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Fun Bucket | 197th Episode | Funny Videos | Telugu Comedy Web Series | Harsha Annavarapu | TeluguOne

Dear Should I write my name in your hands or heart? Why there, write it for your factory or some other property! Hubby I think I was in class 5 My dad gifted me a bicycle since I got class 1st I wrote Dad’s gift behind my cycle You like your dad so much!! He gifted me a scooty when I was in intermediate I wrote dad’s gift behind my scooty too! Seems like you love your dad a lot! He gifted me a car when I got a job In bold letters I wrote dad’s gift behind it too! There is such a nice bond between you & your dad I am lucky to have you as my wife Absolutely, so he gave you dowry & bought me also for you! Should I print dad’s gift as a tattoo in bold in your back too? Hey Sujatha, has your hubby left for office? Yes What does your husband do? Why do you want to know about my husband? Tell me what have you come for? There is a scientist who will change 60 year old to 25 year old Your aunty is searching for him in google My husband can change a 60 year old to 16 year old! Is your husband a scientist too? ** Native saying ** My husband is a make-up man!!! Hello Hello Fire department? There is a fire accident backside our house, come soon! Sure, how should we come to your house? What do mean how? Come with full water & horn in the fire engine!! Swami I studied engineering but not getting any job! Do something swami, please Engineering? Which branch? Computer science swami Mine is electronics dear! Listen Where are my clothes? Kept it on bed Okay Oh god Why am I not able to bend back? I am getting late to office! Hey Sujatha What happened dear? Don’t know, but I am not able to stand straight suddenly! Seems like there is some cramp, call the doctor Okay Where are you going? To call our doctor! Enough of actions Call him via phone Okay ** No case since a week, where is the patient? ** I am the patient doctor! Bend a bit doctor What happened? Back got sprained while wearing trousers doctor Unable to stand straight, please see soon I’m getting late to office! I will see. Now stand! Hey it got set What had happened? ** Native saying ** In hurry, you kept the shirt buttons for trousers! Kamala, I gave you tablets for your memory Why did you not give me my fees? Too good Only if your tablets work, I will remember that you treated me right? Good morning sir I am Bharath Behera This is my file. Have you come for interview? Who else, I have only come right? Oh, you naughty! I will not ask questions like others I will ask some wired questions, are you ready? I am ready for any question You can ask any way! Sorry! A plane has 500 bricks A brick fell down! How many bricks will be left? Why is he asking such an innocent question? Sir, 499 will be left! You are right! I will ask another question Okay sir How to keep an elephant in fridge in 3 steps? How will you do it? Why are you asking such simple question? I will first open the fridge door Then will keep the elephant inside Next will close the fridge door Did he notice? Will ask you another question Now you have to keep deer in fridge in 4 steps What is the big deal in this? Open the fridge door Remove the elephant outside Will keep deer inside Later close the door What a brilliant answer Thank you sir One more question The next day Its lion’s birthday All the animals except one went for the celebration, which is that? Deer is in fridge right How will go to the party? If we are caught up in drunk & drive party How will we go to the party? This is like that! Want to hug you! I was afraid if the answer was wrong! What an answer… When you are answering so well, why did you not get a job? Please sit! Next question Bharath Okay sir At the same time, an old lady crossed the river of crocodiles But nothing happened to her, why? You look like a gentleman but asking all jungle questions! When lion is giving party what will crocodiles do here? Thus there are no crocodiles in the river! Thats why nothing happened to the lady! Wow… What a brilliant answer Bharath! I will now ask you a final question! If you answer this, then the job is yours! Sure sir The lady who was walking Died suddenly How did she die? Its a tough question! She might have died of heart attack sir! Now you put yourself in soup! Its a wrong answer! Ohh… May be she was having diabetes She might have died walking! No… We only get tired of walking But she is an old lady And due to heat she might have died! No Bharath What did I ask you in the starting? You said there are 500 bricks in the aeroplane And a brick fell down you said! The lady died because she got hit by that brick! People get so excited on festivals Busy greeting each other happy friendship day

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Don’t know what will they do on Rakhi Who is this calling from an unknown number? Hello Happy friendship day but I will not send you any drink, I will drink alone! Daddy, is it you! Vegetables, ok I will get How did I get caught? Hey bro What a small help What is that? I sent an application form via post Can you tell if the post has got delivered? How will I see your post? You only updated the status right? Completed post graduation successfully! Can’t you even find out that? Hello Trump, whats up man? What, are you changing the color of white house? Which color black? No no paint it red, it will look nice What, are you presenting statue of liberty to me? No no, don’t force me! I don’t like all that!! What, you are painting my name on the Eiffel Tower? Just a second please! ** Singing song ** What happened? Don’t purchase that Better to purchase cauliflower in California! Its a very nice place okay! Hey just a second trump! Here its going to rain & sun rays are fading away! I should urgently leave this place, bye Auto… Hey art wood marble, its made in America So crazy man! Hey that bike, it is also made in America And its moving in Hyderabad! So funny it is! Hey Lamborghini car It is also made in America man Hey brother, what is this? All the American bikes & cars are moving in India Wow, this house was invented by Americans only! Wow that is in Hyderabad, superb! Burger house, it was also invented by Americans only! What is this, all the American stuff are there in India Nice drive brother, thank you Thank you sir! How much? Sir 3 thousand sir 3 hundred rupees right? No one more zero extra You mean 3 thousand? Why 3 thousand from airport to Begumpet? Because my auto & meter are made in India Last time they made me mad This time made me crazy This man is again coming running! Don’t know whom he sent this time! Huh made me dumbstruck this time! What happened Adivi? In episode 192 instead of the apsaras the lord himself came right? In episode 194, he came along with my wife right? What happened in this episode that you are running? God is getting angry with me episode by episode Along with my wife, he also sent my second setup!

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  1. 0.23 ammai naku nachaledu. Inkoka sari next episode lo a ammai kanipiste anni videos from first episode to 198 episode varaku anni unlike chesesrha

  2. కంప్యూటర్ ఇంజనీర్ చేసిన కొత్త అమ్మాయి ఏక్షన్, మాటలు బాగున్నాయి. ఇంకా ఎక్కువ అవకాశం ఇవ్వండి.

  3. Idivaraku unna bhargavi vallu chaalaa baaga chesevaru kani ippudu chesina ammayi chala overaction chestondi maaku nacchaledu

  4. Orey chinnappudu chaduvukunna jokes repeat chesthaarenti ra babu, chudaalante visugosthundi. Try something new

  5. ఏడిసినట్టున్నాయి, పనికిమాలిన పంచులు మీరునూ ! కనీసం కాస్త లాజిక్ ఉండాలి కదరా? సన్నాసుల్లారా?
    ఏది చేస్తే అదే కామెడీ అనుకొంటే ఎలా?

  6. రమణ మి డాక్టర్ కామెడీ చాలా బాగుంది మీరు మరిన్ని కామెడీ చేయాలి❤️

  7. కొత్త అమ్మాయి యాస డైలాగ్ చెప్పే విధానం అస్సలు బాగాలేదు, ఇంతకముందు ఎపిసోడ్ లో బాగానే వుంది, ఈ ఎపిసోడ్ ఈ ఎక్సపెరిమెంట్ ఎందుకు చేసినట్టో

  8. Ee episode average gaa vundhi…idi varakati episode lu meedha baane vundhi…no lag…but work hard…plz

    Aa interview joke telisindhe…

  9. దాస్తవీజుల మీద పేరు వ్రాయాలా డబ్బులు నీ అయ్య వచ్చి కడతాడా!

    మొగుడి వీపు మీద Dad's Gift అని రాస్తావా ! ఎందుకు లే నీ మొహం మీద Loose అని రాస్కో !

    60 లో 20 లాగ చెయ్యటం కుదరదని తెలిసినా ప్రయత్నించే లేడి ని డిలే అనాలి లేడిని తిరగేసి.

    ఇంకా నయ్యం Ambulanceని గాల్లో ఎగురుతూ రమ్మలేదు.

    ఉద్యోగం రాక వాడు సన్యాసి అయితే నీకు వరాలిస్తాడా ?

    చోక్కాగుండీ ప్యాంట్ పెట్టుకున్నవారేవరో కంగారురాజు కి దగ్గర బంధువులా ఉన్నాడు.

    link questions interview super.

  10. Nadi Electronics… But jobs leka banking prepare ayyi Govt bank lo job kotti settle ayyanu…But B. Tech brathadaniki chala knowledge ni estundi

  11. The first lady voice is disgusting and she is doing lots of over acting in all are acts…..kareena kumari is best

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