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Freddie Gibbs On Why Crack Isn’t Cool – The People Vs Freddie Gibbs

if you go out and try to kick someone’s door and with an ak-47 and clip cracking the day you might get cute so don’t do everything you see kids do what a man you watching noisy and this is the People vs Freddie years should be a good Kevin king I don’t care if you’re a thug someone needs to do those dishes well Kevin you know in that kitchen you know we were kind of cooking crack there so you know we got to cook our crack you know get our get back feeling do the dishes we have a dope fiend do the dishes later on so the dishes are get done we just did get to that part in the video man so sorry about that Kevin Patti can three ooh smoking crack is cool now actually is not smoking crack is not cool but uh it’s definitely a reality you know and with this video what we were trying to bring across was a you know the reality of the situation he was really smoking crack in their video but we weren’t trying to just you know selling on that angle you know I mean we just wanted to you know give you a vivid interpretation of you know what really goes on and had to had a guy smoke crack he liked it it was good it was good crap we put a good mix on it Alice Norman one of the baddest bitches I didn’t ever seen lol hmm some of the girl from the thuggin video that’s my homegirl Suzie shout-out to Suzie by the way she is a bad she had fat ass and pretty face so that definitely qualifies her as being a bad bitch appreciate that Patrick Thomas I need the girl’s name in the video Susie I just told you Susie Patrick just Google Susie Susie with the fat ass and Freddie Gibbs video that’s all you got to do is glue that Western that extendo looks like my super erected dick hmm okay that’s kind of weird but okay and I so that’s one of the weirdest coming so far but uh you know you can keep your dick stuff to yourself man thank you mechanical animal one of the best rappers in the game so I send a message like this out going to get little kids killed who try to follow this well you know what man mechanical animal I’m soon to be a parent so I kind of understand you but I don’t because you supposed to control the media and things that your kids see in your household so that’s not my job you know I mean I do this to feed my family you know me my mom Livengood off these the gas reps to be rapping about cracking like that man so you want me to stop my money so a kid you know I mean that’s the parents job you lucky that your kids are seeing that on YouTube because I was seeing this up close in person you know what I mean you know I think I kind of turned out to be alright so I think your child to be fine moving right along reapered Lewandowski if you can do the truth go listen to someone else’s story on how they make money in this up system maybe Reaper was replying that you mechanical animal maybe that comment came right after yours I don’t know but uh you know I feel you Reaper you know I mean like you know if this thug is what interchange you wouldn’t listen to it if nothing you know turn into Disney Channel Caspar og someone needs to tell this guy the 90s is gone time to evolve or die hmm I feel you Casper maybe this record sounded like some 90s type any like that well you know that’s cool you can go wake up this morning and go stick your pistol in your mouth and squeeze the trigger so I’m gonna make what I want to make you can’t tell me what to make my nigga so you know so I’m gonna tell Caspar keep listening because we gonna keep making it emotional boy 2003 last comment pinata rap album of 2014 is there even a bait emotional boy you are totally correct there is not a debate I think at the end of the year daily list um you definitely got to put me up there with a some of the best albums out of here man you know to accomplish that and do that with no backing no label no nothing to do totally 100% on my all is a beautiful thing because uh you know I’m the investor I’m the executive producer I’m a CEO anima Talent so I be homie everything you know keep watching the videos keep supporting this a ESG and and I’m I’m gonna keep reading the comments good or bad I love him also man you know when the day comes that people stop coming and you added that so I appreciate everything

100 thoughts on “Freddie Gibbs On Why Crack Isn’t Cool – The People Vs Freddie Gibbs

  1. so you rap in a similar manner to pac and your the same type of well spoken an thought process as pac .. seems legit

  2. I watch some of these videos and have this moment where I'm like "oh no some of my favorite rappers are retarded" but Freddie is clearly an extremely intelligent individual so that's nice to see.

  3. Dear noisey editor,

    You can always come by for a lesson in how to export interlaced footage.

    Suzie with the phat ass

  4. I really don't understand how so many people drew the conclusion he was endorsing crack use. That whole video was harsh and if your take away was that it all looked cool then your perception is either fucked or you're fiending to get mad at something.

  5. This is the first interview iv'e seen with Gibbs and now i respect him even more than i did before, well said! Hope he stays in the game for a very long time and that shouldn't be a problem for him!

  6. this dude gibbs man he is so underated he deserves way more respect than he gets and he goes very un noticed

  7. 3:38 Fuck that comment seriously wtf ? Now rappers MUST rap on bullshit intrumentals and rap like this: "duh duh duh bullshit instrumental for 10 seconds duh duh. bullshit instrumentals for 10 seconds

  8. Parents CAN'T be with their children 24/7. So for you to make a STUPID SELFISH comment about it's a parents job to monitor their children's EVERY move….That is NOT possible. But that's o.k. you said you're getting ready to be a parent. I'm sure your KID is going to have to REAP what you have encouraged other peoples kids to do or better yet you just don't give a damn about the EFFECT you have on other peoples children…..Your day is coming you MAGGOT!!!! Be a POSITIVE role model and make your money that way, instead of the BLOOD MONEY you make from other innocent peoples demise you BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. GANG, freddie this is honestly my favourite hiphop album in history. hope you come back with madlib and wish you the best on every other endeavor you take on! x

  10. I like Freddie Gibbs. But I too can't take too much of that content. AKs and crack gets tire some. So about 1 or 2 Gibbs songs a year I can do that. I like Deeper

  11. awesome response to the mechanical animal Freddy If you have kids you are supposed to be a parent not a friend. People are lazy nowadays, they just want to. let a fucking smart device raise their kids. It has alot to do with the parents whether your kid goes to prison, college, become a coroner or become a coronee. Think outside the pine box.

  12. only when you sell it. that makes you very cool and prone to be idolized while talking about it. you cant live like that, give out that very image, like it and then downplay it all in interviews expecting it to be okay with everybody when you know the way you live is reckless to the well being of society, but you do it anyways.

  13. You reD the comments because your a strait up G and cant be touched, your music is dope and this white boy slams that shit hard down in Melbourne, Australia. "Smokin blunts 36 months and I aint seen no jail"

  14. lmao it definitely is the parents job. I grew up listening to hip hop and knew what was right from wrong and was smart not to try or do any of it.

  15. Freddie Gibbs is one of the greatest rappers of all time. That little dot after the word time is a period.

  16. Bruh the first 10 seconds blew me TF away … this man is like the Michael Jordan of hood niggas

  17. Who the fuck tells their friend….Ay mahn ever tried crack before, its fucking amazing you should try it

  18. Do I need to ask the question; Was crack EVER cool???
    Like in what universe besides that of the completely ignorant could you possibly think crack is cool and this needs to be said?
    I know just by coming to the comment section in most youtube videos; CLEARLY people are fucking stupid sometimes and are all going through some shit but damn, I think it's almost natural selection if you really think that your problems are going to get better or even be alleviated more than temporarily by harder substances that ultimately just destroy your body when looking at the bigger picture.
    Maybe in his day growing up you could have had more of an excuse to be ignorant to this fact (and obviously this is generalizing) but you really have to be living under a rock or come from a 3rd world country to not know that crack will PROBABLY fuck up your life and CLEARLY you gotta be in a shitty place to even try it cause I've been pretty damn depressed/suicidal before but not ONCE did I consider crack, coke, or meth and I DEFINITELY could've found it if I wanted some.
    I suppose different strokes for different folks but when you fuck with crack, meth or coke; you should probably expect to croak.

  19. Get that $$$ my brother. Always learned. If a MF won't pay you, you gotta pay yourself. Always bet on yourself.

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