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Fun Bucket | 211th Episode | Funny Videos | Telugu Comedy Web Series | Harsha Annavarapu | TeluguOne

How many times shoul I tell you that I am not in Hyderabad but I am in Mumbai? Can’t you understand if I say once? Will I run away? Are money lenders chasing you? Why will your money lenders chase me? I am scared police will catch me! Why, what happened? To get 1ltr petrol from the pump He is asking is it for MRO office! Come What happened bro? Maruthi car!! Yes, maruti car Why are you scared as if it is police van? Someone kidnapped my wife in this car only at night! Why are you getting tensed for this? Come lets go to police station I am scared if they have brought her back!! Yes yes, you don’t worry about it. His job is confirmed! Just get 3 lakhs! Ok, happy birthday to your brother-in-law! Ya, ya bye Sir, you called me Yes Mr.Trishul, I had called you! Please take you r seat! Tell me Trishul Sir, you called me right? Oh, I am sorry, I forgot! He & his English! Tell me sir! The matter is You should come to office on Sunday Because We have an important work I will come sir Public transport will not be proper on Sundays! RTC strike is also going on! I will be late sir Will come by Monday sir This fellow got a good punch! Sir I want salary hike! You want salary hike? It is impossible Trishul So from tomorrow onwards I will go exactly by 6 o clock! Why? My salary is not sufficient for me That is why riding bikes at nights Because I am the only earning member in my family! Ok, go ahead. But if you feel hungry during midnights come to Yousufguda I should come to Yousufguda basthi? Why sir, are you opening any new branch there? No Trishul, I have my dosa van there!! Plain dosa 10rs Masala dosa 30rs Onion dosa 50rs Pizza dosa 70rs Eat nicely & go. Okay, Mr.Trishul!! Hey lift bro Till where bro? Will you drop me till Madhura Nagar? I have to go to my girlfriend! Ok, sure bro! Why are you taking bag bro, combined studies? To show her father intermediate certificate & hallticket! Inter certificate & hallticket? Why certificates to meet him? I will show him these certificates & ask his daughter To ask his daughter you should take your parents, why certificates? Government has told after 18years, even boys can marry! Thus taking certificates for proof!!! Why is your phone saying switched off? I will keep my mobile for charging at 5am By the time I reach office, charging will be over After going to office I will keep it for charging By the time I reach home, charging will be over After going home I charge the phone which gets over by 11pm Instead of charging so many times, can’t you buy a new battery? True, you are awesome bro Why did you use this perfume, for girls is it? Hey do you have girlfriend? Yes, her name is soundarya lahari & she looks as white as moon! Oh, is she so fair? Where is she? You thought she is from this nation, she belongs to another nation! There is no nation which I don’t know, tell which nation & will get her married to you! Imagination bro!! Vijay, there is no count of how many times I fell in life! No count of lessons taught by life But still the world does not see me even as a match stick! It did not consider me Each time I fell, it laughed at me! It made fun of me But everytime I gave myself confidence! With great difficulty, stood on my legs I would tell only one thing which the world could listen! What would you say? Hey get one more beer! Listen Instead of sleeping like that, you can go & get milk right? Uff, nonsense I should get milk that all right? Listen If you go empty handed, will they pour milk in your hand? They will give in packets right? Its been long since plastic has been banned, take the utensil & go! Where is this utensil? What happened? Did you tease anyone near the milk shop? Huh, nothing like that You told me to take utensil since they are not giving plastic bags? Swatch Bharat people came & bet me since I was walking with utensil!! Hey bro, got married itseems life is full of fun right? Got arranged marriage right, so not knowing how to steal her heart! Why are you getting tensed for that, ask me & I will tell you! Ok tell me fast & I will do it! You thought of quitting cigarette right Go smoking in front of her, as soon as she sees throw it away! She will be happy to know you don’t like smoking & will get impressed! Keep giving me such ideas & I will impress her fully! You don’t like cigarette right? Thus will stop smoking from today! Why should you stop smoking, give me & I will take 2 puffs! Hey did you impress her & steal her heart? What is my dad doing, is he teasing someone? Dad What happened my son? I am unable to concentrate on studies & thus quitting from tomorrow What will you do without studying? You think I won’t do anything? I will do some work & become driver for a bus Later will become the owner for the same bus dad Then you will get me married & I will make her a collector! Later on I will build a hospital on your name! Even I saw the movie last night, idiot don’t do drama & study properly Hey hey hey What happened, you are dancing so much? I am love with Ganesh’s sister! But how? I gave her 6 flowers & said till the last flower dries I will love you That’s all she fell for me! Idiot, for how many days will flower not dry? But how did she fall for you so easily? That is why I kept a plastic flower in it!!

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  1. పంచెస్ లో పంచ్ తగ్గింది
    చూసే వాళ్ళకి ఫన్ బకెట్ కాస్త ఫ్రస్టేషన్ బకెట్ అయింది

  2. 2nd n 3rd jokes ithe vini vini chirakochindi…. Really chettha chesestunnaaru… Incase new jokes lekapothe at least gap ichi comeback ivvandi….

  3. Can you please Add mine:

    Sister: Sugar ne dene lo petti di-Solve cheyyagalam ?

    Dad: Teeledu, nuvvu cheppu

    Sister: Ami undi, Solve cheyyakundu Unchu.

    Heheheh.. please like

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