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Funniest Babies Trouble Maker –  Fun And Fail

Pay on the paper put your hands on the paper Stuck Get it good. Did you get it? What are you doing, what are you doing Grayson you just decided to just sit down right into my puddle? Yep Wow Okay You got a back scratcher we’re going to show you In the pot Well, see if she falls on her face no she’s getting up in there marce Thanks it what did you do it Okay, can you give it Here What happened What’s happening to the baby are we stuck? What kind of animal of this is a bell you Suppose car. Thank you. Cool Isabel You’re pretty How did you get some new shoes Ace but keep doing Boogie what are you doing? Oh But we got in here by yourself And now he’s showing What happened you shut the door by yourself sheppy, what’s wrong are you stuck? Yeah, you’re not supposed to be up there are you isn’t it no no Ashes ashes we are you okay

14 thoughts on “Funniest Babies Trouble Maker – Fun And Fail

  1. I always miss my kid when they are baby .. But now even they already grow up (first 7 years girl,second 4 years boy,and third 3 years girl) but they still have their cute , calmness, sometimes they are a little bit naughty but it's still released me from tired when I see their face all time along ..

  2. This world needs fry cooks lol …and my future hamburgers will b flipped by. . . these genius kids hahahaha

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