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Fun Bucket JUNIORS | Episode 113 | Kids Funny Videos | Comedy Web Series | By Nagendra K | TeluguOne

Huh, no time pass since morning Hey its Ram bro Come here once Hey why did you call me? Don’t you have manners calling your elders like that? Why so much of formalities between us when both of us are jobless! Too much! When I met your dad met me yesterday, he was complaining that you are not studying properly What’s the matter? Should I tell you a story? Yes, tell me In a village there held a competition between 10 dogs & a cheetah As soon as the race started the dogs ran & got 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes! But the cheetah did not move an inch! Why did it not move? When the same question was asked to Cheetah We should never compete with the ones who are weaker than us it replied! ** 2 friends gossiping ** Hey Don’t talk while eating, eat silently Akka How many times should I tell, eat silently! Tell her Tell her Tell her Tell her Tell me what you were trying to tell since then? Sister… Tell me dear The sambar which you had just now had cockroach! That is why we kept it aside! Bro Shall I ask you something? If there is no money required for it, then you can ask Stingy fellow! Its Rakshabandhan on 15th Aug, what are you going to gift me? Will buy a return ticket for your home town Why are you saying like that? With all the money I give you every time, you bought lands While I had to sell my lands, so no gifts! Due to heavy rains, rainy holidays should also be declared! LKG/UKG kids protest for it in Delhi near jantar mantar! This is a bad news! Waste products will be recycled soon We should also start recycling at home to reduce expenses No, because you are already recycling! Me? What am I recycling? You had cycle first Due to leg pains you then bought a bike Due to back pain, you got a car Now, since you are getting plump you are going to gym! And in gym, you are anyways cycling! This is called as recycling! ** Crying ** This fellow just keeps crying Gullu ** Crying ** If there was a competition of crying, you will win gold! Tell me why are you crying? How did you get hurt? I drew a line bro Drew a line? What happened if you drew line? Will tell you ** Doing tik tok video ** Always busy with songs & dance You study only one day before the exam, can’t you do it before a month? Just because a cyclone is expected We don’t roam around with umbrella right? This is also the same! Bro Where are you going? Till Yousufguda Take this shirt, you will not get wet! Okay Ok, bye Bro, one min Take this sweater, you will not feel cold! Okay, bye One min bro Put this cap too, your head will not get wet! Okay bye One min If you take your phone in rain, it will get spoilt! Take this water proof Bluetooth! Okay You are giving all my stuff to me & what if you want to go out? I have umbrella my brother Welcome to Cintal Basti This is Sarita apartments This is Sarita apartments Kids of both the apartments do not like each other This road is a proof for their fights Don’t know what will happen today, lets see! What should we do if we win the toss, balling or batting? Lets do umpiring She will never change Who is he? Looks new Is he new to our apartment? Let me go & ask Hey Wait Which apartment is yours? That apartment How can you sit under this tree if you are from that apartment? Hey Hey Hey I understood If you sit under our tree, it will be like this only! Go Let us play with him for some time bro Yes bro Really, okay! Hey come here Hey, I bet you so badly you should know me right? Who are you? Don’t know who is he? Don’t know him? What is his name? His name is Bro Yes, I am brother Does your dad call you bro? Everyone should call bro, bro only! Ok bro I will go now Where are you going? Home bro Before going sing a song I love singing bro Which movie song should I sing? Sing a song from Conjuring 2 Conjuring 2? That’s a ghost movie right? There are no songs in that bro That’s why write, compose, sing & entertain us Bro, I cant bro sorry! Tell something else bro Then dance Play some song, will dance Think that music is being played & dance Think song? Okay! Hey Not in ground, dance in air! In air? Yes, in air only! How can we dance in air, you and your…. I will show you how Thrash him Broooooo Hey Why are you beating our boy? Hey go aside Hey I will not only beat him, but also you! If I kick you, you will go & fall far… I will kick you by dipping you in water People who mess with me, have left the city! Why, don’t you brush? If I stare, you building will collapse! What will you do then? Will stop it by passing urine! ** Yelling at each other **

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  1. బేవార్స్ గాళ్ళకి మర్యాద ఎందుకా ?
    మిడతల పెళ్ళికి మూహుర్తం ఎందుకూ ? అన్నట్లు ఉంది.

    రాఖీ పండక్కి పోలం అమ్మావా బాబు!
    నీ పేరు గిన్నీస్ బుక్ లోకి ఎక్కించాలి.

    గోడుగు మీద జోక్స్ బాగున్నాయి.

    Toss గెలిస్తే Empiring చెస్తారా ?
    సినిమా టిక్కేట్ కొని Hall లోపలికి వెళ్ళి నిద్రపోయినారంట అలా వుంది.

  2. #teluguone you people missed baby Pragya…u either show Hemanth or Pragya hope u show both of them…we are not understanding why Jesswica and sunny not comming 🙄

  3. Where is Jeswica we missing Jeswica 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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