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** Singing songs on Maths lecturer ** Enough now stop it! ** Noise continues ** Hey stop it! ** Students misbehavior continues ** Hey stop it Mmm, let me do this! ** Teacher also behaves like students ** So you guys stopped? Listen I have also crossed your stage & reached here May I come in sir? Who are you? I am your old student sir! Why did you come? It is Teachers day today. So came to wish you! Why should you wish me today, if it was 2 days back? Not like that sir… Go & write “Happy Teachers Day” imposition 1000 times… Ok sir! Hey where are you going? You told to write right? Go, sit there & write! Got booked!!! Hey wait! What are you doing now? You know Google right? See students he has reached greater heights after listening to my lectures! Tell about me to all these students! Namastey everyone My name is friendly Sravan I am working as watchman in Google. I got the best watchman award too! Please sit quiet I beg you! He is really your student only! He has insulted me!! Sit quietly!! Hey Trishul You scored well in all the other subjects other than Maths, why? ** Hesitating ** Discuss with me if you have any problem, don’t worry! We cannot discuss about Malaria with mosquito right? Is he telling me a mosquito? Sit, sit, sit! Let me beat them with general knowledge rather than subject knowledge Hey We will not discuss subject today but let me ask you a question Where does God reside? It is very easy sir He is in our pooja room God is under the neem tree He is in my purse too! It is Ganesh Chathurthi right, he will be there in each galli! He is in my ring sir! Sir,I will tell the real answer! Tell, where does he stay? In the bathroom How can he be in bathroom? Daily when I am in the bathroom My father will knock the door & tell Oh God you are still here!!! Generally, ladies give birth after 9 months right? Then why is it written “giving birth in 3 months” Where? This is language Kannada & not giving birth!! Why are you cleaning your bike so much, go and throw it in the lake!! Why are you getting frustrated? They charged me a penalty for Rs.5000 for skipping signal! Will they not fine you, if you jump the signal? Where did I jump the signal? I applied breaks, there was a pot hole there & I tumbled! For that, they took picture & fined me Photo is awesome Your expressions are awesome Hey there is no helmet! It fell down when I tumbled They charged 1000 for that also, but never maintain roads!!! Hey Where is your vehicle? Including my past fines, it was 25,000 I bought it for 10,000 only thus left the vehicle with him only! Your qualifications & marks are superb But if you want me to give this job You should be responsible for everything in the office! With that condition, I am perfect for this job! Why are you so over confident? Its not over confidence sir In my previous office, all the files got hacked All the systems got hanged Virus in hard disk They said I was responsible for all of that!! Bro Bro What is stress? No bro, you only tell A phone that has 3% charging And has high speed internet And you are locked in a room That is called stress DO you know, what is patience? You only tell bro If you are locked in the same room If your phone has 100% changing And you have low speed internet & then you bear the buffering That is called patience bro!! That’s right! Hey, don’t you have such feelings? No, everything for me is imaginative!!! What Mr. Trishul? Why did you fail me in exam? Because you did not write properly! You had given tough question paper I did that wantedly! I understood DO you know everything in law? I know them all thus I became a professor, don’t waste my time! Okay I will ask you a question & if you answer I will accept I have failed! You should pass me, if you fail to answer Okay Ask What is legal? But not logical Logical but not legal Neither logical not legal Repeat it again What is legal? Not logical Logical but not legal Neither legal nor logical Okay I will pass you Thank you Hello I will pass you only if you answer this question Sir, your age is 60 You married a 25 year old girl This is legal but not logical! Your 25 years old wife Has an affair with 23 year old boy This is logical but not legal! Now your wife’s boyfriend failed in exam But you passed him This is neither legal nor logical! Heyy You gave your varalakshmi pooja saree to the maid so soon? So for how many more days will I wear? How do you know that I gave her that saree? Means You hugged her again thinking it was me? No I did not hug her idiot!! In view of helping you I washed all the utensils!!

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  1. అందరు ట్రాఫిక్ పోలీసులు చూసి common man problem అర్థం చేసుకోవాలి ఎంత సేపు chalans పేరు చెప్పి డబ్బు వసూలు చెయ్యడం కాదు.

  2. Me fun bucket episodes lo bucket mathrame undi, Iena real ga jarigina issues ni kuda joke chestunnaru Meku creativity Leda.we will support your channel but not real issues OK, don't copy from real issues

  3. ఒరేయ్ సన్నాసి దేవుడు బాత్రూమ్ లో వుండటం ఏంటి రా

  4. Bro MarkAngelComedy lo vchevi kuda telugu lo using kda adi ok bt malli old jokes kuda use chsthunaru so new vi try cheyandi or mooki videos cheyandi those vl be good.

  5. Hey ప్రణీత నికు పెండ్లి కాలేదా
    నాకు కాలేదు పెండ్లి

  6. teachers తో jokes వేసినా ?
    దేవుడి తో ఆటలు ఆడలాడినా ?
    50॰ ల ఎండ లో నాపరాయి మీద నిలబడి వేడి నీటితో స్నానం చేసి టీ త్రాగినట్లుగా ఉంటుంది

    కన్నడం 3 నెలల్లో రాదు అని తెలుసు
    కనడం ———————–వద్దులెండి.

    వైరస్ కు బాధ్యత వహిస్తావా బాబు ?మరి
    కంపెనీ దివాళ కు బాధ్యత ఎవరిది.

    Legal & Logical concept మీద ఒక సినిమా story రాయ్యచ్చు.

    ఓపికకి,ఒత్తిడి(stress)కి అర్ధం చాలా బాగుంది.ఇంకా నయ్యం భర్త పెట్టే బాధలు ఒపికతో కూడుకున్నవి,భార్య పెట్టే బాధలు ఒత్తిడి తో కూడుకున్నవి అనలేదు.

    పనిమనిషికి పాత చీర
    పెళ్ళానికి క్రోత్త చీర
    ఎప్పూడూ ప్రమాదమే.

  7. దేవుడు మనకు జన్మ ఇచ్చాడు దేవుడిమిధ జోక్స్ వెయ్యకండి

  8. Anaya..u r awesome…Piccha Piccha ga nacchindi.."anthaaa oohajanithame.."
    Wow..wat a dialogue delivery..fantasticccccccv

  9. Teachers paina devudu paina jokulendhi bhayya. Brain dhobbindha?. Teachers ante respect lekapothe meelage future lo thayaravuthadu

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