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Fun Bucket | 207th Episode | Funny Videos | Telugu Comedy Web Series | Harsha Annavarapu | TeluguOne

Wait, wait, wait You look beautiful, why do you want to die? Does your toothpaste have salt? No Will you buy me then? Toothpaste has sugar right? Are they adding salt too? Does it have lemon? I neither have salt, lemon, tamarind, vegetables at home nor in my paste! Really, then its difficult! You may leave! Hello, miss beauty All this is for increasing your toothpaste sale right? Yes sir! Then I will give you an intelligent idea! Mix it & your marketing will increase Ideas, tell us fast! You seem to the Krishna of Kaliyuga Giving us boon without asking! Tell fast Wait, wait tell now! Nothing! Instead of salt & lemon.. Mix brandy or whisky People like me will brush 4 5 times! No matter how much we study, we will pass only by luck Guess who are we? No matter how much we study, we will not pass unless someone goes up! Guess who are we? We do not study the entire academic year! And pass just by studying on the last day! Guess who are we? Uncle Uncle Me uncle? You look like a buffalo & you call me uncle? Tell me what you want? Do you have ‘Kandi Pappu’? Yes I have, do you want me to pack 1 kg? Its there? Do you have ‘Minapappu’? Available, do you want me to pack 2 kgs? You have this also? Uncle DO you have ‘Pesarpappu’? Available, do you want me to pack 3 kgs? Uncle, so you have pesarpappu too? So then… Do you have ‘Senegapappu’? ** Native saying ** I have all the pappus, tell me which one do you want? Nothing uncle While I was coming from there, someone called me ’erripappu’ I don’t know about that pappu, wanted to check if it is available here! God knows who gave you that name, but it is apt for you! No suck pappu available here, go go Why do you shout, I will ask in another shop! Hi hello good morning ladies & gentlemen, teachers & students Don’t feel bad because I arranged this meeting on the road! Because with your donation only the construction work is going on inside! Ok ok that’s fine! Today I want to tell you about a great student! He maintained full attendance continuously for 180 days So you kept college on Saturday too? So funny I say? Nice joke, share it in whatsaap! During these 180 days, teachers were absent, principal was absent Along with these people a few stupid students were also absent! But But he did not miss even a day! I am thus planning to gift my second hand Iphone to him! Bharath, Bharath Come here with full confidence & stand beside me! That golden student is absent today sir! Stupid serial Hey You will get dehydrated after crying so much! Drink water & then cry! Feeling very hungry! She did not even cook? I should give her diverse! ** Calls wife ** What are you doing without cooking? Hey Without cooking you are just watching serial What should I eat now? Without having matching bangles to do tik tok, this lady died in the serial Died because there was no matching bangles? We would have died if she would have done that tik tok What is the link between you not cooking & her dying? How can you speak like that? Seems like you have forgotten our culture & tradition! Will anyone cook when there is dead body? Mix paracetamol & crocine for patient no 3 What mix kerosene? Not kerosene, mix crocine & give RDX injection Hey Namastey doctor! RDX Kumar sir Namaskaram Namaskaram Namaskaram How come you are here? Nothing doctor, since a week my right leg is turning blue! Wanted to check if you will see Changing blue? Show me your leg! Does it pain when you walk? No sir Do you feel numb? No its not numb Did you get hurt somewhere? Why should I go somewhere to get hurt? I have a big factory & a very big shed behind that too! And behind that, I have a small guest house too! Then why did it turn blue? Show your leg again This is that only! What is that? Blue Polar Allergy Blue polar leg allergy What should be then now? It’s a dangerous poison If we don’t remove your leg now, the poison will spread and we will have to remove all the affected parts! Oh God If you remove all the parts, what will I do? Remove half of my leg sir! So is everything fine after removing your leg? ** Native Saying ** The allergy has come to my left leg too doctor! What? Allergy in left leg too? Show it to me This may also go up like that… No no no Don’t go up! I understood, remove half of this leg too!! What sir you came again? Seems like that allergy is behind me, it has reached my thighs now! Changed blue, show me! Seems like it is not blue polar allergy! I think blue lungi is shedding color!!

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  1. టీవీ సీరియలజోక్ ఎపిసోడ్ మొత్తానికి హైలెట్

  2. Mahesh leka pothe comedy pulihora lo karvepaku lenatlu ga vuntundi. I mean pulihora lo karvepaku vuntene manchi taste vasthundi.

  3. 2nd joke lo
    inko type students ni add cheyalsindi

    Asalu emi chadavakunda exams lo Sodhi rasi papers nimpesi pass ayyevadu evaru.?

    Ans : B.Tech student

  4. మసిగుడ్డ సిరియల్ చూసి కన్నీరు పెట్టుకున్నావా తల్లి,
    కళ్ళళ్ళో శెగ్గడ్డలు వస్తాయి జాగ్రత్త.

  5. బ్లూ పోలార్ లెగ్ అలర్జీ కాదు అనుకుంటా…..😂😂
    Super comedy bro😂😂

  6. It's not easy to pass the degree exams.., just go and ask AU, and Ambedkar University students…, then you will realize how difficult it is…?

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