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from dusk till dawn | crack! humor #1

so dirty to me who by I’m thirsty little bit of money girls in my life ah playing you show me yours I’ll show you mine ah show me yours I’ll show you what is this those are two chicken tacos watch what you ordered uh no I ordered chicken Tinga this is chicken moly not to mention you put pico de gallo on them you do realize that Molay is the sauce right you don’t sauce the sauce set unless you have no taste buds or you fail to apply some of them at the moment you assuming i’m a human what I gotta do to get it through to you I’m superhuman innovative and I’m made of rubber so that anything you say is ricocheting up Matt click close the black hope it and just like it I blow that shit cos Mitch I’m the bomb like tip liked it yeah in the fears I who’s at the rouses tune strict bright little is dangerous Activia for Chile’s this booth the thighs Normandy cut you can watch me disappear quite enough for this bet with some no yes I will sort as I don’t know play my whisk you story see some scary much I wanna fuck you you already know who the baddest funny talking OH if you wanna be rich you got to be a bitch my baby put down the tray down the bottle what the hell are you doing door chatter man I found it in the kitchen the gecko boys are back the hell did you do he said crime scene what do I miss like the damn Chamber of Commerce just I don’t care where you long as you don’t eat in that room if I smell food coming out of that room I’m gonna throw your ass out on that Street and don’t you think I won’t do it you know what forget hey I don’t need to forget it I’ve already forgot it don’t you forget what I just told okay you have a nice face I’m bringing sexy back because for sure this will find your bag some turn around and I’ll discuss the slide let the Smith’s mother swords of the soul though that the clubs are weapons of war we don’t need for this are protests not the shampoo yeah so are you shaking I can’t believe it I never seena is it true of course it’s true I just told you I’m talking to the little lady in the pink are you wearing pink it shut up shut up Richard maybe she’ll turn up Roger shut up no talking we need to think okay I’m too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt so sexy it hurts your night today such a lonely day and it’s mine no hey you’re not gonna make me count to three are you let me count that shouldn’t call people stuff yeah fine you gotta look like Bruce Lee like some fusion now he doesn’t look like Bruce Wayne good boy Sheila nice core do you could have a touch of darling your et shown you pause no Oh Mira Donna where’s my car sweet hot cherry pie okay blue the comet led to DA governor cabbage a little cabin a little more superior builders will catch it with the zipper Madonna you just tell me over sex sex machine I bet a cheese plate Hey I French kissed Kyle on the back the church must lower be a bush and gecko slowest like shit by the Bible pray little girl I’m crazy original cave

21 thoughts on “from dusk till dawn | crack! humor #1

  1. Видео огонь просто! Такое смешное и все в тему! Потрясающее! Оно теперь одно из моих любимых! Музыкальное сопровождение суперское! Спасибо огромное за ваш фантастический труд!

  2. This is AMAZING!! You love sethkate as much as I do! And OH MY GOD Kate is my fav in the show and usually she isn't in crack vids, but she is in here a bunch! Thanks😂

  3. не могу перестать пересматривать это, иисусе боже
    твои видео – моя религия

  4. Посмотрела с русскими сабами. КТО НЕ ЗНАЕТ РУССКОГО ТО ПОТЕРЯЛ МНОГОЕ

  5. Причина по которой я перестала плакать. Спасибо. 😍 Это шикарно. Жаль, что Кисы мало. :С

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