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15 thoughts on “Frozen – Fixer Upper (One-Line Multilanguage) Soundtrack Version

  1. I love this piece of the song!
    My ultimate fav Bulda is the Latin Spanish one, she sounds so beautiful and great but all are great. I the chorus in all the songs are good!

  2. When this song started I actually thought it would be annoying as hell but I actually thought it was really funny and charming, the trolls are adorable and the voices sounded very good and I loved the animation in it, and the lightning and just overall I really liked it, of course is not the best, but there's nothing wrong with it :b
    the english, latin spanish and the polish are my favorites O and I hadn't heard the castillian one and I must say… I hate the lyrics in it ._. the adaptation sounds a bit messy IMO e.e but I guess if you don't speak spanish you can't really tell xD
    Anyway, really fun One-Line Stefano c: If I ever made one it would have to be with the part where they're talking about fixing Anna and getting rid of her fiancée, I just love that part xD <3

  3. I don't really like the entire song but I love this last part with Bulda and I love the character of Bulda ! 🙂

  4. All the Buldas have really good voices…idk if I can choose a favorite, but I like the first three in this video a lot.

  5. LOL! When I was watching the movie in the cinema hall, I actually loved this song, but straight after I reached home I literally forgot about it! It's cool, but kinda messy. :/
    I love English, French, Danish, German & Polish. 😀

  6. hey nice multi!
    I don't really like this song,well  it's ok but a little annoying…
    and yes you chose the best part 🙂

    I always feel like I hear Manuel Straube' voice (Hans)  in the german choir…
    Maybe he sings here xD 

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