Laughter is the Best Medicine

Indulging in that sweet tooth again are
we? Allright, which one should I eat first? Emily what are you doing in here it
looks like she’s about to get Olivia back for stealing her cheese puffs the
night before oh man olivia is going to freak out when she sees that thing all
right time ready to chow down ah how did that thing get on my cupcake and to
think I almost put that creature in my mouth wait a sec it looks kind of shiny
doesn’t it hey this isn’t a real cockroach but boy does this thing look
creepier what why do I have a feeling Emily’s behind this nasty trick I’m
going to get you back if it’s the last thing I do hanging out with the earth siblings is
always fun especially when there are stakes involved it’s almost as if
playing games and pranks were made for siblings who else in the world will
still love you after you pull a sneaky trick on them if you’re looking for some
new awesome pranks to play on your bro or sis we’ve got a fresh new batch
coming your way oh she really got you there Ilana we know you love your
friends but that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy making them squirm now and again
here you go don’t worry Emily we’re laughing with you not at you this next prank is super easy it just
requires a little bit of prep on a piece of glass like the one in this frame pour
your glue on it in a squiggly blob kind of shape and don’t worry it doesn’t have
to be perfect ahead don’t forget to fill in any holes
you want a solid piece beautiful now very slowly start to peel the glue off
the glass surface when it comes off it should look something like this
Oh looks like some alien gel or something okay here’s the fun part when
your friend is in the bathroom place this dried glue piece right onto their
computer keyboard close the screen shut so they don’t see it right away this
next part is important put an empty glass of milk just beside the computer
so that it looks like it spilled onto it yes Lily did your cat knock over this
glass of milk while you were away oh no please tell me it didn’t spill
onto my computer oh god I’ve got to wipe this up huh what’s going on wait a sec
this is just a fake milk splash and why do I feel like Vicki is behind this hey
there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little cocktail now and then hey it’s
gotta be 5 o’clock somewhere right oh man I’m done already what’s a girl
gotta do to get another drink around here today is rough man oh hey there
Helle looking for another one of these here we
can share it ok great thanks mmm yeah that definitely hit the spot thanks
Vicki just one thing you were drinking whatever was coming out of my mouth sure
wait what oh god I think I’m gonna be sick ha ha oh man
– easy Oh what you got there heli nothing says good morning like a box of
fresh pastries and a cup of joe oh man my mugs empty before I go fill her up I
better make sure no one snags one of my tasty treats while I’m gone this ought
to keep Vicki’s sticky fingers off my grub I’ll just stick that on there and
be right back uh-oh here comes trouble I mean Vicki oh what’s this does Haley
seriously think I’d steal her box of food oh I’ll show her what it really
means to mess with her food see this mayonnaise here this stuff goes great
with pastries right let’s do this for this prank take the lid off the mayo
mustard or whatever you want to use and suck a bunch of it up with a food
syringe fill er up girl now for the fun part
very carefully pick up one of the puff pastries and gently stab it with the tip
of the syringe and push the mayo on through oh gosh this is gonna be so
gross put it back the same way so no one suspects anything do the same thing do
all four pieces quick Hailey’s coming back Oh
be sure to hide the Mayo where she won’t see it Oh fancy seeing you here Helle
okay wait a sec okay they’re still all there Wow may as well have one
oh yeah take a big bite oh gosh I can hardly watch boom instead of sugary
goodness Lily just got a mouthful of mayonnaise can someone give the poor
girl a glass of water I gotcha my mouth is so full I can’t
even yell at her Oh what do we have here um should we leave you two alone
wine rose petals what is this prom night let’s get a little closer here legs
intertwine wait a second there’s only one person under there
hey wake up wake up this wasn’t a romantic night it was just
Vicki taking a snooze but rose petals and wine seems like a lot of effort just
for yourself see two pairs of pants with one pant leg left empty love dessert how
about some sponge cake no not the kind your grandma used to make I’m talking
about a literal sponge cake pour some yummy frosting on a regular old sponge
like so once it’s on there take a knife and spread it all around the key is to
make sure to cover the entire sponge so you can’t tell it all what it is wow
that looks pretty real don’t forget to cover those edges and as a finishing
touch sprinkle on some rainbow sprinkles mmm looks pretty yummy doesn’t it okay
now comes the fun part Vicki you’re such an awesome friend you
deserve a yummy treat just as special as you are oh so sweet
right Wow Vicki that looks pretty tasty doesn’t it what flavor do you think is
inside chocolate vanilla soapy sponge perhaps well there’s only one way to
find out here goes nothing Oh God what on earth is this aren’t your teeth
supposed to sink into something like this Oh
Wow girl you almost ate a sponge a sponge new day same boring snacks if
only there were some good snacks in the house well worry not Helle Vicky is such
an amazing friend she brought you your very own cupcake Bon Appetit
what the this cupcake is full of water oh no look at that it spilled all in her
lap just fill a bowl up with some liquid and cover a balloon or soft lid with
some frosting so when it’s cut into it goes everywhere
oh don’t worry Helle you’ll get piggyback stuck sitting through another
boring lecture okay Amy go ahead and open your notebook to page now that’s a
math equation we can all get on board with have you ever been sitting in class
when all you can think about is how badly you have to pee hate teacher can I
please be excused to go to the ladies room
oh you know what would make any self-portrait even more excellent a big
old green mustache obviously sure a prank is fun but why not take it one
step further take a regular pencil can like this one and dump out all its
contents now take a paintbrush in a rubber band and attach the brush to the
cup now pop that cup right into the pencil
can lastly take the pencils brushes and pens and place them all around the cup
make sure to place them all around the cup and arrange them so no one will
notice the cup of water hiding in there now it’s time to watch the trickery and
soon my my beautiful work is ruined oh well what was not lost an artist must go
on let’s see where’s that small brush I was using I think you were looking for
that one and spill it looks like a river of paint just took over your masterpiece
Amy I can’t believe this and these jeans are brand spanking new Mia I’m going to
get you back for this you’ve got to admit that was pretty funny

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