this is not a bill. Why would you send that to me if it, well, you know, we’ll just, we’re gonna, we’ll call that an I don’t know, okay? We’ll just put that there, and we’ll go back to that in a minute. Now this next one is… (bleep) me. How… I thought I– So after reviewing everything, it looks like all these papers were in the I don’t know pile. I’m too afraid to throw them out, I’m too stupid to know
how to deal with them. Luckily, we have a perfect place for this! (door shuts) (upbeat music) You know, sometimes you clean something, then a week later, it’s dirty again. A constant fight against this
dirt invasion can be tiresome, luckily you can permanently
end it with one step. Stop caring. Let’s see what it looks like now? (magical sound) Yes, it’s the same as before, but since it doesn’t bother me, I feel much better about it. And the best part of this tip is, that you can apply it to
any part of your home. Happy cleaning, everyone! (electronic music) Hey, it’s Mike Trapp. If you like CollegeHumor
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  2. Why not just burn your house down? If you have no home, then you have no mess. Easiest way to fix anything is to set it on fire

  3. “I’m too afraid to throw them out and I’m too stupid to know how to deal with them” literally me about everything

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that gets bills like that. Like why would you even send that if I don't owe you. Thank God for the I don't know pile!!!!

  5. Fool, the suitcase fell out of the closet because it was too light. Fill that up with stuff too to maximize your closet space.

  6. I enjoy all that you create but after the shit i had to go through to cancel my bill to DROPOUT i will constantly dislike your videos. sorry but sort your shit out

  7. I'm currently lying in bed. Beside my bed is a trash bag full of clothes that I haven't taken to be donated for a month now. This video made me more worried about it.

  8. Look, I didn't come onto the internet today to get personally attacked for my life choices, and no I'm not just taking the time to comment because I'm too afraid to look up from the computer and see the wreckage of my house around me. I totally cleaned half of a counter top five days ago–by moving everything to the other half. Please don't judge me.

  9. And once that closet is full, no problem! Just use the spare bedroom instead. Bonus Tip: That bedroom has its own closet, so it's a Win – Win! 👍

  10. Every single one of us one-more-bag-of-plastic-forks-away-from-being-an-actual-hoarder: PUT THE WEIGHTS IN THE SUITCASE.

  11. I was hoping this would be one of CH's unrelatable videos… Sadly it was not… In fact it was pretty dead on😔

  12. HAHA, you thought you'd make me feel guilty about this like everybody else in the comments? THINK AGAIN! I'm actually decluttering my room and organizing my computer, HA. I'm just taking a short break. I'll definitely go back to it soon. Any minute now.

  13. I've recently started renting and so inspections are a thing I now get to experience. Into the closet everything goes! I spent some time in there myself and it's cosy.

  14. 4:00 "I'm too afraid to throw them out and I'm too stupid to know how to deal with them" this resonates with me on a molecular level… why is paper so intimidating?!

  15. Did this with my family, I feel so much freer! My children and wife are still yelling from the locked basement, but my house just seems so more neat!

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