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40 thoughts on “Frozen – "The Bells, The Coronation" (One Line Multilanguage) (47 Versions) w/ Sub + Trans

  1. Must be noted that in the EU french, when Anna is stepping back she says "aie!" ("ouch!") when her back touches the metal bar. I fid it to be a nice detail ^^

  2. In Russian version she says "Mne pora", not "Ne pora", that is why the translation is wrong. "Mne pora" means "I gotta go"

  3. In fact,Thai's goodbye is ลาก่อน (La Gorn) = Bye (In English)
    but most of Thai people say "Bye" like English ><

  4. Nice video but you have a mistake in Russian lyrics so in translation to: not "NE" but "MNE" and translation is "IT'S TIME FOR ME" not "NOT NOW"

  5. Kan du korrigera en liten fel i ryska texten? Det är Мне пора och inte Не пора och det betyder "Jag måste gå".

  6. Anna was in love for shure! She says something, what we call "masło maślane" (it means something like "butter is made of butter").

  7. wow, I am ukrainian, but I think czech language so close and a similar 😀
    I think if I lived in Czech one year, I'd been able to speak freely!

  8. Thank you for your video.
    There's a little mistake in Russian part: She says "мне пора" instead of "не пора" and it means 'I have to go"

  9. Thank you very much!  I am happy to see Anna of  47 versions. I imagined each Anna   made each people smile 😀

  10. 1) Albanian Anna sounds about 10 years too old but I would love her voice if I heard it in any other context. (A lot of the Anna voices have that problem but it's most noticeable in Albanian.)

    2) If you ever decide to do a Kristoff version, you should do the "but if she's dead you won't get your sled" scene in order to show his regular voice and Sven voice.

    3) Minor nitpicks again (even MORE minor than the one I made on one of the versions of the Elsa video):

    The Cantonese version has a D all by itself in both the transcription and the Romanization (probably from someone using phonetic typing but making a mistake) but I don't know a lick of Cantonese so you should ask someone else what it's supposed to say. (also the tones are missing in the romanization but once again do not ask me about that)

    The English subtitles for the Catalan version has her saying "the coronations". I don't actually speak the language, but based on what I know of Spanish, "coronation" is singular in this clip.

    The English subtitles for the Italian version have her saying "I'd better to go" but it should say "I'd better go"

    The English subtitles for Latin Spanish version have her saying "Now… I have to go" but she actually says the word for "now" twice. "Now… now I have to go."

    (if there were any other mistakes I didn't see them)

  11. Great multi, but there is a little mistake in russian part. Actually, Anna says: «Мне пора» («I have to go»).

  12. Wow, Cantonese "bye bye" sounds exactly like Vietnamese when they say "bye bye". It is sometimes written as "bái bai" and it's even more common than the word "chào".

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