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Fun Bucket JUNIORS | Students Jokes | Episode 5 | Kids Funny Videos | Comedy Web Series

Good morning chidren..
good morning teacher…
Did everybody done your home work..?? Yes teacher…
Jeswika give your book… Ok very good
Thank you teacher Anan where is your book…??
I din’t wrote Why..??
Because i stay in hostel Hey gullu come here
what bro.. Why you are roaming there… Iam looking, how the Cool Air coming inside, while Fan is Out. What Anan.. why you are standing here..??
Madam said me to draw Stars design.. so iam looking how to bring stars now Send your Dad to up.. he’ll bring Hey Gullu why you are Dull..??
Nothing bro Hey what happened to yesterday’s cycle race..??
I Lost bro How.. you ride very fastly know..??
I done very fastly bro but i forget to remove Cycle stand.. What you are thinking Anan..?
Have you watched Baahubali 2..?? Yeah i saw.. very costly movie
They spent alot of money but am thinking why they forget to take Wig to Kattappa… Bro i have a doubt..
Come on.. ask.. Which planet is closer to Earth..??
Hmmm..Mars Then which is far to Earth..??
Hmmm… Pluto.. Then what is the weight of Earth..??
Hmm confusingg.. hey you forget to see the milk in kitchen.. Haaa.. earth weights.. Yeahhh Got it..
Ask me now Earth’s weight..??
5.97*10 power 24 Then what is the weight, when no people on it..??
GO dear.. i think milk was smashed.. Students tell me.. what you want become in future..?? Like Abdul kalam, sachin tendulkar
Like that Sir i want to become Collector sir
Why jeswika..?? If i become collector everyone will fold their hands infront of me..i feel proud
I too feel proud if u become collector.. Sir I’ll become Commisioner..
Why Chaithu..?? Because Theifs will folds their hands infront of me right…
Ohhh… super yaar.. sit Gullu what about you..??
Iam not like this sir..
Ill do a buisness where everybody stand infront me with plates.. What Buisness Gullu..??
Panipuri Buisness sir chii chiii..
Why you are looking Irritated..??
Tomorrow onwards i won’t go to school bro. They’ll tell us to be friendly and together..
Yeahh.. what’s wrong in that..??
But why they are making us to sit far in Exams. Haii sister..
Hey hai.. what about school..
Yeahh.. completed Sister can i Clean the House..??
Cleaning haa.. no need.. Go and do fresh up.. Sister can i clean the Bowls..??
No need.. go and study.. Can i wash clothes..??
why you asking all these..
My teacher Punishing me because am not doing any Homeworks.. but you are not telling anything to me. Ohoo… OK Bye..
Who is in call..?? Ohhooo.. what he do..?? He keep food to Thousands of people
Is he a Social worker..?? Nooo.. He is waiter in a Hotel..!! Teacher i don’t want this white paper..
Why..?? I need Green paper..
Why you want green paper..?? In movies they use green mat for Graphics right..
So you can keep Graphics here also… Haaa.. What..??
Where is your parents..??
No.. they went to office.. Iam the PA of our colony president.. Here we are planning to construct a swimming pool..
So… need some donation.. wait a second… Take it…

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