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Fun Bucket JUNIORS | Episode 112 | Kids Funny Videos | Comedy Web Series | By Nagendra K | TeluguOne

Oh God, post again for this house! Seems like new number. Hello Hello Is it Mr.Prasad? No, I am his son. Father has gone out! Oh, is it Tell me whats the matter Nothing my child If there is nothing, then why did you call? Hello, hello, hello listen… You have got a post Should we travel 5kms just for a post of yours? Tell him to pick up from office Do one thing uncle What is that? Will you come? No uncle Write our address again in the parcel & put it in the post box!!! What did you spill Tanvi? Nothing sister Oh God, seems like sister is coming Tanvi Yes Why did you hurt me? Did not know, it will hurt Shall I ask you one question? Ask What will happen if the lion roars twice? It will hunt! No It will sleep! Noo No? It will run No? No? It will eat No It will shout if it gets irritated! No? Tell what happens? Don’t you know even that? Tom & Jerry will come in TV sister! Pragnya Dear Pragnya Go & get towel Did you go to Saloon daddy? Yes Do you have any urgent work? Nothing But why are you asking like that? Then why did you get half shaved? Dad I did a good job today, don’t tell me anything What is that dear? I gave sugar to a hungry ant daddy I know you will do such good works Because you are my daughter My daughter! Then what did you think daddy What happened later dear? That ant went from there & I removed the sugar from there But why dear? That ant will get its friends also right? Yes But there will not be sugar there Yes, because you removed sugar from there Then why will it be there? There is no sugar & you lied Saying so the other ants will scold that ant! Mad daddy!!! The food was good at the wedding right? I liked only mutton Should have got some as parcel too for night! You have not changed a bit! However big a sapling grows, its leaves are always green! Thus we should also be like this only Did not understand! To understand that, you should also buy a car! Ok bro, I have a doubt What is that? Why did the bride wear white dress? White is the symbol of happiness thus she wore white! Oh, now I understand that’s why the groom wore black dress! Get down now, we have reached Come Come… That master will beat me, I will not come Come Why are you scared bro? He sees me seriously & I get very scared Why are you scared? Look he is looking at me Master is so kind, good morning master I’m unable to reach Will you not make me sit? Should I say that too? Stupid! You can tell her right? Sit How did you become Principal in this young age? I am a child prodigy Looking at me they gave me this post when I was in LKG Mummy make that for me too, I will also become a Principal Child prodigy is not a dish, idiot foodie You will become one if you study! You always beat me, you can beat sister too right? Why am I called Bharath ji? Why did I call? Mummy, I want that lollypop, tell him to give me mummy! My mother bought it, I will not give you Please mummy We should not eat from him, did you see his crocodile face? Absolutely! Not like crocodile, but you look nice like a lizard! Bro, mummy told him lizard & you told him crocodile! What did I tell him? I told him cat All the animals from our books are in master’s face!!! Sister We need not go to zoo, we can just look at master’s face! Silence Why are you making noise? Is this school or fish market? If kids will not make noise, then will you & I make noise? Mummy take this Wait, I will take action against you! Sir, should I tell whatever you do daily to my mother? Tell, tell… What did I do? What did he do? Tell sister tell! Mummy All that you give as snacks, lunch etc he is eating it off mummy! Will you eat everything? Ha.. will you eat everything? Sister Tell that also Mummy He cleans the board fast & beats me because I did not copy notes! Beat mummy, beat! Don’t you have patience? This is school & not hospital to be patient You think I don’t know this, I have also studied.. Mummy is beating master nicely!! We booked him well! Come… Next time you tell me something, I will tell my mother! Listen Next time you call me for petty issues like this, I will make my kids beat you! What are you seeing, lift me Okay mummy They did not let me tell why I called them. It could have been so nice if my mom would have been like this! Mummy…

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  1. మన ఫన్ బకెట్ ప్రేక్షకులు అందరూ BIG BOSS లో మహేష్ విట్టా కి సపోర్ట్ చేయండి

  2. Ammu skit matram superrrrr a akka n annayya chinna valla laga baga act chesaru 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. ఈ ఫన్ బకెట్ చూస్తుంటే నాకు ప్రజ్ఞాడైలాగ్స్ బాగా నచ్చుతుంది

  4. I want to share my script with your team
    Plz provide a your mail ID
    naku comment box lo script share cheyadam istam ledu
    I don't need anything from your team
    Ineed name only

  5. కామెడీ టానిక్ చప్పగా ఉంది… జాగ్రత్త పడకపోతే చేదెక్కుతుంది. అల్ ది బెస్ట్.

  6. Awesome episode..
    So funny 😂😂.
    Ammu mother haaaahaa superbbbbbb.
    Mugguru kalasi master ni madathettasaru

  7. Naku thanvi and pragna acting chala estam cute pretty baby's master joke adhurs nenu oka 5 minets continues ga navvinanu

  8. All most continue ga 80 episodes dhaka chusanu Telugu one varu and Ammu manchiga reply ichevallu eppudu konchem over chesthunnaru andhuke comments like s thaggi pothunnay yedho konchem eppudu likes vasthunnayante adhi pragna hemanth gadi valle

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