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Fun Bucket | 204th Episode | Funny Videos | Telugu Comedy Web Series | Harsha Annavarapu | TeluguOne

Hey Why were you fighting with your wife so much? You reminded me of that demon again? Hey we are in office, please talk slowly I feel frustrated when I think about her! She is not a wife, she is Ram Gopal Varma movie’s demon Daily we have to fight! I feel like going away somewhere if I think of all this! How are you managing with such dangerous wife? That is why even I did not compromise yesterday! I got all my emotions from famous series like counter to encounter etc And basted at her! Later she pleaded, so I had to calm down! You are just awesome dude You made your wife plead? But how? Just look there I have thrown the broomstick outside You can come out from beneath the bed now!! Hello, where are you hubby? Have you reached office? ** Native saying ** I met with an accident while coming to office? Thus came to hospital instead of going to office! Oh God, what happened? You went to office but I kept a little more of chutney for breakfast today May be it had ooze, please check! Miss Karina Kumari, coming for shoot after so many days! My wedding has got fixed, thus a small gap! Enough of feeling shy, concentrate on joke now! Okay, ok Listen! Where is our little one? He has not come school yet Why are you so angry? I did not know, you will cheat me so badly! What did I do? I always had a doubt that he is not our son & thus did his DNA test this morning! It is clear that, he is not our son But why did you cheat me so badly? You did a DNA test? But why did you get that doubt suddenly? Neither his behavior nor his color matches us I did not know your character was so bad Tell me the truth, you only did something! ** Native Saying ** What did you tell when we were getting discharged from the hospital? What did I say? Don’t you remember that you said change this fellow he is wetting his pants very often! Thus took him inside & exchanged him with another! Idiot, I told you to change his diaper You told to change the diaper? Oh my diaper!!! Why is he wearing black speaks, can’t he see? Oh, she cannot see the expressions right? What is your name? Stupid I did not ask you my name, I asked your name!! Why do you want my name? Why should I tell you my name? That is because When we meet next time, it will not be nice to call you with signs! ** Singing song ** Hey bro What are you busy with this stick this morning? Are you doing some construction work at home? You remember Tulasi sister? Bujji’s wife Yes She is the one who used to tell you get everything from the shop right? Yes yes, she only She always tells me to get stuff right? Today she told me to get masala sticks for pulav Then instead of those sticks why are you taking this? Here only I feel that even you do not have brains!! It will be waste of money right? Thus taking the stick which was there at home!!! You have put rice, will your mother come& put curry in the plate? I will put, but I am not doing anything to God for your good health! Where do you have time for God? You are busy with tik toks etc How are you so fit still? You know I am health conscious right? Why this silly question then? You think I am a fool, idiot! Who is the lady who is taking care of you so well? This is making me run, God knows when I bought it! Huh, this rain. It is raining badly there & not here! What is this? Fate Fate? I have an intelligent question, can I ask you? Yes ask Nothing bro Person who comes to us if we call once is called Mother Sister is the one who comes when we call her 5 times Lover is the one who comes when we call her 15 times Who is the one who does not come even after calling many times? This is an open secret, she is called wife! That’s where you have done a mistake! A person who does not respond even after calling many times is called deaf!!! Seems like he is mad! Why are you not laughing for this international joke? I have a new look old model maruti car! If I start at 9 in the morning, I am reaching my office at 6 in the evening.. Which is just 3kms from my house!! Cars are like this only! Even I had a new look old model maruti car! I sold it off His name is Almatty Nani, don’t know where he is! ** Native saying ** So the car was yours!!! You want me for your recharges, shopping & cinema? For romance you need that Phani? You think I am mad? Are you human being? Idiot! The mistake is mine! A dog will at least be faithful! But I helped a snake It will be fine initially but it will surely show it colors eventually! ** Abusing ** How did I fall for you? I will get a better person than you You are the worst, che che Just hang the call now, you idiot!! Hey little one Why do you scold girls so much? Girls are very soft at heart! If you respect them as your sisters, you will have a blissful life! Dad, if I start treating each girl as a sister… People will start doubting your character! Hey Rutherford!! You are just glowing too much, what are you doing? Why is he telling that I am glowing? Oh, when compared to his complexion I am surely fairer Why are you seeing somewhere else, when I am talking? Seems like you are maintaining in a very healthy way! Its neither maintenance nor any magic I am just boozing at night & coming here in the morning! Hey bro please tell me that secret, I will follow the same! I work out daily & due to the sweat I am glowing that’s all I also exercise & sweat, but why do I not glow? What even the same is happening for you? From where does it sweat for you? From head! That’s the whole point The black color from hair is flowing down & thus it is becoming darker!!

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  2. Hey rajesh Garu iam a big fan of u sir mee action super ga vuntadhi sir.mee timing awesome sir.keep rocking rajesh ..iam form Vijayawada. Na face book request accept cheyandi sir….

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