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Friends forever (Indian Web Series 2017 – Comedy ) S01E013 | Paaji Hunting Lena

Oh Mom, Will you talk softly ? Bambi will get us kicked out. She won’t allow us to stay here. Bambi ? Why ? You don’t pay the rent ? Mother, yes I am paying the rent but only one person can stay in the room. Really ? What will happen now ? Mom, she had seen all of us. All of us ? Mom, you Sandeep and I stay here. Thank God the death angel is not visible. Sandeep ? I thought he lives in California ? Mom, the one who I can see. He is after Sandip. Who is seen here ? The one you can’t see. Why the hell I see it. Its all your imagination. Okay tell me the one you can see why he is after Sandip ? Take your curse back ? Mom.. What happen ? He is standing here. Well, Russian girls are hot right ? My lord. Russian girls are hot ? You always were after white girls even in Delhi. After coming here you have gone more crazy. Mom you be in the room. Since Sandip had come here something went wrong with him. Hey Lord, please protect him. **curse** My lord … Hold on Brother. Tell him that we have sorted out our problems. Come on tell him … come on… Ya ya sure will massage here too.. My Lord, the guy is bad, he is A$$h*le and he is a dog. Yes you are right my lord. Brother Leena is not a pigeon sitting on the tree that I will catch it and put it on your lap ? If she was not a pigeon than why the hell you took her from me to enjoy with her ? My Lord, My Lord , my friend, but do not tell me time and again, two days three days two days three days. Don’t scare me. Brother two days of life …. Brother, every dog has to die. But please bring back my pigeon. Why the hell Lena’s phone is always switched off. Idiot. It seem he is Lena’s boy friend. I think he has made Lena and my video. You are gone Sandip Dixit. He will beat the hell out of me. If you want to save yourself run from here.

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