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Friend Says Bride Was ‘Completely Humiliated’ By Her Mother’s Behavior At Wedding

Anytime I get two sides of a story I try to look for a tiebreaker cause I got this one saying this, I got this one saying this, so I try to ask the other people that were there. Well I was there, but you haven’t asked me yet. Well I will ask you. Okay. I want to say what Kendra had to say. Kendra don’t know me! Did you or did you not stand up in a very gracious way and lead your wife away so they could finish their vows? Yes I did, but she’s a very emotional person. We’re spiritual– Okay I’m not asking why, I’m not asking you to excuse, I’m just asking for the facts because the people that I’ve talked to said that you were very gracious, that you were very gentle with her, but very respectful of her. Right. And so you recognized that it was disruptive and you got up and led her out in a very gentle fashion. Right, yeah. But that you did recognize that it was very inappropriate and disruptive to the situation so very kindly you just led her away. Yes I led her away, but she’s– It wasn’t inappropriate. It wasn’t inappropriate. She didn’t do it to draw any attention to herself. No, it wasn’t like that. But that was the end result. Yes. It did draw attention to her. I guess it did. It did disrupt the situation. I guess so, you could say that. I did say that. (audience laughing) But that wasn’t her intention. It may not have been her intention because her intention at the time may have been total absorption and one of the things I’m really curious about is whether or not you’re enabling her using her mental illness. No!
No I’m not. As an excuse. Never! Never, the way that man stay on me, never! Well you asked me to ask you, I did. Here’s Kendra’s statement and this is a quote. Oh Kendra. Right in the middle of their vows Wanda stands up and starts singing what sounded like a slave hymnal. (audience laughing) It was highly inappropriate. Slave hymnal! Then Wanda started gyrating with her body like the Holy Ghost dance. Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus! See, see? That’s what I did. That would be a bit disruptive to vows. (audience laughing) Yeah because what she had went through the day before and it was hurting me and that’s why I sang the hymnal and they said that Tiffany wants your mother to sing. They didn’t just hand me the mic. Tiffany wants– And out of all the songs you could sing, like Kendra said, slave hymnal. You know why I sung it, you know why I sung it. Okay, she goes on. No one took pictures or videos because we were in shock. Yeah, seriously. So that’s what she had to say. So Kendra’s joining us via Skype, Kendra how are you? I hope you called my people too. I’m doing well Dr. Phil, how are you? You don’t even know me Kendra. You don’t even know me. I haven’t been around you and know you like that. Hold on, hold on, listen. The one that shouts the loudest is not the one that’s necessarily correct so. I’m animated, this is just how I am, this is how I talk. If that’s how you talk then for now stop talking. That girl don’t know me. (audience laughing) Okay Kendra you were at the wedding, what happened? Dr. Phil I was a bridesmaid at her wedding and so first and foremost we showed up and we were supposed to do a rehearsal like the morning before the wedding just to see– That’s a lie. How you’re supposed to go down the aisle and all that jazz. That’s a lie. I’m sorry that’s distracting, so- (laughing) That’s a lie. Anyways I was told there was a rehearsal so I showed up early before the guests so we could do the rehearsal. Right. I’m sorry, so we get there and Tiffany’s not there. People had showed up, the guests, and we were waiting and waiting and waiting and then people ended up leaving. People were just leaving the church because they couldn’t wait any longer. Tiffany finally gets there. She’s completely distraught. You could tell she was irritated and upset. Obviously we were just thankful that she was okay and we continued on with the wedding. We walked down the aisle, everything’s okay. They started passing the mic around saying a couple nice things and Wanda was the last one to get the mic and when she got the mic, okay well she started singing a song and next thing you know she is screaming. She’s like shaking her body. She’s screaming at the top of her lungs, “Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus,” and everyone’s looking around at each other like “what’s going on?” Cause you don’t know nothing about church. We were frozen in place. Scared. Nobody moved, everyone’s looking. I glance over at Tiffany and she’s not crying in happiness, she is mortified, completely humiliated. Wanda throws her hands straight out in the air and collapsed backwards. No I didn’t! Into Tiffany’s father. No I didn’t! Her father just came and took me off. You’re lying, you’re lying Kendra and you need to go to church.

100 thoughts on “Friend Says Bride Was ‘Completely Humiliated’ By Her Mother’s Behavior At Wedding

  1. Dayuuuum that's like my mom LOL… excuses for everything and yelling the loudest making no sence at all and when facts come out switch to different point that makes no point… LuL

  2. I mean…my mom, gram, my aunts, etc would often say there's just no excuse for rudeness. But everyone has the potential to be rude here and there I'm sure. This lady…this lady just makes me sad.

  3. I'd have put the ish *out*.
    No ifs, ands or buts about it.
    I don't give a care how she feels.
    If she can't act right, *stay away*, be grown for heaven's sake.

  4. This mother is a loud mouthed obnoxious woman who has no manners and died want all the attention on herself. She couldn’t even been respectful at her daughters wedding. . I don’t know how her husband has put up with her all these years. Wearing white at her daughters wedding was terrible and I think she knew better but did it on purpose. I cant wait to hear what she does when her daughter has her first child to upstage the new mother. The mother knows exactly what she is doing and must be very jealous of her beautiful daughter.

  5. This woman is extremely self absorbed. She isn't capable of putting her daughter's feeling before her own. I am bi-polar and I honestly do not belive this woman is. This woman is selfish.

  6. Kendra: we were supposed to have a rehearsal
    Tiffany’s mom: that’s a lie!

    Like rehearsals don’t happen or something. 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. I would’ve punch her, I’m sorry but she’s so annoying and don’t know how to shut up. I couldn’t deal with someone like her, god bless this daughter who has to deal with her

  8. A hit dog will holla.
    Y’all need to learn to not invite certain people to events. Ik the bride had a feeling this would happen. You need to take preventative measures. I would’ve been cussing up a storm in that church. I would’ve gone TF off, I’m mad for her. I’d prolly slap my folks

  9. She don’t know me ! No, but she was there and witnessed the bad behavior. And the fact that she won’t shut up long enough for anyone else to talk !

  10. Oh I wanna rip this woman a new one. She really thinks she’s doin something by making those DUMB faces and being loud and pretending to be outraged by everything. She’s making a fool out of herself.

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