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Fun Bucket | 212th Episode | Funny Videos | Telugu Comedy Web Series | Harsha Annavarapu | TeluguOne

Hey Adivi They are seeing matches for me at home! They are seeing matches now? They are seeing now, while it released in 2016 I saw the movie in Kolkata, Vijay’s acting will be super Tell them to see! Bunty Girls light lamp in the month of Karthik But why are you keeping? Nothing like that No, don’t tell anything I have understood! In the era where girls are killing their mothers for the sake of love In the same era, there are ladies who kill husbands for the sake of love So unlike all of them, you are lighting this lamp for a cute girl right? No no With my salary, I am unable to buy tomatoes & onions Thus lighting the lamp requesting god to give me a good earning wife! What happened to your husband? He is banging himself on the floor? Nothing bro, he asked me to cook & when I asked a doubt he started banging himself!! For that? What did he tell you to cook? He told me to cook spinach Oh, nice protein food what happened then? So I just asked him how many litres of milk should I use! ** Singing Songs ** Excuse me Does your alcohol have that punch? Yes, so much that it can punch the alcohol Do you also need that punch? No, but if you have drunk so much during the day then you might be professionals! We have done a Phd in that! Oh, fantastic So do you have any demands for the government? How many do you want, hey dude you begin! Brother All the people who drink should get alcohol bottles delivered home! Person having white ration card must get liquor at half price The people who flunk after boozing should be dropped home by government ambulances. Similarly All the people who booze must be respected in society! Wife at home should not kick them Anyone who buys liquor should get water, glass & side dish free Since governments runs on our money, we should be given right to drink & drive Excellent dude If anyone who drinks dies Government must distribute free liquor during their 10day ceremony! Last but not the least If any state wants to ban liquor Sorry, what did we discuss yesterday? Meeting at the bar! They should come & discuss it with us in the bar behind! ** Singing Song ** Hubby, I want to ask you something! Ask Image you won a lottery of 1crore rupees And on the same day, think I got kidnapped! If the kidnappers ask you 1crore rupees, what will you do? I will not believe in such things Why will you not believe? No one will get 2 lotteries on the same day! Mom, she is my new girlfriend Namastey aunty Idiot, People will introduce as girlfriend & not new girlfriend! I am used to it! You don’t get fixed so soon, you will get a better guy! Why are you telling like that mom, I like her sincerely! She will feel bad mom I did not tell you, I advised the girl! Hubby I am feeling like eating burger dear Do you want burger Bhanumati? Just 2 mins & I will get burger for you! Bhanumati Here is your burger You love me so much dear! Bhanumati Will you not give me anything? What do you want, a kiss? No kiss nothing Cut it into half, you eat one piece & give me one!!! Hey Ram How did your Bombani uncle become a millionaire suddenly? My Bombani uncle had a zoo He initially kept the entry fees as 500 No one came Then he reduced it to 250 No one came He reduced it to 100 Again no one came With anger he made it a free entry People started going in one after the other Uncle then left a tiger free & locked the exit gates Locked it? What happened later? He made the exit fees 500 People gave & left And he finally became a millionaire Hey Nandu Tell dude Having a lot of hairfall Not knowing what to do Specially when I bath Planning of getting a clean sweep If you cut your hair, will there be no hairfall? There will be nothing left to fall! Hey adivi, I am hungry please order food One minute How much more time? For ordering food why did you open book my show? PVR has food court right? Just thinking if we order online, they will get food!!

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  1. ఫన్ బకెట్ లో ఫన్ తగ్గి బకెట్ మాత్రమే మిగిలింది.

  2. కామెడీ సూపర్ పాలకూర కామెడీ మందు బాబుల గోల సూపర్

  3. మోత్తానికి ఈ Episode బాగుంది. పెళ్ళిచూపులు అంటే సినిమా కాదు నాయనా
    వీడు సినిమా చూసి లవ్ చేసినట్లు ఉన్నాడు.

    ఉల్లిపాయలు టమాటాలు కోంటానికి భార్య జీతం కావాలా ! కూర తిని పార్టీ చేసుకుంటావా!అదనపు కట్నం కోసం భార్యని మాత్రం వేధించకండి.

    పాలకూర లో పాలు కలుపూతావా
    నీ లాంటిదే వేపకాయలు కూడ చేదుగా ఉంటాయని తలస్నానం చేసిందిట.

    మందుబాబులకు పధకం క్రింద రోజుకు పాలప్యాకేట్ బదులు మందు సరఫరా ఇస్తే పోతుందేమో.

    కోటిరూపాయలు లాటరీ! భార్య అపహరణం
    రేండూ ఒకేసారి రావు అని,లంకె బిందేలు మోహం అని తిట్టారా ? పోగిడార?

    గర్లఫ్రెండ్ న్ని మార్చినప్పుడు తల్లికి పరిచయం చేశావ్ తల్లికోడుకులు ఇద్దరూ వాళ్ళ వాళ్ళ బాధ్యతలు బాగానే నెరవేర్చారు.

  4. Hey Fun has gone thrill.. no fun.. old was far better but this one…try to be more innovate guys. All the best

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