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What’s up guys so I am here with dangmattsmith hey, it was going on We just did a video on his channel so make sure to check that out I will leave a link in the description below. And today, we are doing another video. We are doing kids who got detention Yeah, What’s the Title??? Kids who got detention Kids who got detention. Bad kids. Again, this quality is so crispy. Oh, it’s crispy. I don’t I don’t have this luxury crispy quality It’s like the lens is a lot wider but I got a worry about Chelsea in every corner in my face Got all the pores before I came over he’s like hold up I gotta get ready you’re gonna have to give me an hour to put my face on Mm-hmm true story and like you know cuz like without this I look I look white so I look like a different person. Oh all right first one Your child of class 8 has been reported for proclaiming Oh hell not loud upon receiving a returned exam paper time. Why do you get detention for that? I may have you if you got a better? Than this person did it no I would do I mean it’s like I’m angry okay. I’m a little bit upset mm-hmm Yeah, yeah, I mean you know hopefully the worst parts like I’m getting a test back You knew it was a bad grade if the teacher handed you the paper folded like it’s folding. They handed it to you. You knew Or they call you up after they panned out all the rest of them. They’re like So I’m gonna have to talk to you about this Mmm. See me after class. Yeah, see me after class nah Kill me now the struggle is real, but I’m not at school anymore, so I’m good The new land B. I don’t know your name is but penis on whiteboard Wait wait what he put his penis on the wall drew drew large penis on Name was the new lay the new lane That’s the dog. That’s a rapper named Turner lining. Okay the new Langua large Lauri I like how she said large Not just like a little small like a large like it triggered me a little bit drew a magnum penis on the whiteboard Apparently saying it’s not a regular size. Not a small alarm yes One large Burger King you can have your way, okay hashtag not sponsored a Detention slip has been given for somebody saying what’s this a cater for ants? Man oh, no, it’s like Zoolander what the two-star movie I does not like it detention now you Millie Yeah, see the some teachers that just haters. I don’t know what’s the dude in it Ben Ben Stiller Ben Stiller, I do not like the Ben Stiller blue steel The Ben Stiller Detention I should have been a teacher. Yeah got the glasses and everything true next time those other teachers those other teachers On the Internet. Oh yeah, you know what kind of Comment below family freshmen comment below all right detention notice for AJ when a student Asked another student what he was after school and said a dick We got a little savage over here geez the savage scale To be honest right dare you still today, that’s like one of the worst insults you can give like your mom Because it’s such a bad insult come on AJ you could have done better than that you’ve been like your dad’s Harry oh But you you all you guys your mom your mom no yeah, and to be honest You know they might not even know where their mom said yeah Their mom could be at the grocery store or they could be thinking I have a mom they might not people don’t have moms AJ well I’m pretty sure everybody has mom technically I mean unless you would like it’s just too, baby, but Here we go detention slip for disturbing other classmates with cat pictures during class Does not disturb in other student classmates like hey if anything do you want to see this cat yes? Why are you yelling at me, yeah, it’s so fast you know what it’s Garfield I mean how can you get in trouble for looking at Garfield? Yeah? I mean what what’s wrong with that. That’s unreasonable That’s unchristian come on. It’s the holiday season It’s a family friendly cat family friendly cat you’re not going around to your classmates showing on porn. Yeah exactly Sixth grade Thanks Yeah What did you do today? Please explain something another student on the head with a Bible and screaming it out I wish I had a Bible right now that boom page hmm. That is a white girl named My boo yeah because sometimes people they’re just being infidels in class and then you got Hey look Really don’t have a book. I have a candy cane that’s good enough infidel Wow you know sometimes Yeah
Sometimes you just got to get hit in the head because you know you’re just being You know you’re being distracted. You got to get hit in the head to realize you’re an infidel I mean, that’s how people learn the Bible you just get searched across the head and then all the information transfers So good just doing the world a favor yeah Providing knowledge and technology. It was reported that Mason looked up the dress of another student Student explanation of incident I looked up her dress I had my eyes closed though Wow doesn’t count it’s okay. She was wearing a dress. She was going up the stairs, man I mean I looked but I had my eyes closed yeah Kid I don’t deserve this detention Just don’t look yet learn from your elders. You can look but don’t say anything yes Don’t just be like I have my eyes closed dog doesn’t count yeah Well you want to look at yeah, look at the no detention for us Yeah, look at the see learn how to not get detention okay, that’s right. That’s right Timothy do reason for detention yelling that is mahogany when student dropped book on desk You know what maybe the kid was saying like that is mahogany like wood like the desk was mahogany marmalade that Is mahogany oh? That makes perfect sense it was the damn fact I’m just trying to defend Timothy here, okay Yeah, somebody’s got to stick up for Timothy, and you will respect the craftsmanship of this desk That’s right. You hear me. Yeah. Why is it getting punished for that? Oh? No, you know just some teachers? They just don’t like yelling in general They just don’t want any outburst and then I mean you know those one time in class Where I got up in the yard I said I’d attention Detention what if I whispered it though if I said? I just say 15% or more my conscience like like what it was would that stuff got me passion not Sponsored that’s yeah, yeah, this one says student open window and escape Hey Smart, man. He jumped out of the window and ran They made it they made it we got a little savage over here. Okay, Jay Qualls. Oh, man. They’re getting ready for They’re getting ready for jail well if the windows there you might as well Just open it open it, and why now that’s it. You don’t have to do the school anymore That’s smart though dur the teacher takes attendance, and then you escape and then you get marked for it and you good Yeah, caught Lucas searching Boobies while other students were over looking at the photos what Mike Cunningham? Bad little boy looking at boobies now. He’s searching who pees in Google. What happens when you search boobies Search boobies Not find any places matching search boobies. I found movie. Yeah, we got order online hamburgers That’s a place called boobies hamburger boobies Wow Oh boobies barbecue, okay, I’ve got oh, yeah I’m innocent Yeah, it could have been worse so Google this don’t Google. It. Don’t go home and what is a booby bird I’m a booby is a sea bird in the genus ulla part of the Sula Dee family Boobies are closely related to the gannets which were formerly included in Sula Now you know what a boobie is surely. It’s a bird a green footed boobie. I learned about those That’s what they’re called and then everybody was like oh Yes, not funny because I’m mature The teacher oh because this teacher You do the whiney voice – well What even is like a cotton-headed like what is that? Better not be racist, but I mean I just don’t know I just want to know like comment below Let me know but in front of the whole class. Yeah, seriously I don’t know some people they just want too much attention, and they start yelling that’s for no reason. That’s like YouTube but with drama No detention car Tuesday wait there’s Thursday the 28th calling a teacher a Muggle how dare you what is the Mogul? I will practice my magic all over your muggle ass Somebody can’t use magic hmm you tell you don’t know how to use magic. I know my Harry Potter Okay, a muggle that custody public school detention notice humping Troy’s head I mean, that’s not funny a girl hump Troy’s head That’s assault how do you we would do that that’s sexual harassment and assault Yeah, you know what but is it assault if he wanted No all they got was a 30 minute lunch detention that’s it for humping ahead She another kid I think his name was Timothy got detention for saying this desk is mahogany is mahogany. That’s a shame It’s just like you know the system. It’s not consistent. No. I know we gotta get a consistent judicial You know school system democracy a democracy Mahogany let’s be sophisticated and have a democracy that’s right. I like big words Yeah, we’re gonna get a petition signed Okay, so you know need everybody to sign it um after a student said can it be that big his comment was That’s what she said That’s not bad that’s not bad Inappropriate comments are made too often. So this is not the first time Richard. I see you man. Geez richer Everybody’s getting detention. You know why why don’t you guys just leave just be quiet sit down be humble and you? Want to say this why do you have to say can it be that big What what is that big that is what she said it is? You know She has said that sometime right right this universe You know sometimes sometimes the Christmas tree is that bad yeah, that’s what she said like like that Christmas tree is big That’s pretty big. Yeah, that is really big. That’s a white Christmas tree That’s what I said, and I am mushy big white Christmas tree so there goes your logic How come they have white Christmas trees but no black risers? I would like a black Christmas tree. That would be actually really cool I would like a black Christmas. Why don’t they do that maybe because snow is white you know what? You know just because snow is privileged I see you snow. No you’re racist. Why can’t you be black too? Next time Do be black – okay Jacob is in 10th grade he got instant detention He got on top of wire cages saying I’m protecting Gotham City And then he went to the math room and other rooms And then he stood on top of the been saying the same thing Wow I’m protecting Gotham City. He’s not doing anything wrong Geez all these kids are getting in trouble for like things. They’ve said and for yelling they’re kids. They’re gonna Yell, okay. I mean gee don’t be a teacher if you don’t like yelling kids. That’s right That’s right. Jeez I’d hate to see these teachers on the airplane with a crying, baby the guy’s detention Yeah, you can’t detention people in real life. Mmm. They’re gonna try though. I think I tried, but it ain’t gonna work. No They’re gonna go on tumblr be like there was a crying baby on my flight I wanted to get one detention so bad, but I couldn’t what a shame. I’m sorry teachers You can’t have it your way the same burger king, okay? You can’t just you can’t just be you know writing up detention slips in real life And you know putting them on people’s cars and like giving you cannot no not today not today not tomorrow not the next thing Fadi way so thought for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to hit that like button in the face And make sure you go check out dig matt smith’s channel And we did a video check it out on the description below and subscribe John the Wolfpack oh I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching bye guys guys. We got new March. Oh It’s fire. That’s Lera liver is literally fired Wolfpack. Yeah

100 thoughts on “FUNNIEST DETENTION SLIPS GIVEN TO KIDS ft. dangmattsmith

  1. Me:you mundane
    (Watch shadowhunters and you will understand)
    Teacher Leah: detention
    Me: but all I did was call you a mundane not a shadowhunters not a downworlder being called a mundane is better
    Teacher Leah: but still detention

  2. Deadass my friend had a sub and she snuck out the window and came through the front door, she told the sub she went to the bathroom

    The sub believed it😂😂😂

  3. When the teacher was not there in first grade my friend had a skeleton jacket try a be scary and I said your as scary as a puppy in a too too, he looked desperate while the whole class was laughing 😝 😂 😆

  4. When u said blue footed bobbie I laughed especially when u said everybody was like hahaha bobbie i laughed so much I started to cry

  5. I'm uploading my first video in a minute and I did a house tour and said some thinks about myself do you think u could give me some tips on good quality

  6. This one guy I know tried to just out of a window when the teacher left and then proceeded to get stuff in the window. The same guy either threw or got thrown in a garbage bin by a teacher.

  7. When I was in grade 10 I snuck out of class through the window and the teacher was completely clueless but a teacher saw me and called my mom and gave me detention for 3 weeks my mom was so pissed that she even grounded me for 3 weeks

  8. Whenever we have to grade each other papers from across the desk if that person got a bad grade I turn it over because I'm like woah you got a freaking 48 that is bad this like nobody really got one it was more than 50 but still

  9. im lucky no one gets detention in my country (at least I don't think they have it any schools cuz i have never heard of a school AT ALL in my country that has detention)
    im in Philippines btw

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